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What kids say about their favorite things

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Kids are great. I am a child who asks other children questions. Asking questions is the same as answering questions, you are just on the other side. Usually this is my mom's column asking kids things. It says she would do it, but I, Sadie, her daughter, actually did the interviews.

I wouldn't feel like doing this all the time because I only had two days to ask so many people questions. I also have to write an introduction! And if that were my job, I would have to type everything myself and I cannot type very quickly.

The question is: what is your favorite thing in the whole world? I know this looks like a boring question at first, but it turned out to be a cool question because I knew there were people out there who liked these things but I couldn't understand why they liked it so much . But the most confusing answer came from my mom. You can read it and you will understand why it was so crazy. This lady desperately needs a coffee!

- Sadie

VICE: What are your favorite things?
Wolf (17): I have several.

You can name a maximum of three.
I'm afraid of ghosts, so no ghosts. I don't really have a lot of mechanical stuff, so technology is falling out too. I don't want to use too much of it, because otherwise it will contribute to global warming. So the weather. Animals. And space.

Why do you like the weather
Then I know what's going to happen next. Like when a tornado is approaching.

Why do you like animals
Some of them are nice and cozy.

What if they don't have fur? Do you still like them because they're cool? He nods. And why do you like space?
There could be aliens. There are so many stars that could have planets on which life could reign. We don't know, but we can guess that we are not alone. Actually, my worst anti-favorite thing is [whispers] Be crazy. I don't know if this really happened or if I just imagined it, but once I was just thinking about spiders and then all of a sudden it felt like I was walking through cobwebs. In the kitchen. About a month ago. But the best thing about my favorite things are aliens because they might come and blow up the school.

Eva (10): Zelda!
OK why?
Because it's totally awesome. And because it's super cool and totally awesome and because I'm playing it right now!

No, you don't because I still have to interview you. What's your favorite moment at Zelda?
If you beat the boss.

Finn (2): Tractor. And chickens. Tractors! Cars. Cars! Eva. Eva! Eva. Eva, Eva, Eva. Orange. Cow! Monkey. Jungle.
What is your favorite monkey?
Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Dance!

Ella (14): My favorite thing is anime. I am really addicted to it. It's a Japanese art form. For example Spirited Away. It comforts me a lot when I go crazy, that's why I watch it every day.

Why does that comfort you?
Because these are things that couldn't happen in real life, but it's cool to think about them instead of real life. And the music is Japanese. It sounds happy, even when violence occurs, I don't even notice that violence occurs.

Isabella (10): Animals. When they're little, they're so cute. Sometimes when they trip over their own legs and so on.
What was your best experience with animals?
When I found three baby cats in my garage.

Did you keep her
One of them died. Then we kept one and brought the other to the shelter. Is that really going to get in a magazine?

I'm not so sure about that.

Why are you not sure if you want to be in a magazine?
Because some people record things and then write bad things in the magazine because they misunderstood something. Like you might think I poisoned the kitten that died.

Why do cute animals make you so happy?
Do I have to explain everything ?! Why do you have to make everything so complicated?

Because I am like that.
Your hair is in the microphone.

No they don't.
Now you are on the microphone! Who is she working for? I want to speak to your lawyer! Don't put this in your mouth. Sadie puts the recorder in her mouth!

Sadie's mother: Do not do that! That thing is from 1986. That’s 25 years full of bacilli!

Isabella and Sadie: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhh!

Hi Papa. Mom told me I could do something for a magazine article thing. For legal reasons, I have to tell you that I have an app for my cell phone that I use to record you. So what's the favorite thing in your life?

Dad (44): My children.
Because I never know what crazy thing they're going to do next. Are are strange and curious.

For example?
One day I was about to have breakfast and my ten year old daughter called me and said she was using an app to record an interview with me. And I thought to myself, "She's using her mind to work and adding technology to her skills. Maybe when she grows up, like Jack Bauer, she'll become a spy."

Mom what's your favorite thing
Mom (43): I'm not in a good mood right now, I didn't have any coffee. I don't have favorite things.

OK, I'll call you again later. My phone fell on me and I'm bleeding.
Oh dear!

My cell phone fell on my lip.
Even so, as a journalist, even if you're bleeding, you have to keep asking in order to get an answer that you can use out of me. It's about follow-up.

I will call you later.
Now or never. You never get a second chance live.

OK Bye!

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