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*According to The worldService champion (Edition October 13, 2020 - special publisher publication) - we are "The best Book sender " of the year 2020 in Germany. The service experience value for book senders is currently 52.4%. The industry winner is deutsche-buchhandlung.de. You can find the current Service Champion Ranking here.


According toFOCUS (Edition 17/2020 - special publisher publication) we are one of the best online stores in Germany

Online bookstore | Industry winner "No. 1 in customer service experience - We are the best book mail order company of 2020 - Germany's largest service ranking

The year 2020/21 was again scientifically determined for Germany's largest service ranking who is the best book mailer of the year.

We were able to compete with deutsche-buchhandlung.de in an elaborate scientific analysis against well-known * competitors (* a warm greeting from the Service Champion 2020 to the many other good bookstores & Book sender in Germany) with an excellent Service Experience Score of 62.3%.
This year, 4053 companies in 384 different industries were rated by customers
best determined in the experienced service.

In view of the size and the numerous competition, the whole team in our online bookstore is of course pleased about this great award and confirms to our customers that we are one of the best addresses for books.

Of course, we would also like to thank our numerous customers who are obviously extremely satisfied with our service and who rated us accordingly.

For us, this great result is both a confirmation and an incentive to do everything we can to offer our customers a great buying experience with excellent service when buying books in our online bookstore in the future.

to buy books Make it an experience - We are your book shop with a large selection of books & eBooks and friendly customer service. We always have a full range of the best books, paperbacks and eBooks with more than 2 million articles ready for you. If you value quality and a large selection, then you have come to the right place at deutsche-buchhandlung.de. Buying books - it's easy with us: Our shop is designed so that you can find the literature you want with just a few clicks. In addition, our numerous book categories always offer current literature and literary classics as a source of inspiration for you. Of course we also offer you - always up to date (!) - all Spiegel bestseller lists of the various Spiegel bestseller categories and formats as an overview.

As an online bookstore, we are able to always offer the latest literature. As soon as a book title is available on the German market, the new publication will usually be available for purchase from us on the day of publication.

Books are among the most popular gifts with which we can give other people, but also ourselves, a lot of joy - not only for birthdays or Christmas.

Who can not remember the exciting bestsellers, novels, thrillers or books for children and young people that never got boring?

How often have we had lively discussions in our circle of friends about the intoxicatingly written biographies of well-known personalities? And who hasn't recommended or even passed on the current bestselling novel to friends?

An exciting book or e-book is always a very special experience - especially when you can calmly rummage through the various book categories while making your selection - so shopping can go on completely undisturbed.

A good book, whether a bestseller or an insider tip, reaches our senses and thoughts and stimulates our imagination. Non-fiction books are good advisors & sources for the diverse issues of our time. Textbooks and school books form the basis for our training and our profession.

This is one of the reasons why the “book” as a cultural asset is so important for everyone, whether young or a little older. Order your favorite books and audio books from us at any time of the day - we will deliver your reading to the desired address as quickly as possible!

Buy books with the greatest security - Deutsche-Buchhandlung.de is certified by Trusted Shop

We are certified by Trusted Shop and every purchase by our customers is covered by Trusted Shop buyer protection. This means that our customers can shop with us around the clock in complete safety. We are also a member of Fair Commerce, an initiative of the dealer association, which currently looks after over 80,000 online presences. This is how we ensure that our shop meets all legal requirements for consumers and data protection.

Bookstores are always a reliable source of current literature, bestsellers and book classics and are also an expression of zeitgeist and stability in a constantly changing society. Topics such as digitization, sustainability and business are also included in 2020, as are good novels, beautiful fiction books and popular children's books.

In addition to the range of books, it also depends on the book categories, book tips and book presentations that can give our customers inspiration and impulses. Who hasn't already thought, how do I find the right book as a gift and where can I find the right book tip?

Buying books online as an experience: An appealing offer always includes excellent service for our customers.Customer satisfactionis our top priority! Should a problem arise, we will do our utmost to find a satisfactory solution for you.

deutsche-buchhandlung.de - According to FOCUS 17/2020 (special publisher publication), we are one of the best online shops in Germany

Buy books at the best online shops in Germany - a study has now confirmed that deutsche-buchhandlung.de customers are particularly satisfied when they come to us Books to buy:

The best online shops were determined by DEUTSCHLAND TEST (a brand from Focus Money) for 2020 in a large study. Together with the Cologne-based consulting company ServiceValue, a representative survey was carried out on the basis of 750,000 consumer ratings for around 160 industries.

The detailed results "Best Online Shops in Germany" can be viewed on the ServiceValue website.

1869 online shops were examined on the basis of their customer satisfaction values. A minimum of 300 and a maximum of 1000 customer voices were obtained for each shop (in individual cases the visual sample size was also lower). The participants rated their customer experience of the previous 12 months with the respective provider. The question was: “How satisfied are you overall with the following online shops?”, The participants rated this question from (1) “enthusiastic” to (6) “not satisfied”.

We are very pleased that we are listed in the “TOP Online Shop” category in the “All test winners by industry” list with a great “Score” of 2.78 (news magazine FOCUS 17/2020 in a special publisher's publication). With this value, we are one of the TOP online shops in the book trade sector. Viewed across all industries as a whole, this value is a fantastic result and proves that the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

We would like to thank the whole team, our partners and everyone else involved for their extraordinary commitment and we are very happy about this great result.

Age-appropriate children's books to prepare for kindergarten or school

As school starts, children's books, which are very helpful in quenching the thirst for knowledge, become more and more important for a child. Children's books are then no longer simply entertaining entertainment with adventure stories; children's books are then a particularly effective and sustainable format for conveying valuable knowledge vividly in order to support good preparation for school.

The best-known explanatory and non-fiction books for children include the series: What is what? and why? Why? Why?. With these children's non-fiction books, a solid foundation for the first learning is laid. That is why we attach great importance to a large selection of beautiful, high-quality children's books.

Of course, we also have great books on offer for the slightly older children and adolescents:

Cult books by Jeff Kinney with his book series Gregs Tagebuch are of course also included, as for example the series "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls", under recommendations for young people, by Elena Favilli.

NEW: Buying school books made easy - just use our convenient school book search function to buy all the school books your children need for the start of school and / or for the next school class with just one order from us.


What advantages does the modern online book trade offer you besides buying books online?

Have you ever asked yourself, where can I get a certain book quickly without having to drive back into town? Buying books online offers you the great advantage that, regardless of business hours, weather and route, you can discover your book in the comfort of your own home - always comfortably and securely. And this completely independent of the time, always exactly at the time when you have the time and inclination for your individual book search. Or order the current edition of the exciting book series quickly. This is buying books online today: convenient, clear and completely stress-free.

In addition, a good bookshop has the advantage that you can use recommendations, Bestseller lists and book reviews can very easily obtain further impulses and opinions.

Who of us asks about the “shopping rush hour in a bookstore” on a Saturday and the other customers for their opinion or recommendation on a certain book title or book genre?

It can also happen that the book you are looking for is unfortunately currently out of stock and needs to be reordered. In such a situation, climate protection is unfortunately neglected.

In a well-stocked bookshop, of course, all of the main main categories are as follows and can be reached with just one click:

The main categories, e.g. in the books area, are sorted according to the following book subcategories:

Within the respective book areas there are in turn:

This book presentation method enables you to search for books in our online bookstore very easily. In addition, you will always find a detailed explanation in our main categories, where we summarize important data, facts and recommendations for you. We would be very pleased if we could make you a good offer with our range and our services, not only on the product and service side, but also informatively. If you have any comments or feedback for us, we look forward to receiving an email from you. A visit to our shop is always worthwhile for you, we are constantly expanding and updating our offers and constantly optimizing the product categories for you. We are your online bookstore with added value in terms of information and service.

Brand new! arrived at our place - always the latest literature and all novelties for you in the assortment - this is how ordering a book today

Every day we get new book titles in our online range for you to choose from and can always offer you the latest book titles from all genres. As soon as a book is published by the book publisher and author, it is already available to you at deutsche-buchhandlung.de and you can choose what you want Order book. In our internet bookstore you will always find the latest books, novelties of all genres. In addition, you can also pre-order your books from us, you will then very often receive your pre-ordered book delivered to your home on the day of publication and you can immediately start reading the literature you have ordered. Of course, you will always find the very latest book trends in our guide and non-fiction book area: health, yoga, sport, diet or