Is to show land that is enough for money

The social protection package: This is how you can now get help from the basic security for job seekers

The corona crisis means for work:

  • Lots Companies work less.
  • And many Companies are closed.

People have to Short work do.

And People lose their jobs.


People have about it To care:

If you Money is enough to live on.

There is help for the people.

For example that Unemployment money 2.

In standard language this also means:

Services for Basic security for job seekers.

We write the short word in the text: Basic security

The basic security helps:

When people don't have enough money to live on.

You need the basic backup apply for.

The Request for the basic backup is now easier:

As long as the corona crisis lasts.

The rules for the simple request

stand in one law.

The law is called: Social protection package.

The government made the social protection package.

So that people can get help more easily.


Good to know:

Basic security and Unemployment money 2 are these same.

One also says Hartz 4 to unemployment money 2.

The social protection package

The corona crisis made many things more difficult.


  • The Help to get from the basic backup
    is got easier.
  • And some aids are automatically extended.

The social protection package helps in particular:

  • When people because of the Corona crisis
    your To lose work
    and have no money.
  • When people because of the Corona crisis
    less work to have
    and therefore have too little money.
  • When self-employed because of the Corona crisis
    have less work
    and don't have enough money

The rules of the social protection package apply:

Until the corona crisis is over.

By doing many things stand under the new law:

So that people in Germany can get help.

We to explain To you here in plain language:

Basic security things for job seekers.

The explanations are correct.

The explanations are, however not legally binding.

Sometimes we have things easier written.

Or things not explained:

Which are very rare.

The text in easy language would otherwise too long.

Please ask your responsible job center:

If you want to know more.

The social protection package applies to these people

You may be able to get help from the basic backup:

  • you receive Short worker money.
    Or you get Unemployed money.
    And the Money is not enough for you and your family.
  • you are self-employed.
    For example: You have a shop.
    you are Freelancer.
    For example: you are an artist or a hairdresser.
    you are Small business owners.
    For example: you have a small business.
    They have many orders lost
    because of the corona crisis.
    your Money is not enough to live on therefore.

The new rule for the extension of the basic security

There is a special rule:

If you do received basic security earlier.

The basic backup will always be

for one certain time approved.

This time is called: Grant-time-space.


The new rule applies:

If Your grant period ends

from March 31, 2020 to August 30, 2020.

You must then do not submit a further authorization application.

The Job center renews automatically

Your basic security.

The extension is for a maximum of 1 year.


you must report to the job center:

When you make more money

or if something changes.

For example: you get a new job.

The new rules from the social protection package

The new rules apply:

If you have the basic backup need new.

In standard language they say:

The rules apply to permits:

Starting from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

The rules may apply longer.

The federal government will later examine:

Whether the rules will be extended.

Usually because of your wealth

Now applies:

you receive also the basic security:

If you have a little fortune to have.


In standard language they say:

They have no significant fortune.

Substantial wealth means:

They have money.

Or you have stuff:

That you can sell quickly.


The sum of the money and things is

60,000 euros or more.

That's how you say it: 60 thousand euros.


you receive no basic security:

If you Have 60,000 euros or more.


If you live with other people:

The rules are changing.

The substantial fortune is more:

When the basic security has to be sufficient for several people.

You can have 30,000 euros more in wealth

for each person.

Good to know:

Not counted:

  • your House:
    If you live in it
  • your automobile:
    If you use it yourself.


The rule only applies:

If you have little wealth.

You must write in the application:

How much wealth you have.

The rule only applies to permits:

Starting from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020.


you receive no basic security:

If you have a lot capital to have.

For example: you saved a lot of money.

You then have to use your own money first:

Before you get basic backup.

Usually because of the rent

You get too Money for rent and heating:

When you get basic security.


Now applies.

you receive as much money as you need for the appartment:

In which you live.

You need to don't move.

You get the money For 6 months.

The rule only applies to new applications

from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020.


you receive only paid for a reasonable apartment.

You may have to move:

Because her Apartment too expensive is.

Or you only get part of the rent.

The rules for basic security

People can get basic security:

When the people can work.

But people have not enough money to live on.


Being able to work means:

The people create 3 hours of work a day.

The basic security is not for people:

Who can't work.

For example:

  • Because they are sick.
  • Because they are disabled.
  • Because they are under 15 years of age or retired.


These people get other help.


But people have not enough money to live on.


Not enough money to live means:

People can do not pay for all the necessary things.

For example:

  • You don't have enough money to eat.
  • They don't have enough money for rent and heating.
  • You don't have enough money for clothes.


That's why people don't have enough money:


Although they can work.

  • The human work:
    But the people don't earn enough Money.
    For example, because of short-time work.
    Or because they have a part-time position.
    Or because their wages are not high.
  • People are unemployed.
    And people are looking for work.
    But people haven't found work yet.
  • People are self-employed.
    But the people don't earn enough
    with their own shop.
    Or with your own small business.

People get so much money

again Rule requirement is.

The law says:

An adult person alone needs every month

432 euros to live.

The standard language word for it is: The The standard requirement is 432 euros.

The Normal need for a child is

between 250 euros and 432 euros.

The rule requirement changes:

When people live together.

People also get help for

rent and heating:

When they get basic security.

The application for the basic security

You apply for the basic security at the job center.

We explain to you in simple language:

How the application works.

You click here:

How to apply for basic security


The grant period always begins

at the first day of the month.

You can no money to get

for the Month before your application.

For example:

You submit an application in May.

You cannot get any money for April then.

You can get money for May:

Even if the decision is later.


You will find a lot of information about the application in plain language

on the website:

Answers to questions about basic security


You can find many Information for the application

easily explained in the information booklet on the Internet:

"Simply explained - important terms in connection with basic security for jobseekers"