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"Building bridges" project - Karlsfeld should continue to grow in a meaningful way

Unlike most cities and municipalities, Karlsfeld is not developing from an “original center” from “inside to outside”. Due to the origin and historical development, individual streets and districts are only now, after more than two hundred years, condensing into a common center. Due to the traffic-related “tripartite division” (railway line and B304 “cut through” the location), this is anything but a routine task for city planners. This was particularly evident recently with the (partial) completion of the “New Center”. Further "center parts", which cannot always be combined into one unit due to their location, are now waiting for your development. In addition, this should always be done from the perspective of moderate growth.

Already in the 1990s there were considerations for a "bridge building", the extension of the Karlsfelder Zentrum on the western side of the Münchner Straße (B304) at the level of the Gartenstraße. The plans of the town planners topos from the years 2007/2008 commissioned by the municipality of Karlsfeld were incorporated into the 2012 amendment to the land use plan. In 2013 the change ban imposed by the municipality of Karlsfeld for the approx. 40,000 sqm area "west of Münchner Strasse, north of the thermal power station, along Nibelungenstrasse" (see illustration) was lifted by the Munich Administrative Court. In fact, there is the right to build an 800 square meter supermarket with parking spaces at ground level in the area shown. This would have practically destroyed the further local planning of the community west of Münchner Strasse (connection Nibelungenstrasse, extension Gartenstrasse).

As a result, an attempt was made to find solutions that meet the requirements of the community and are viable for all parties involved. The municipality of Karlsfeld also had to take into account the recommendation of the citizens' dialogue “Commercial development in Karlsfeld”. In 2015, this committee recommended that non-disruptive business should also be accommodated in this central area during further planning (see documents on the homepage of the Karlsfeld municipality at Economy & Commerce - Commercial development in Karlsfeld). After a basis for all requirements had been found, a resolution was passed on December 15, 2016 in the municipal council (for the protocol, see the website of the municipality of Karlsfeld at Municipality & Politics / Municipal Council / Reports Municipal Council / Municipal Council Meeting No. 013, December 15, 2016; Top5). This was unanimous and was supported by all parliamentary groups. The decision on the installation is available on the website of the Karlsfeld community at Citizens' service / land-use plans (in preparation) / list of the land-use plans currently being drawn up in the Karlsfeld municipal area / development plan no. 90 B released.

Commercial space and apartments are to be created here in several construction sites (see Fig.). In particular, there was agreement that the section with commercial uses should be given priority first. Furthermore, the Karlsfeld “SoBoN” is being used for the first time in this project.

Based on these framework conditions, there were discussions with all those involved about the further procedure and their ideas. As is customary everywhere, the deliberations initially took place in a closed session in the municipal council. The public is now also involved in the further planning process.

In order to avoid inaccuracies and misunderstandings in the course of the ongoing process, the Karlsfeld municipality commissioned cima to support the further process. From now on, Cima will accompany the further development.

Who is the cima? What does the cima do?

Cima has been an independent municipal consultancy since 1988. It deals with the functionality and future security of municipalities of all sizes and in the entire German-speaking area. The strengths of cima are communication and cooperation at the interface between the public sector, the private sector and the active parts of urban society. As a coordinator of public and private interests, she is a reliable partner for Karlsfeld. Together with all those involved, local development solutions are created that are sustainable in the communal sense (politically as well as in the citizenry), as well as functional and can thus be implemented by private hands. As a mediator and expert, cima acts neutrally and non-partisan. The municipality of Karlsfeld was supported by cima in 2009 as part of the creation of a retail concept.

Cima has to accomplish the following tasks in this project:

  • Assessment of the current state of planning and development of an interactive participation process.
  • Formulation of the municipal objectives for the project (together with the top management and the political committees) and monitoring of the realization.
  • Coordinating communication at the interface between the municipality and the project sponsor as well as technical coordination.
  • The cima is the partner of the community. She contributes her technical expertise to the project sponsor to evaluate the usage concept.
  • It integrates administration and politics in working groups throughout the process. In some cases, the investor and his partners (planners, experts, operators, etc.) are also involved in these rounds.
  • It organizes a two-stage public participation process that takes place alongside the land-use plan procedure. The findings from the participation are professionally assessed and, after being weighed with the committees, incorporated into the master plan process.
  • The cima thus contributes to optimal function and design quality for community development.
  • As a result, with very good public participation, a high political consensus should arise, which at the same time is designed to be economically viable and thus feasible for the investor.
  • Through the participation of cima, planning and procedural security should be created for all parties.

In the meeting on July 26, 2018, the municipal council decided to initiate the development plan procedure on the basis of the submitted planning concept. The participation of the citizens is currently being prepared by cima.

In a first step it will be on

Saturday, October 20, 2018 (9 a.m. to approx. 1.30 p.m.) in the primary school on Krenmoosstraße

give a citizens' workshop, from which the municipal council and the administration hope for a great response from the Karlsfelders. As part of this event, all previous considerations of the municipality and the investor will be presented. The citizens then have the opportunity to contribute their wishes and suggestions to the ongoing process. In addition, there are experts and participants on site who will answer questions on all matters.

We invite you to make use of this opportunity and to develop Karlsfeld together with us.

You can also find more information on the subject here.