How does Discord make money

Discord business model


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Anyone who wants a service or a product knows in advance that they may have to give something for it.

Sure, that's exactly what I'm about: I want to understand what Discord wants from me, because I'm pretty sure that in times of BigData a lot is hidden in the small print.

@ Marek72: Interesting alternatives: The problem I see with it is that the people with whom you want to stay / want to stay in contact also have to use it
@ iSight2TheBlind: Thanks for the precise translation / explanations of the text passage.

I would now put it this way: Would you discuss something about a Discord and sometimes also exchange what is later intended for a publication.

And oh yeah, a different topic: can someone tell me a little bit about Discord's noise cancellation? I use a setup with a (cheap) table microphone and boxes and so far Skype is the only VoIP software for which I don't have to exchange the boxes for headphones so that not everyone hears themselves twice or three times in voice chat.
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