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The job advertisements (Jobs) on LinkedIn are used more and more in German-speaking countries. I keep getting emails with detailed questions about how these can be used. So a little bit of information about what to consider and how to pay.

Top questions about job advertisements and advertise jobs on LinkedIn

Here are a few questions that keep coming up.

What does an advertisement cost?

For Germany? Currently € 219.99. However, other countries may differ (Austria and Switzerland cost the same, but China, for example, is cheaper). The price does not include sales tax, but it is also not charged.

Are there cheaper variants?

There is the possibility for student assistants and / or contract work to place advertisements at a discount. However, you should contact customer service to determine which criteria the ad must meet.

How do I pay for the ad?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal. Payment by direct debit, as is the case for memberships, is not possible for job advertisements.

Are there discount scales?

Yes, in addition to one, you can purchase five or ten ads in a package.

  • If there are five ads, each one costs EUR 174.99 per job ad
  • With ten advertisements, each one costs EUR 129.99 per job advertisement

These are valid for one year and do not need to be used immediately.

Does the ad have to run under my name?

No, you don't need to appear. You can also specify other companies as hiring companies (important for agencies).

What kind of profile do I need to set up?

You don't need a premium or even a recruiter account. Basic members can also post job advertisements.

Will the job ad appear on a company profile?

Yes, if you link the company correctly. Make sure to choose from the dropdown when selecting the company and do not enter it manually.

Can I just upload a PDF?

Not directly. But the job advertisements have a minimal editor from which text from Word and PDF can be copied. Simple formatting such as bold, lists and paragraphs are retained.

How do I post my ad?

Enough theory, in the following the screens that you go through when posting a job advertisement. You will find the option (in the new design) under Jobs, "Post job advertisement"

Then you have to provide the minimum information you need for a job advertisement:

After this information comes the actual detail page. You can

  • Provide further details
  • Stop redirecting (if you want the ad to go to a web page)
  • Decide whether you want to be seen as a hirer

Then comes a page where you can use additional sponsorship for the advertisement. A good investment in my experience. Any amount from a total budget of € 5 is possible. I myself use something around 2 € per click and 100 € total budget. But this can vary.

Finally, the information about the payment. After payment, you can view or print out the payments via Settings / Account / Transaction overview.