Helps drinking water flush out medication

Warning: water quality when traveling - dental care with unpleasant consequences

The safest method is still to boil the tap water. When heated to 80-100 ° C, any germs are safely killed. When vacationing in the mountains, you have to remember that the boiling point of water is lower at higher altitudes. The higher you are, the longer you should cook it:To be on the safe side, we recommend at least ten minutes of cooking time. Nevertheless, the method loses its effectiveness in the high mountains. In addition, cooking does not help against chemicals, suspended particles or coarse dirt in the water, it is associated with a lot of effort and is not always possible without problems in hotels or other holiday accommodations.

In order to have the usual high water quality when brushing your teeth when you are abroad, you should refrain from tap water and use bottled water instead. It is industrially bottled, is also subject to high quality standards abroad and is therefore harmless to tooth enamel and the digestive system.

Remember:Mixed drinks such as cocktails can also contain tap water, for example in the form of ice cubes or crushed ice. The alcohol in the drink does not offer any protection against germs.

Even if you have to save the precious bottled water for dental care, cleaning the interdental spaces and oral hygiene abroad, you should not rinse your mouth with the water in which you previously rinsed the toothbrush or floss. Always use fresh water for rinsing - smaller portions of water and more intensive rinsing and gargling are a good way to save money.