The achievements of superheroes are greatly exaggerated

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    Quote by Not sure
    If you as a society hardly have your own heroes and are also not able to produce them, you just have to spin them together. And in balance, then, in the form of "superheroes", so exaggeratedly moronic.

    Instead of teaching the youngsters that real heroes are real people who fight against resistance, grow from it and then because of their own more human Achievements to achieve great things are superheroes with a supernatural gift. Almost a kind of religious madness.

    What a stupid thing the Anglo-Saxons degenerate into generations.
    Should be one of the reasons why many think Batman is cool. In this context, the occasional brawls with Superman, which Batman always wins because Superman holds back and / or goes crazy, suddenly make a different sense. Normally you should be glad that a "normal" person flatters such an overpowering fucker!

    However, all the mythologies have lots of guys with powers! So it hasn't only been like this for a few decades.

    Again (((Sam Raimis))) Spider-Man. This time it's about Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson.

    In the beginning she is the bride of Flash Thompson, the school thug. This is not only big and cool, but has muscles as well as a great car. It's all part of the Americans' favorite story, the school loser who always gets in the face and is horny for the most popular bride in school. Ultimately, the loser grows beyond himself, knocks the bat and conquers the bride, who had also not paid any attention to him all the years before. It's a little different with Spider-Man.

    After Parker was able to give the racket one through the new powers, contact now seems to develop with his beloved Mary Jane, about whom he has raved about for many years.

    However, after the graduation party, where Thompson is dumped, she prefers to tackle the billionaire son Harry Osborn.

    A short time later, Spider-Man becomes known, who also saves Mary Jane several times, where the famous smooch finally comes (there is a porn version where Spider-Man rappels a little lower). He's the big, strong hero! Shortly afterwards, the relationship with Osborn also breaks up.

    At the very end she now wants Parker (he and Spider-Man are considered different until the end of Part 2) and smooches him! However, he refuses in order not to put them in danger, which is immediately reversed in Part 2, where he constantly chases after him again.

    At the time of Spider-Man 2 she has a new lover again. This time John Jameson, the son of Jonah Jameson, who is currently in the limelight as an astronaut.

    At the very end, Jameson is left standing at the altar, while Parker finally becomes the lover of his beloved Mary Jane, who now knows that he is the big, strong Spider-Man.

    In Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man uses Gwen Stacy's famous smooch at a festival to get even better with the photographers. Miss Watson doesn't think it's funny at all that her lover smooches and shits at him in the restaurant that evening. She's in a shitty mood anyway because she's fired from Broadway after a gig.

    Shortly afterwards she runs to Osborn, smooches the stranger and runs away again.

    In the end something seems to be developing again with Parker, the big, strong Spider-Man (ingenious, as the Neescher face is built in at the bottom right).

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    Quote by Not sure
    If you as a society hardly have your own heroes and are also not able to produce them, you just have to spin them together. And in balance, then, in the form of "superheroes", so exaggeratedly moronic.

    Instead of teaching the next generation that real heroes are real people who fight against resistance, grow from it and then because of their own more human Achievements to achieve great things are superheroes with a supernatural gift. Almost a kind of religious madness.

    What a stupid thing the Anglo-Saxons degenerate into generations.
    But there is more. There is something about these superheroes that makes them "unique". And that's what you want to be in this decadent western society. "Unique!" It is not enough that we all look different. No, you have to stand out even more. Why else are there 80 genders? So that you can feel so unique. And the superheroes have to suffer contradiction because of these abilities, so social contradiction is something that these western decadent individualists only strengthen, not get out of their dream world.

    When the wicked rise up, people hide; but when they perish, the righteous multiply.

    Proverbs 28 verse 28!

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    When I was talking about Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane in (((Sam Raimis) Spider-Man) I forgot a video.

    In this, Norman Osborn explains his naive son Harry towards the end about the nature of women and what Sohnemann should best do with his current girlfriend to save himself from spoiling. If you look at the role of Mary Jane in the whole trilogy, Norman's statements shine in a completely different light.

    The short-lived Amazing Spider-Man continues.

    Much of it is about killing Aryans and Nazis.

    School bat Flash Thompson is an Aryan in this version, eventually crawls up Parker's ass and wants to be his best buddy after Parker pisses him off at a basketball game with his new powers.

    Uncle's killer is really blonde here, but the uncle is also totally stupid that he's trying to take the gun away from him. Then Parker / Spider-Man embarks on a short-lived revenge campaign, where he provides several criminal white breads, most of which are also blonde, which is supposed to reinforce the narrative that Jew York is overrun by white bread crime. This act is suddenly just dropped and not taken up until the last second of the second part.

    The main opponent of the first film is the blonde scientist Curt Connors, who is half a cripple when it comes to arms, who only wants his missing arm, researches a serum and, after a self-experiment, turns into the Lizard.

    At the beginning of the second part, Spider-Man has to deal with Rhino, who is not a huge muscle guy in a rhinoceros costume, but a small, ridiculous imp and crook, but still a Russian. He's bald, which makes a connection to neo-Nazis, but no racist hints come to light.

    The main enemy is Electro made into Neescher, which is not really bad, but a victim of those around him. However, he goes crazy in the finale, which again only gets so far through the people around him.

    Before his transformation, Electro or Max Dillon looks like a walking joke.

    One of Dillon's superiors at Oscorp is Alistair Smythe, who despises Dillon and is even responsible for Dillon's accident or transformation because he sends him to repair. Many consider this unsympathetic bread to be white bread, and it is played by the Jewish B. J. Novak.

    Harry Osborn also appears in the second part, who in this version looks like a little Hitler.

    Parker's friend in this version is blonde Gwen Stacy, who is especially famous for dying in a comic book story. From the finale, she wears the same outfit in the film as in this comic, because she also dies in the film.

    However, Hollywood likes to present blonde women in a role who is dying.

    [Links only for registered users]

    Blonde women are mostly portrayed as:

    1. "stupid sluts", "sluts", "dumbbells" not to be taken seriously, silly, kitschy child women etc. ("Naturally Blond", "Sex and the City")
    2. Unsympathetic, arrogant or vicious opponents of the (mostly dark-haired) heroine or hero ("Twilight", "Snow White and the Huntsman", "Girls Club", "Terminator 3")
    3. Victims of murders with often enjoyable and erotic portrayals of the murder or subliminal glorification of the perpetrator ("scream")
    And the fall into the depths is very reminiscent of Batman Returns, even with a blond one as a dead one.

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    Addendum to the not so amazing Spiderman. From here on I will write Spiderman without a hyphen, because it always upsets the fanboys of him and Marvel as hell, which makes me happy.

    Here is the scene where the arrogant Flash Thompson gets a rub down from the now stronger Parker.

    Towards the end you see a black teacher in Parker's class who tries to convey important things to the stupid students, mostly white.

    In the second part there is still the disguised Nazi Dr. Kafka, who speaks with a German accent and tortures poor electro.

    This is where the transition to "Homecoming" follows, again a new Spiderman, but now in Marvel Cinematic Universe, where there is also the Avengers gang that has been making cinemas unsafe for years.

    For marketing reasons and to give this Spiderman a raison d'être before even the stupid popcorn-eating crowd is tired of it, the crowd favorite Tony Stark aka Iron Man, a likeable billionaire who comes across as a little more unscrupulous at an earlier point, has been built in. but there is more lovable disgust.

    In fact, homecoming has long been studied by Compact:

    [Links only for registered users]

    But the most important points are taken over and deepened.

    In his first life, however, Peter was and is a schoolboy. In his high school, the movie also takes place almost most of the time. It is so full of diversity that any integration officer would come to tears of joy. Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, blacks and whites learn here alongside one another without conflict that it is only so worldly. It may be that Queens public schools are so mixed - in any case, the previous films have been able to do without staging this aggressively. But here everything is simply calibrated for diversity. Peter's lover, Liz, has a milk chocolate complexion. His best buddy is an obese Asian, category computer nerd.
    This is Liz, who was invented as a blonde Aryan. However, nothing happens between her and Parker. There's not even a smooch.

    This is Edward Leeds, or Ned for short, who is Parker's best buddy here. Also originally invented as white bread, but not as a friend of the hero, but an enemy, in the identity of the Green Goblin imitation Hobgoblin. But maybe, as with (((Sam Raimis))) Spider-Man, the best buddy will turn into a villain.

    Ned likes to play around with Star Wars toys. No wonder, after all, Star Wars is the other big brand that Disney makes a decent income from.

    School thug Flash Thompson is now a Latino and constantly insults Parker with penis jokes.

    There is even a veiled owl. That should be proof enough that the school is colorful and not racist.

    Political correctness sets the tone from the start. In the very first scene, Keaton's character complains that kids today prefer to play Avengers than cowboys and Indians. “They actually say Native Americans,” he is promptly instructed. Keaton's villain isn't really politically incorrect, though. His wife is black after all.
    Yes, Liz is a mulatto, and her white bread daddy, Adrian Toomes aka Vulture, is the villain. In the end, Liz and her Neescher mom move away after dad ends up in jail for his atrocities.

    What else? Oh yeah, like every other blockbuster, total surveillance is being sold as exciting and useful! Peter's new spider suit can always be located by Iron Man, Tony Stark, and records every second. He also has a built-in mini drone that Peter can use to spy on. He affectionately calls her "drone".
    And here is "drone":

    For the time being the last there is Michelle:

    Then there is Michelle, who looks like she leads the local Antifa group and gives the demo tourists on school trips: "I want to arrive before dinner so I can protest in front of a few embassies," she complains before the trip Washington. There she doesn't like that the Washington Memorial was built by slaves.

    It looks like Spidey is going to fall in love with the Antifa chick. His great love in the comics and previous films is called Mary Jane. The rioter announced at the very end: "My friends call me M.J."

    Yes, it looks like Mary Jane now also belongs to the Neescher / Mulatto people!

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    Here comes the rest of "Homecoming"! Needed a break yesterday.

    Here is an insight into Parker's everyday school life:

    The school news team consists of a mulatto with an afro and a blond white woman.

    In the so-called Academic Decathlon Team there is a Neescher named "Abraham" Brown, who is called Abe for short.

    In a test he snails a white boy who has the less favorable appearance and easily comes across as a mentally retarded one.

    One of the henchmen of the main villain Vulture is a slightly modified and adapted version of the Spiderman enemy Shocker, whose real name is Herman Schultz.

    First, a white bread called Jackson Brice takes over the role, who just babbles shit the whole time and is finally "accidentally" killed by his boss when he gets on his nerves and he tries to teach him a lesson, but one with an alien -Technology souped up, weapon used that pulverizes the victim.

    Then Herman Schultz, who is now a Neescher, comes along with calm composure and who actually has nothing personal against Spiderman, which is his job, which significantly reduces the fact that a Neescher embodies a criminal here.

    Then there's Aaron Davis, who in one scene makes a deal with Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz. When Brice is talking shit again, Schultz and Davis blaspheme about him and that the world is changing. It's so clear what this means:

    "Just be patient. The white wizards will soon be out of the window! Then all of this (" again ") belongs to us."

    Spiderman overhears them and finally confronts Davis, who doesn't take him for full at all.

    "Ha, ha, now the white jerk" can't even threaten properly anymore! "

    Davis mentions his nephew, whose name is Miles Morales, who is a Spiderman himself in the comic, is just being made into the (only) true Spiderman and who will take over a hundred pro in Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as this Parker has got his third film.

    Then there is something about surveillance. Several times Parker calls Tony Stark's chauffeur and former bodyguard, Happy Hogan. It annoys them all the time. And once Hogan says: "I'm watching you." (Big Brother is watching you)

    Here's a sneak peek at how Marvel ridiculed the stolen Thor. Spiderman confronts 4 thieves wearing masks of the Avengers during a robbery. The Thor thief is the first to be knocked down. Elsewhere, Happy Hogan funny / incorrectly pronounces the name of Thor's Hammer.

    It should also be said that the Jew Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is the lover of the slightly Jewish (through Papi) Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, who is made up Nordic.

    I had found this Audi advertisement where Parker is busy getting a driver's license. His teacher is a Neescher. Another Neescher in a thinking role, who can fail the hated white bread at any time.

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    Quote by DUNCAN
    don't talk about peoples, talk about people. When you talk about peoples, you are not alien to racism.
    depends on what you understand or define by racism. I am a racist or not, depending on the situation.

    but this statement

    there are no evil peoples any more than there are benign peoples. There are efficient cultures and comparatively incompetent cultures - that is all
    applies to peoples rather than people. relatively nasty (isV harmful to a community, anti-social or violent and ruthless) people already give in to mM.
    From my point of view you can also use the saying for people, but for peoples it always applies.
    “Political correctness is not about proving a dissenting opinion as wrong, but rather condemning the dissenting opinion as immoral. You no longer criticize dissenting opinions, you just hate them. Anyone who contradicts will not be refuted, but will be silenced. "
    Prof. Dr. Norbert Bolz, media scientist

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    AW: Marvel and DC

    I had forgotten something about "Homecoming".I went through everyday school life again, had to discover that there, too, teeming with neeschers and mulattos as teachers, namely in the posts where it really matters, instead of sports teachers when it absolutely has to be.

    A quick message!

    Those who are still reading along would probably prefer me to shred other characters. However, I follow the order in which they appeared in the cinema for the first time in the recent past. Even if I would prefer to take Iron Man apart now, for example, I will stick to the plan.

    When I'm through Spiderman, more or less, follow:

    -Fantastic Four
    -Ghost Rider
    -Iron Man
    -Guardians of the Galaxy
    -Doctor Strange
    -Black Panther
    -Captain Marvel

    I haven't finished X-Men yet. In addition, Wolverine and Deadpool fall. If I were to treat the former individually, this would come between Iron Man and Thor. The Venom spin-off still falls in with Spiderman.

    Then there are now several TV titles:

    -Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    -Jessica Jones
    -Luke Cage
    -Iron Fist
    -Cloak & Dagger

    A big theatrical title that came out long before the lingering wave is Howard the Duck. It could come at any time because it is not much work.

    There is also this "man thing" such a horror number about a plant monster, but now it has nothing interesting that would be worth tearing up. But it was some time ago. And the few minutes that I watched a few months ago are far too few for an analysis.

    With all that Marvel stuff, I totally forget DC that it deserves more attention. I haven't even mentioned members Flash and Aquaman yet. And there is a lot going on on TV, with titles like Arrow, Supergirl, Teen Titans and Doom Patrol.

    So there is still enough material available.