How do I upload podcasts to WordPress

Podcast hosting. Where do I upload a finished podcast?

At first I just saved my podcasts to an FTP directory on the server. That went well as long as the podcast has few hits, but with the success of the podcast my host put me at the door because I simply caused too much traffic. Since my own server was not an option for me, it was necessary to look for a podcast host. So I've tried different providers since 2011.

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Probably the best known service when it comes to hosting audio files. Above all, the easily integrated player ensures that many beginners have access to Soundcloud. Unfortunately, I have had massive problems in the past with the RSS feed that Soundcloud generated and that prevented the podcast from being displayed properly in the iTunes Store. Although there is now a podcaster product from Soundcloud, in my opinion, you can still tell that it is a B-product.



Libysn is a pure podcast hosting service and does its job quite well. It is also the host that I recommend to beginners, because everything is on board what you need. Hosting, RSS feed, fairly clear input masks, statistical material.



I actually came across the hoster via the WordPress plugin blubrry Powerpress. This also works without the provider's hosting and is probably one of the most widespread plugins among all those who are serious about podcasting. After my excursion to the podlove plugin, I switched to blubrry with the hosting. Of course, statistical material, RSS feed and Co. are also on board here. What a nice thing: there is a fair-use regulation, so you don't have to switch to the next higher product if you have uploaded a few MB too much data in the current month. This data volume is renewed every month.




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