U.S. Army soldiers carry pistols

US soldiers are allowed into the exit with the weapon

A year ago, a man killed five soldiers at a Tennessee army center. Now the US Department of Defense is responding with new guidelines.

In the future, soldiers of the US armed forces should be allowed to carry weapons outside of military facilities in the United States more frequently than before. The Department of Defense in Washington announced new guidelines on Monday.

The new rules, which are a reaction to a fatal attack on soldiers in the US state of Tennessee a year ago, are intended to give commanders "more flexibility" in deciding whether their personnel can carry the service weapon outside of the bases, according to a Pentagon spokesman said.

So far, the soldiers have been prohibited from carrying weapons outside of their bases in the USA, with a few security-related exceptions.

Protected killed five soldiers

The new regulation goes back to the attack on July 16, 2015 in Chattanooga, when an apparently Islamist-motivated shooter shot five members of the army at a recruitment center. The US Congress had then asked the Department of Defense to relax the restrictions on carrying weapons.

The ministry is now complying with this request: the new rules should be drawn up “in a few months”, announced the spokesman. They are supposed to regulate the carrying of service weapons as well as of private weapons.

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