What is the best RapidShare search engine

Rapidshare search engines - these are the best

Rapidshare search engine - this is how you can find the files you are looking for
Rapidshare is probably one of the largest filehosters currently available on the Internet. Several thousand files are on its server, but how do you get the files you need? A lot of software, including legal ones, can be downloaded from Rapidshare servers, often at a higher speed than directly from the provider sites.

However, the search for files is often not easy and is made even more difficult by Rapidshare, since Rapidshare AG does not operate an internal search engine which could be used to access the download links. Links to wanted software are often posted in various forums or published in blogs, which are only accessible after a cumbersome registration. But how do you get the information you want? This is where special search engines come into play, which, through their special programming, search for links to Rapidshare and collect the information about them and make them searchable. The search engines use different techniques to collect links.

Technique 1: Search engines rely on the search engine giant Google and search the web with the entered search term + the tag "http://rapidshare.com". The results that these search engines get from Google are evaluated again and presented to the user in a processed form!

Technique 2: The search engines have search bots that a user has in various forums, blogs and sites that require registration and can also search them. This otherwise secret information is then given out when searching for software, films or music.

Technique 3: The search engine providers work together with page providers who also publish the links later. For this purpose, special bots are used, which automatically inform the search engine about the upload of the new files.

Technique 4: Search engine bots search predefined paths and websites and collect the links on these pages!

General Info:
The use of these search engines is only permitted for legal purposes. Downloading illegal software is not recommended and can be prosecuted!

I would now like to briefly introduce you to three of these Rapidshare search engines that help you to find the film and video material, MP3s or software you want:

With Rapidshare1, the files found can be accessed directly! The search engine works directly with pages and is based on the above-mentioned Google search technology. Not all links found here are always properly available.

Search results from Rapidlibrary are very good, but to get to the links you need many clicks and you have to overcome a Capache query. The last search queries are displayed to the user, whereby the user notices one or the other nice thing. In addition, the user can also search for specific file types such as Achrive files, audio files, video files, docs files, pictures files, applications, CDs and DVDs

The files found can be quickly accessed via just one intermediate page. The Rapidshare & Megaupload search engine also offers users a nice little add-on for people who don't really know what they want to suck! Because they can easily leaf through the search engine index at Filecrop and are sure to find one or the other legal download! A very useful feature of this search is that the file size of the download can be set.


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