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What happened to the 1 dollar coin in the United States?

Why wasn't it widely used?

I think there are a couple of key differences.

The first is that the "Susan B" dollar coin was considered unattractive and easily mistaken for a quarter. When Canada released the Loonie a few years later, they learned from this mistake and made the coin in a style that was better suited for a large denomination coin, while still being similar enough to the US coin to be the life of the machine makers to facilitate.

Second, as far as I can tell, Canada forced the problem. A few years after the Loonie was introduced, they stopped issuing dollar bills. Those requiring a $ 1 denomination for changes had no choice but to accept the coins. The US, on the other hand, continued to issue dollar bills and traders kept ordering them from coins. The US had a large supply of dollar coins and was not minting new ones while working through the supply.

Are these coins still in circulation?

Although the "Susan B" was not a great success, it was used in the vending machine and local transit industries, and stocks were gradually running out. This resulted in a definitive run of Susan B dollars in 1999, followed by the introduction of the "Sacawega" dollar in 2000.

The US tried again to push dollar coins with various Native American and presidential motifs in the late 2000s, hoping to spark interest and get people to use the coins, but they didn't force the issue, again the reception was inadequate and again they ended with a large supply of coins.

As far as I know, the US is currently still issuing dollar coins from stocks that were built up in the late 2000s. They also shape new designs in reduced numbers for sale to collectors.


Canada also introduced the "twoonie" - a $ 2 coin - which solved the problem of pocket money becoming too heavy. If the US did this and differentiated both coins more from existing changes, I think they would be much better accepted than the SBA and Sacajawea dollar coins. Although we don't put coins on our coins, we will never agree with the wonderful play on words that describes the markings of the Twoonie as "the queen with a bear behind it".


@keshlam The US has 2 dollar bills. If we were to replace $ 1 bills with $ 2 bills, that would also eliminate the change problem. But people have no reason to prefer a $ 1 coin to a $ 1 bill. She prefers the coin because coins last longer and have more value when recycled. But that doesn't help make individuals want to wear them. Plus, most stores don't have a place to keep them unless they get rid of the penny at the same time. To make a $ 2 coin possible, they would likely need to get rid of both pennies and nickel. And replace quarters with a $ 20 or $ 50 coin.


Either way, it requires a willingness to kill the $ 1 bill right away. Given that half the government is outraged - choose your mind - I don't see any simple common sense measures in the near future.