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A webinar is a seminar that takes place on the Internet. As a participant in a webinar, one does not consider a recording by a lecturer, such as can be found on video platforms such as YouTube. The webinar will be broadcast live and in real time over the Internet. It is possible to ask questions to the lecturer. With the help of a chat function, webinar participants can communicate with the lecturer of the live event at any time.

The presenter and participants meet at a fixed date in a so-called webinar room. Anyone who registers for a webinar via the afw Bad Harzburg website can participate. You can find topics and dates here.

Students in state-approved distance learning courses at afw do not make any additional payments. Webinar participation is included in the tuition fee. You simply request your voucher code via our website.

The registration process with a webinar voucher takes place on our website. After selecting your desired webinar, simply click on in the cart and then Checkout. Once you have registered, all you have to do is enter your voucher code. The webinar fee is then automatically set to € 0.00. You will then receive a confirmation and your access code for the webinar by email.

Danger: You can only register for one webinar per order with your voucher code. For example, if you want to attend several webinars on one day, you will have to repeat the registration process accordingly.

We use Adobe Connect as an event platform©. In addition to your device with a web browser, you need no other software. You can easily access the virtual seminar room via a link that you will receive by email and that will be activated shortly before the start of the webinar. You can hear sound through your loudspeakers or headphones (headset).

Basically no. You don't need a microphone or webcam. As a participant, you are automatically muted during the webinar. You can easily send your questions to the speaker via the Chat function put.

Our webinars start punctually at the specified time. The virtual conference room is open approx. 30 minutes before the start of the webinar. In most cases, the speakers give a presentation and explain it orally.

No, as a participant you basically take part in the webinar passively. Nobody can see or hear you. However, the lecturer can activate the language function for the participants. However, this must be activated individually by each participant, for example if they want to ask a question directly to the lecturer. The general rule is: As a participant you cannot do anything broken do something or start something randomly. So you can't wrong button to press. However, you have the option of answering your questions in the chat as a Text input to deliver. Your lecturer can then respond to your questions.

Direct communication between the speakers and participants is only possible if the speakers and participants have the language option unlock.

You have the option to write a question in the chat. Your speaker can then respond to your question.

Direct communication between the speaker and the participants is only possible if the speaker is and participants activate the language option.

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Testimonials / What our participants say.

    Well structured again and good practical tips for implementation.

    Very good inputs for practice!

    Good structure, very informative and motivating!

    High practical content, super understandable and helpful for your own implementation.

    Very good exchange and responsiveness to me as a participant.

    Very clear pronunciation, easy to understand and not too quick. I found the spider web particularly vivid and easy to remember.

    Despite the short duration, I found the webinar to be very clear. The essential information on the topic was conveyed and makes you want more.

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