How are rappers treated in prison?

One year and six months Rapper Gzuz sentenced to prison

Gangster rapper Gzuz has to go to jail for a year and six months. The Hamburg District Court decided on Tuesday (29.09.2020). The front man of the Hamburg hip-hop group "187 Strassenbande" is accused of drug possession and bodily harm, among other things. The 32-year-old is said to have hit a young woman in the face who wanted to take a selfie with him. The artist, whose real name is Kristoffer Jonas Klauss, is also said to pay a fine of 510,000 euros for unauthorized possession of weapons. This is reported by the "Hamburger Morgenpost", among others.

Prosecutor's office had asked for a lighter sentence

With the judgment, which is not yet final, the district court went beyond the imprisonment term of one year and two months demanded by the public prosecutor's office. The reason given was a negative social prognosis, since the defendant was on probation and repeatedly committed a criminal offense. The 32-year-old has already appeared under criminal law several times, including for bodily harm, damage to property and insult and has been convicted several times. "Who, if not you, belongs in jail?" Said District Judge Johann Krieten when the verdict was pronounced. And further: "You present yourself as a gangster-rapper and want to be treated as a criminal. Now you are recognized as a criminal."

Defense pleads for acquittal

The defense had called for Gzuz to be acquitted on all charges. "Anyone else in the room would have had such a case," said defense attorney Christopher Posch. The problem is that he is considered a "bad gangster rapper". When asked by a reporter what Gzuz had to say about the verdict, he simply replied, "What should I say about it?" His lawyer announced that he would appeal the verdict.

Gzuz makes a fortune with music

Gzuz has been a member of the hip-hop group 187 Strassenbande since 2006. In 2014 he released the album "High & hungrig" together with Bonez MC, which entered the album charts at number 9 in Germany. The rapper is now likely to earn millions with his albums. He lives near Hamburg with his girlfriend and two young daughters.