How many friends did Taylor Swift have

Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriends: There's Music in This Lover List!

This news went through the pop world like a clap of thunder: Just two weeks after the official separation from DJ Calvin Harris (32), Taylor Swift (26) has a new lover on the Angel - actor Tom Hiddleston (35, the Nordic god Loki in "Thor")!

► Apparently, musical successes and man hunting are closely interwoven with the pop doll.

TAYLOR'S BIGGEST HITS? Heartbreak and revenge songs like "Never ever" and "I Knew You Were Trouble" emerged from their many failed lightning relationships.

Taylor Swift currently has nearly as many broken hearts - nine - as career years and Grammys - ten each!

Her fortune amounts to an incredible $ 200 million, she owns real estate in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Massachusetts and Rhode Island (where she has snogged Tom Hiddleston), her own restaurant chain "Fat Swift Burger" and a vodka brand (" Pure Wonderswift ").

No wonder that Swinger-Swift has so far not been able to keep a man - their success, their celebrity and their charisma have already cast a curse on many a seasoned show greatt:

★ Joe Jonas (26) ★

Taylor turtled her music colleague ("Jonas Brothers") from July to October 2008. He broke up by phone - according to Swift, the conversation lasted only 27 seconds!

★ Adam Young (29) ★

Only the two know how serious it was between the "Owl City" singer and the then country chick. But their long-term flirt from 2009 to 2011 was serious enough to inspire both of them to create romantic songs for each other!

★ Taylor Lautner (24) ★

The relationship between Taylor Swift and the "Twilight" star only lasted from October to December 2009. Supposedly, it was Swift who broke up because she did not want to bond any closer. In her song "Back to December" she is said to have worked out her step. The song is about late regrets ...

★ John Mayer (38) ★

The cuddly singer tied up with his successful colleague in December 2009. After the Liebesaus in February 2010, he felt “humiliated” and treated unfairly. Why? Taylor settled accounts with him in her song "Dear John"! It says: "Now that you are gone, I can see it very clearly. Don't you think I was too young to be fooled? The girl in the dress cried all the way home. I should have known."

★ Cory Monteith († 31) ★

Neither the “Glee” actor nor the singer have ever confirmed their romance, but from March to June 2010 it should have crackled between the two. The love affair inspired Taylor to write her song "Mine". “It's about a guy I barely knew. He put his arm around me by the sea and suddenly I saw our relationship clearly, "Swift said loudly on" Yahoo ".

★ Jake Gyllenhaal (35) ★

In January 2011, Taylor Swift split from Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal - after just over two months. They even introduced their parents to each other! Your song "The Last Time" is about an unreliable guy who comes and goes when he wants. Allegedly this means Gyllenhaal ...

★ Harry Styles (22) ★

Three weeks of love at the end of 2012! Already on New Year's Eve vacation it banged so hard between the young and wild ones in the Caribbean that Taylor broke up and flew back home alone from the Virgin Islands on January 4th after only three days together.

★ Conor Kennedy (21) ★

Swift hooked up with Robert F. Kennedy's grandson from July to October 2012. In her song “Begin Again” she sings about a happy new beginning with another guy: “It's strange that you think I'm funny because he never thought it ...” But Conor Kennedy is said to be less of the four year older star in the end have been amused rather than intimidated. He felt pressured. And maybe Taylor Swift was a little too magically drawn to the iconic Kennedy name?

★ DJ Calvin Harris (32) ★

Taylor Swift had her longest and most stable relationship to date with the six-year-old musician. They were in a relationship for 15 months before the surprising separation followed at the beginning of June. At first, the couple had kept their love out of the limelight. This was followed by sweet relationship pictures on Instagram and, in April of this year, a public declaration of love from Swift to Harris when she thanked him for his love and support at an awards ceremony on stage.

But just a few weeks later, Taylor met Tom Hiddleston - and hit a new notch in her love pop post...

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