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Buy PlayStation 5: Questions and Answers (Update)

Where can you buy the PlayStation 5 in 2021? Why were pre-orders canceled? We answer the questions about the PS5 launch.

As of May 11, 2021, 12 noon

This article is continuously updated and revised.

UPDATE Where and when can you buy the PlayStation 5 in May 2021?

Sony Interactive sells the PlayStation 5 and its accessories in German-speaking countries exclusively through large trading partners and a few specialist dealers.

While comparatively large quantities were sold in February and March 2021, replenishment largely came to a standstill in April 2021. With the exception of small quantities at Amazon (April 14th), Otto (April 21st), Müller (April 28th) and GameStop (April 29th), no contingents have been on the market since the Easter weekend. This applies not only to Germany, but to large parts of Europe.

Leading retail partners assume that significant additional deliveries from Sony Interactive can be expected in the second half of May. You can follow the current development in this live ticker.

This infographic shows you when which retailer offered the PlayStation 5:

An overview of authorized Sony Interactive dealers





  • Digitec.chSOLD OUT
  • World of Games / SOLD OUT

When kCan I buy the PlayStation 5 in the store?

Not at all for the time being - at least not officially. The existing quantity is completely sold through the respective online shops. This was not only the case in 2020, but will remain so for at least the first half of 2021.

Sony Interactive had already asked retailers in autumn 2020 not to offer consoles in stores and branches. This is to avoid turbulent scenes such as the PlayStation 4 launch in November 2013 - also with a view to the pandemic and the associated requirements. The regulation applies not only in Germany, but also in many other countries. Sony Interactive does not want to comment on whether this requirement continues to apply.

When can I buy the PS5 charging station and PS5 headset again?

For weeks, the PS5 charging station and the PlayStation 5 Pulse3D wireless headset were sold out nationwide. In April and early May, at least the headset is readily available again, while the charging station is only available sporadically. In contrast to the console, the official PS5 accessories are also available in stationary retail, at least in non-lockdown times.

Where and how do I have the best chances of getting a PlayStation 5?

We also expect one in the upcoming sales campaigns considerable PlayStation 5 demand that the supply by far exceeds. Unlocked contingents should be out of stock after a few minutes - anyone who wants to unpack a PlayStation 5 in the first half of 2021 needs good timing and good, good luck.

  • With the first three pre-order waves, smaller stores turned out to be an “insider tip” - which of course they no longer are.
  • We generally recommend that you set up customer accounts in advance (if you haven't already done so), save a means of payment (credit card, PayPal, invoice, etc.) and log in in good time.
  • The advantage: You avoid the registration process that new customers have to endure - in this phase many interested parties were stopped because the technology was simply overloaded.
  • At the start of sales you will need a lot of patience in order to “hit” the exact time window in which orders are possible. You can also use several channels in parallel, i.e. website and app.
  • The notification newsletters offered by dealers and online shops can only be relied on to a limited extent: in the past few waves, there was either no e-mail at all or only after a long delay.

Can I order a PlayStation 5, accessories and games online and collect them from the store?

That's fine. This pick-up service (“Click & Collect”) is offered by MediaMarkt, Saturn, Expert, Euronics and other retailers, among others - provided that there are enough goods in stock, of course.

When making your decision, please take into account that there may be lockdown restrictions in retail outlets again and again.

Can I order the PlayStation 5 directly from Sony Interactive?

No - at least not yet.

Can I order multiple PlayStation 5 consoles from retailers, for friends and siblings, for example?

If you distribute your order to several dealers, this could work. What won't work: Ordering several PS5 consoles from one and the same provider. The number of devices that can be ordered is often increasing a Copy per customer, dealer and variant (with and without drive) capped.

Incidentally, the two sister companies MediaMarkt and Saturn count as two Dealers.

Am I entitled to the free PlayStation Plus Collection if my PlayStation 5 is not delivered until a later date?

The PlayStation Plus Collection is a kind of welcome gift from Sony Interactive for all PlayStation 5 owners with an existing PlayStation Plus subscription: The free downloadable "Greatest Hits" collection includes some of the most successful and best video games of the PS4 era, including Batman: Arkham Knight, Days Gone, God of War, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and many more.

Although Sony Interactive has not issued an official statement on this, this offer has not yet been linked to a time limit. Even those who only receive their PlayStation 5 in 2021 should still be able to access the package as a PS Plus member.

What should be considered when buying a PlayStation 5 on Ebay?

800, 900, 1,000 euros and more are currently being called for brand-new PlayStation 5 consoles on Ebay * and Ebay classifieds - the price is sometimes twice the recommended retail price.

Of course, you are free to bid in such an auction or to accept the suggested buy-it-now price. In principle, we currently advise you to be particularly careful when purchasing a PlayStation 5 on Ebay *. Buyers report to the editorial office every day who report problems with payment, delivery or processing - up to and including cases of fraud.

In any case, you should read the product description very carefully: Jokers, for example, offer the box without a console - and still achieve sales proceeds of several hundred euros. In other cases, the console is shipped but the controller is missing. If in doubt, check with the seller before placing a bid.

Only buy consoles in unopened packs: When the PlayStation 5 consoles are in operation, there is always the risk of being given a 'Monday device'.

Particular caution is required with the payment processes: It is essential to use means of payment with buyer protection, such as PayPal. The dispatch should always be insured. Please see this post for more information.

When will the PlayStation 5 be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

In most European countries, the PS5 has been shipping since November 19, 2020 (a Thursday). In other countries - such as the USA and Japan - the console was handed over to pre-orderers on November 12, 2020.

What does the PlayStation 5 cost?

The recommended retail price for the PlayStation 5 is 499.99 euros. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is offered for 399.99 euros. A DualSense wireless controller is included in the price.

Very few retailers like GameStop have passed the temporarily lower VAT of 16 percent on to customers.

What is the difference between the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition?

Both models differ in three ways:

  • in the Blu-ray drive - The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition cannot process games and film Blu-Rays, so it is designed for download and streaming.
  • In the Dimensions - the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is a bit slimmer because the drive is 'missing'
  • in the price - the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition costs 399.99 euros exactly 100 euros less than the 'big' PlayStation 5 for 499.99 euros.

Both models are otherwise technically identical. The PlayStation 5 is delivered in a white box, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is in a black box.

When will PlayStation 5 bundles go on sale?

Bundles are packages consisting of a console plus a game. These bundles are very popular because of the price savings compared to individual purchase - some of them are also special models. There are dozens of such PlayStation 4 bundles on the market, for example with FIFA 21, The Last of Us 2 or Marvel’s Spider-Man.

It will be even longer before the first official PlayStation 5 bundles hit the market - probably until big Sony blockbusters like Horizon 2: Forbidden West.

How many PlayStation 5 consoles will be delivered in Germany at the start?

Based on feedback from retailers, we estimate the amount ordered at least 120,000 consoles - in the past weeks and months, of course, more contingents have been added.

As a clue: Seven years ago, the PlayStation 4 sold more than 430,000 PS4 consoles in German-speaking countries in the first four months alone, including over 380,000 in Germany.

Where can I buy the PlayStation 5 on November 19th?

Sony Interactive sells the PlayStation 5 and its accessories in German-speaking countries exclusively through large trading partners. Dealers confirmed so far for November 19th:

  • SOLD OUT (from 1 p.m.) - PS5 * / PS5 Digital Edition *
  • SOLD OUT (probably around noon)
  • SOLD OUT (Morning)
  • SOLD OUT (since 7 a.m.)
  • SOLD OUT (Afternoon)
  • SOLD OUT (Time unknown)
  • SOLD OUT (Morning) - all PS5 offers *

There is no advance sale at:

  • (Germany) - product page *
  • (Switzerland)
  • (Austria)
  • - product page *

Important: The consoles are first exclusively offered in the respective online shops - not in the branches. When exactly the PS5 devices are delivered varies from retailer to retailer.

Can you use the PlayStation 5 in front the 19.11. pre-order?

No. Only on November 19th will there be fresh goods again (Update: contingent completely sold out).

I pre-ordered a PlayStation 5 in September. Can I expect the console to be delivered on time on November 19th?

In the vast majority of cases this is guaranteed - however, logistics-related delays caused by forwarding agents and parcel services cannot be ruled out. However, some retailers have warned their customers that not all pre-orders by the 19.11. can be operated. It is therefore possible that the console will not arrive until Friday (November 20th) or Saturday (November 21st) or the following week.

Current information for MediaMarkt / Saturn pre-orderers can be found here.

The current state of affairs (23.1.2021):

  • Alternatein time
  • Amazonmostly on time
  • Conrad – Delivery delays possible (1-2 days)
  • Cyberportmostly on time
  • Euronicsmostly on time / Cancellations possible in individual cases
  • Expertin time (only applies to goods ordered on!)
  • GameStopin time
  • MediaMarkt (Germany) - mostly on time / sometimes considerable delays in delivery (Details)
  • MediaMarkt (Austria) - mostly on time
  • Medimax / ElectronicPartnermostly on time
  • Müllermostly on time
  • Ottomostly on time
  • Saturnmostly on time / sometimes considerable delays in delivery (Details)

Why have thousands of PlayStation 5 pre-orders been canceled?

With the exception of Amazon, almost all retailers were forced to subsequently cancel PS5 orders. Several factors came together here:

  • First a significantly smaller quota was allocated to individual dealers than they had expected at the start of the PS5.
  • Secondly The IT infrastructure went to its knees during both pre-order “waves”, despite intensive preparation: websites could not be reached for minutes, apps failed to work, payment transactions could not be completed. Even large providers such as Otto and Amazon were affected. Due to the overloading of the merchandise management systems, far too many orders were placed in a fraction of a second.
  • Third the pre-orders were subsequently checked by hand - so multiple orders were sorted out on a large scale. According to a specification from Sony Interactive, each retailer may only hand in one pre-orderable console per customer.

Why do online stores continue to sell PlayStation 5 consoles when the device is said to be sold out?

In almost all cases, these are fake shops - websites that are quickly pulled up and appear to make a professional impression, but actually do not have any merchandise at their disposal.

Unsuspecting customers who order a PS5 there in advance can presumably write off the money. Addresses, telephone numbers, managing directors or commercial register numbers are often completely fictitious or stolen from other companies. In some cases, fraudulent charges have already been filed - unfortunately, other fake shops are still online.

Basically, our advice is: order the PlayStation 5 for now just from large, well-known providers! And above all: never transfer money in advance to a bank account of a retailer you do not know - there are good reasons why some providers do not allow PayPal or credit card payments, for example, because buyer protection would apply there.

In this article you will find out how you can recognize fake shops.

What accessories are available for the PlayStation 5?

In addition to the console, Sony Interactive offers the following peripheral devices:

  • PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller (approx. 70 euros) - available
  • PS5 remote control (approx. 30 euros) - available
  • PS5 HD camera (approx. 60 euros) - available
  • PS5 Pulse 3D headset (approx. 100 euros) - available from time to time
  • PS5 charging station (approx. 30 euros) - available from time to time
  • The current delivery situation at major dealers can be found here.

The PS5 accessories have been shipping since November 12th - one week before the actual console. This is intended to straighten out the logistics. In contrast to the consoles, you will also be able to buy the PS5 accessories occasionally in stationary retail (while stocks last).

What colors is the PlayStation 5 controller available in?

For the time being, the DualSense controller is only available in white for just under 70 euros, for example at MediaMarkt *, Saturn *, GameStop, Expert, Conrad or Otto *. Other colors are not expected until early 2021.

Can you replace the side panels ("plates") of the PlayStation 5?

Yes, the two white plastic wings - the so-called "faceplates" - can be removed without tools and exchanged for other variants. Warning: The models offered by third-party providers on the Internet until recently are not authorized - Sony Interactive is taking legal action against the dealers. In the coming months there will presumably be official PlayStation 5 plates from Sony and licensees.

Will PlayStation 4 games work on PlayStation 5?

With very few exceptions: yes. Many studios are even working on extensive updates so that the games benefit from the higher PS5 performance - for example in the form of shorter loading times or nicer effects. Some of these updates are provided free of charge - in other cases an additional charge applies. who Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077 or FIFA 21 for the PlayStation 4 can later switch to the PS5 version free of charge.

Tip: PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy a great collection of PS4 classics (God of War, Uncharted 4, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, Battlefield 1, Batman: Arkham Knight, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us Remastered and many more) for the PlayStation 5 launch for free.

Can I continue to use existing PlayStation 4 accessories?

If you want to continue using your PS4 DualShock wireless controller (e.g. for multiplayer duels), you can do so.However, the gamepads only work with PS4 games - you need the included DualSense wireless controller for dedicated PlayStation 5 games. We have compiled further information on backward compatibility here.

What do PlayStation 5 games cost?

The standard editions of new products range in price from 60 to 70 euros. In the case of the large blockbusters, the prices of the PS5 version are slightly higher than those of the PS4 games - the surcharge is on average five to ten euros.

Which PlayStation 5 games will be out by Christmas?

Although many titles had to be postponed into the new year (including Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Destruction All Stars), PlayStation 5 owners can choose from a wide range of games that were specifically developed for the PS5 and will appear in 2020. A selection:

  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Ubisoft)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War (Activision) overview
  • Demon's Souls (Bluepoint Games)
  • Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (Capcom)
  • FIFA 21 (Electronic Arts)
  • Fortnite (Epic Games)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Sony Interactive)
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (Warner)
  • NBA 2K21 (2K)
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Sony Interactive)
  • Watch Dogs Legion (Ubisoft)
  • … and many more

Like the PS5 accessories, the games are also available in brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

  • All available PlayStation 5 games at Saturn *
  • All available PlayStation 5 games at MediaMarkt *
  • All available PlayStation 5 games on Amazon *
  • All available PlayStation 5 games at Otto *

Does the PlayStation 5 come with a game?

Yes, Astro’s playroom - a cute game of skill that also serves as a kind of tutorial for the capabilities of the DualSense controller.

Will you be able to buy the PlayStation 5 in stores or online shops before Christmas or at least this year?

Update from December 28th, 2020:The probability of another PlayStation 5 sale before New Year's Eve is now close to zero. One reason is that such processes represent an enormous challenge for the IT team and the support of the senders - a show of strength that can hardly be dealt with seriously during the vacation / lockdown phase.

Euronics expects further deliveries "in the course of 2021" - we have received similar feedback from other dealers. Even if surprises can never be completely ruled out, we currently expect that you will be able to order in calendar week 1 at the earliest (from January 4th).

Update from December 22nd, 2020:There are currently no signs that a wave of PlayStation 5 sales will start this year - but this cannot be completely ruled out. An 'advance warning' from the retailer will only be given extremely briefly, if at all.

Update from 02/02/2020: Surprisingly, some retailers have announced another PS5 sale for Thursday (December 3rd) - the provisional list. The contingent is now sold out - delivery will be made before Christmas.

On November 25th, Sony Interactive announced via Twitter that "due to the enormous demand", retailers will receive additional PlayStation 5 allotments before the end of the year.

It is not clear from the announcement whether the delivery and delivery will also take place this year. What is considered certain, however: Due to ongoing lockdown restrictions, the PlayStation 5 will continue to be used only online can order.

The following retailers have confirmed to GamesWirtschaft that they are part of the fourth wave of sales:

  • * (small contingent already on December 3rd)

It is very likely that other retailers such as Amazon * will be added.

Please also note the warning information on so-called fake shops.

Article is updated continuously