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Tips: 25 useful things you can get for free on the Internet

  1. Tips: 25 useful things you can get for free on the Internet
  2. Business cards, stamps, pens, t-shirts, photo prints
  3. Movies, soup, lemonade, wine, magnets
  4. For health, special key rings
  5. Skin creams and pet foods
  6. Laundry detergent, sunscreen, tape and carrying bag

The web is full of free offers. And by that we don't mean Wikipedia and OpenOffice, but tangible things like video DVDs, T-shirts, business cards or lemonade that you get delivered to your home. And what's the catch? Nowhere! The majority of the free offers make up product samples. Sometimes more, sometimes less, small packs of products that you can buy in stores today or in the future. Whether deodorant, sunscreen, adhesive tape or soup powder - almost everything that is useful in everyday life is available as a product sample. The manufacturer will send you a sample of their product after you have told them who you are using an online questionnaire.

In this way, the manufacturer gets to know his (potential) customers and you can enjoy free articles. Most of the time, your name and contact details are sufficient to request a sample. Occasionally you need to answer a few additional questions, such as which competing products you are using. The manufacturer uses your data, among other things, to send you advertising. Some providers also reserve the right to pass on your data to other companies for the same purpose.

Just try it out

Even if product samples are not officially mentioned on a manufacturer's website, it can be worth asking for them. For example, some bargain hunters report in Internet forums about Haribo gold bears, Toblerone chocolate and tickets for various amusement parks that they would have received free of charge if they asked. Expensive products such as an iPod are of course not free for everyone. However, for everyone who opens a current account with comdirect via the website.

Please note!

Before you take advantage of a free offer, you should always weigh up whether it is worth disclosing the requested data. Note the shipping costs, which you have to pay yourself in exceptional cases. Even if we have only selected verified offers for this article, you should always read the conditions of participation yourself, because these can change quickly in the fast-moving Internet. Some free offers on the net are appetizers that should make you want more, then paid offers. Example VistaPrint: You can actually drive from the virtual courtyard with 250 free business cards. But if you decide on one of the extras offered at the same time, such as a special type of paper or faster delivery, then it costs money. Such offers are free as long as you can resist the extras.

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