After my video interview, what happens next

Application: This is the best way to behave after the interview

You have received the invitation to the job interview. You have happily accepted it, prepared yourself comprehensively and answered questions from the HR managers. And now it's time to wait and see. Since the conversation you have been hoping for feedback every day and after a while you regret to discover that it has still not arrived.

We'll tell you what to do if you're not sure whether to ask about the state of affairs after your interview. You will also find helpful tips at the end of the article to get everything right in this situation.

Change your point of view

From the applicant's point of view, there is simply nothing more important than receiving much-awaited feedback as quickly as possible - especially if you noticed during the interview that you felt comfortable in the company from the very first second. Every day that no email arrives or no call arrives feels like forever. That is quite normal - but it is also important as a candidate not only to look at your own point of view.

Here it helps to put yourself in the shoes of your dream employer. On the one hand, the decision to offer someone a job is usually not one that you just make within two days. In most cases there is a large number of interested parties and the HR managers want to opt for the "perfect match". In addition, the Corona crisis has turned everyday work upside down and processes that may have taken a little longer before now take up even more time. So if you're feeling impatient and want to pick up the phone after a day, remember that most companies take the time they actually need to make a good decision.

"Relatively long application process up to the contract, but very pleasant atmosphere." - Applicant evaluation at posterXXL GmbH

Show interest during the conversation

As a rule, there is an opportunity to ask questions towards the end of the conversation. Here you can take the opportunity to ask when you can expect feedback and what the next steps in the process are. In this way, you again express your interest in the position and also show that you are ready in any case to take part in the further processes in the application process.

It is very important that you use the application interview to be fondly remembered. Of course, the HR managers should remember all applicants and provide feedback to everyone. However, if you have applied to a company where this is not a matter of course, it is all the more important that you are remembered by the impression that is gained of you and that you show the other person how motivated you are for the position is.

"I received feedback within 3 days after the interview." - Applicant evaluation at Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI)

Be patient

The greater the desire to get an acceptance, the more the impatience increases. After all, you want to know whether the big dream will come true and whether all the effort was worth it. Caution is advised here, because too much intrusiveness can easily lead to the decision-making process being negatively influenced and the HR managers to get the wrong picture of you. If you get in touch too early, it can easily happen that you encounter incomprehension on the part of the recruiters, because it is actually their turn.

However, after a certain period of time it is okay to ask how things are. This can be done through a friendly e-mail or a phone call. If you have not received any information about the time of the response, the rule of thumb applies that you will be contacted within three to six weeks - but this is only a guideline. If you decide to ask about the situation after a reasonable amount of time, there are some tips that must be observed. More on this in the next section.

"Long waiting time, but lasting positive impression." - Applicant evaluation at HiPP Group

Tips when contacting the company

1. Think back to the interview

Before you pick up the phone or think about the wording of the email, review the application interview again. Did the HR managers mention a time period in which they will be in touch? If so, then make sure to meet this deadline before contacting the company and even after this period has passed, it is advisable to allow another two to three days to pass. Then to contact you and ask when you can expect a decision is completely okay and certainly makes a good impression.

2. Refrain from allegations

Your big goal is a promise and you see yourself as a committed and popular employee of the company in the future. It therefore makes little sense to approach your potential colleagues with accusations and confrontations at the beginning, because that triggers a negative feeling in your counterpart. Therefore, always be polite. Even if the deadline has been over for a few days and you have had to wait a long time, ask friendly anyway.

3. Read kununu reviews

On there are not only employer reviews, but also a separate category with applicant reviews for each company. A good tip is to take a look around here first, if the HR managers haven't mentioned when you can expect feedback. Because here applicants tell about the experiences they were able to make in the course of the application in the company and it is often mentioned how long the companies need for feedback.