How do guys break up with someone

Break up: this is how you break up without hurting him

Break up: this is how you break up without hurting him

Sometimes you just feel it: it's over - the feelings have cooled down, you can no longer imagine a future together and somehow you are annoyed by your partner. The problem ahead: how do I tell him that I want to end the relationship without hurting him? We'll tell you!

It was good while it lasted, but just not worth it anymore? At the beginning of the relationship, you can't even imagine life without your partner. But now...? Well, a lot has changed. You've learned a lot about yourself, you've learned a lot about your partner, and finally you came to the difficult conclusion that for whatever reason it just doesn't work.

Contrary to popular belief, leaving someone isn't necessarily easier than being the one who is being left. Regardless of who the conversation "We have to talk ..." initiates - it is sure to be very tough. Of course, we don't want to present ourselves as a big asshole when it comes to our partner. After all, he's still important to us! Still, there is just a lot that we cannot control. We can break up with him in the friendliest, most compassionate way possible, and he will still feel extremely hurt. What you can do, however, is not to make this shitty process even shitty. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Getting rid of someone is really damn tough, so you probably want to just get it over with - sure, rip the plaster off in one go! But be careful! There's really nothing worse than a breakup that comes out of the blue. Because if you tell him "I love you" one day and then break up with him the next day, you are almost certainly giving him some major trust issues that he will carry over into his next relationship.

So if you don't want your partner to feel overwhelmed, you need to slowly prepare them for the inevitable breakup. One is best suited for this honest conversation by making it clear that you are no longer satisfied with the relationship. Give him specific reasons: your schedules don't match, your personalities aren't compatible, your core values ​​are too different. Of course, it is not always easy to talk about feelings and problems, but one thing is particularly important here: Don't be a coward, okay?

Speaking of coward: Of course, you don't want to be the person who texted the breakup. Okay, unless your partner is cheating on you or has otherwise acted really badly. However, if your partner wasn't an abusive piece of bastard, you should really do your best to deliver the bad news in person. By the way, a private place is best suited for this.

During the actual separation, you should be whole pay particular attention to your partner's reaction. After all, you're not the only ones talking - you should definitely listen to and respond to your partner. If he says he wants to be alone for a while, get out of there - even if you're feeling super guilty and want to make sure he's okay. On the other hand, if he asks you to stay and talk a little more, then you should actually stay and be there for you.

After the separation it is time to withdraw! Completely! Your ex is feeling all sorts of emotions at the moment - sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment - you are probably the last thing he needs for now. Then the absolutely cruelest thing you can do is give him false hopes. So if they don't contact you first, DO NOT contact him.

When he reaches out to you, keep your answers short and make it clear that you will not change your mind. If he asks you to see him again, even as friends, stand by your opinion and tell him that it is best to spend some time apart until the two of you have recovered - a process that will take months could. Yes, it's going to be a bad time not talking to him, especially since you've spent so much time with him and probably missed him a lot too. But you have to distance yourself. Give him the opportunity to spend some time with her friends, family, and yourself.

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