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TESLA calls for NICKEL! This company is ready! Enormous occurrence confirmed! The best nickel stock on the market?

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It's still the calm before the storm! But the alarm bells are slowly ringing even among the carmakers, as they notice that more nickel is needed for their electric cars than the market allows.
  • According to experts, nickel demand will explode!
  • Car manufacturers are coming under more and more pressure!
  • Make a fortune with the right nickel stock!
Dear Readers,

It is already clear that the current global nickel production will not be sufficient to meet the increasing demand due to faster and more advanced electrification and e-mobility!

The market and investors are now also recognizing this bottleneck! The nickel price has already jumped to an 11-month high! If you are there in time, you can earn a fortune!

However, there are hardly any real quality stocks for investors, as most of the world's nickel supply comes from large corporations like BHP. There are hardly any pure-bred nickel stocks with potential, because the projects have to be big enough so that you can ultimately be considered for a takeover by one of the big players!

But if you look, you will find! We believe we have discovered one of the best stocks in this sector and the performance so far proves us right! And the current developments around the company confirm this once again! Read below why we think we've hit a real nickel jackpot!

The jump in the price of nickel is not a flash in the pan, but a fundamental one. In addition to the car manufacturers, demand from the stainless steel plants is increasing again due to the economic situation in China and the low US dollar.

The nickel price on the metal exchange in London has meanwhile climbed to around USD 15,815 per ton, which was the highest level since November 2019.

At the moment, it seems that strength is being gathered for the next upswing for a short time. Because at the moment the nickel price has leveled off at around 15,685 USD per ton. Well, the price of nickel also does that with The planned expansion of production in Indonesia is not working out as planned.

Morgan Stanley expects extreme nickel deficit

According to a Bloomberg report, Morgan Stanley analysts see major deficits in all battery raw materials in the next 10 years! The most dramatic, however, is the nickel deficit, according to the analysts!

Electric cars are a new and, above all, significant source of nickel demand that will explode exponentially over the next 5 to 10 years.

According to the experts, nickel demand will increase by 3% this year alone. It is also clear that the years of underinvestment in exploration and new mines are now striking the full broadside and are now responsible for the coming deficit! Many years pass before new mines are operational!

The BHP boss is also extremely 'bullish' for nickel:

"Demand will triple!"

Eddy Haegel, CEO of Nickel West at BHP, sees the beginning of a revolution that will change our world and materially increase the demand for nickel. Nickel is an outstanding winner from a decarbonising world!

In his opinion, it does not matter which metals or metal combinations are tested in lithium-ion batteries, since nickel has the highest energy density of all batteries, which will not change in the foreseeable future, nickel remains a coveted commodity!

“Nickel is THE 'workhorse' of the lithium-ion battery, which enables the electrification of cars and, later, of buses and trucks. We therefore expect that the demand for nickel in batteries will increase sharply by the mid to late 2020s at the latest. "

The 'central' view of BHP is that cumulative demand over the next 30 years will be 250% of demand over the last 30 years, or even 350% if the world reacts seriously to global warming. This extreme demand could result in nickel prices of up to USD 30 per pound. The price is currently trading at less than USD 7 per pound.

One company that we believe will be one of the biggest winners is this Canada Nickel Corp. (WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC). Because this company not only regularly delivers TOP NEWS like on the assembly line, but is most likely even sitting on the largest nickel find of the past decades!

Promise redeemed! MEGA resource estimate carved out!

We have written on several occasions that Canada Nickel will soon submit an upgrade to the resource estimate from its Crawford Nickel-Cobalt Sulphide Project. That it happened so quickly and that this estimate has such a high value, even we are extremely positively surprised!

The update of the mineral resource estimate, which is based on a total of 30,519 m of core drillings in 62 drill holes, illustrates unprecedentedly how quickly a company can reach milestones if the overall package consists of TOP management, a TOP property and a TOP exploration team.

Now we don't want to keep you tortured any longer, but let the awesome numbers speak for themselves!

MILESTONE: New Nickel Resource Exceeds All Expectations!

The resource estimate prepared by third party Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc. in accordance with CIM definition standards for mineral resources and reserves found the higher grade 'main' zone in the 'measured' category at 153 million tons averaging 0.32% nickel for 485,000 Increase tons of nickel by an incredible 162%! The total 'Measured and Indicated' resource increased 9% to 657 million tonnes at an average grade of 0.26% nickel for 1.7 million tonnes of nickel.

The 'inferred' resource was also increased by a mega-scale by 121%, which has now been reported at 646 million tons with an average of 0.24% nickel for 1.6 million tons of nickel. A new addition is a 50% increase in the slightly lower grade 'Main' zone with 433 million tons with an average of 0.23% nickel, PLUS an initial resource that in the 'East' zone with 213 million tons with an average of 0.24% nickel for 505,000 tons of nickel was calculated.

Canada Nickel thus owns one of the 10 largest nickel suphat projects in the world even in its early exploration stage!

Only 50% of the 'Crawford' structure was initially drilled!

The extent to which the structure still has potential is illustrated by the fact that, according to the company announcement, only around 50% of the 'Crawford' structure was initially drilled!

That means there is a lot more possible here !!! This is also supported by the fact that the 'Main' zone is definitely still open to the west and that the eastern zone with its 2.2 kilometers strike length has only been explored to a maximum of 60%! These are all signs that Canada Nickel is indeed sitting on a WORLD CLASS project!

A very satisfied Mark Selby, Chairman and CEO of Canada Nickel, acknowledged the results with the following words:

“This drilling phase did an excellent job and contributed to a significantly better definition and enlargement of the 'Main-Higher Grade' zone and significantly to an initial resource in the Eastern Zone! With a 162% increase in nickel content in the high quality 'measured' category within the high grade zone with a simultaneous 121% increase in total 'inferred' resources and a primary resource in the 'east' zone, the results are extremely strong!

These advances put us in an excellent position to carry out a Preliminary Economic Analysis (“PEA”), which could be completed by the end of the year. I am looking forward to the drilling results of the upcoming exploration work being carried out on several highly prospective nickel and PGM targets on our high-quality 'Crawford' project, as well as the completion of the remaining metallurgical and engineering tests for the 'PEA'. "

In addition, high-grade cobalt and PGM discoveries further enhance the project and thus also the company!

The project development continues seemingly unstoppable! As part of the latest drilling results, a new PGM cobalt discovery was made! By now it should also be clear that we at Canada Nickel's 'Crawford' project are not only talking about a world-class nickel project, but also about a huge PGM cobalt project with extremely high potential!

The first four drill holes intersected mineralized 'dunite' over a width of 800 m and along strike over 425 m in a 2.5 km by 400 m to 800 m wide geophysical anomaly extending approximately 850 m northwest of the 'Main' Zone is located.

Preliminary assay results from drill hole CR20-72 show high grade mineralization grading 0.31% nickel, 0.09% sulfur, 0.06 g / t PGM, 0.014% Co and 7.37% Fe over an incredible 21% stretch Since the drilling ended in the mineralization, a continuation of the veins and veins is actually inevitable! Further drilling results are still pending!

This is another exciting discovery on the Crawford Nickel Cobalt Sulphide Project with a geophysical footprint larger than the Main Zone. It is important to know that the drill holes have intersected mineralization that corresponds to that which also prevails on Crawford Main! This fact alone naturally makes the outstanding drilling results even more interesting!

Management team expanded by further luminaries!

Well-known mining pioneer with relevant experience on board!

As Canada Nickel announced on Tuesday, it was possible to secure another top-class member for the management team. The course for the future will be set with none other than Pierre-Philippe Dupont, who will act as the new Vice President with effect from November 1st.

And you absolutely have to know this new man!

Mr. Dupont has over fifteen years of experience and particular expertise in base metal mining projects. For almost ten years he held the role of Director for Sustainability at RNC Minerals, where he led the pioneering work leading to full approval of the large-scale 'Dumont' nickel project. With this project, he has set new standards due to the extensive consultation process.

Before joining RNC Minerals, he was instrumental in the licensing process for Canada's largest gold mine, Canadian Malartic, and the Canadian Royalties nickel mine.

The Malartic Mine laid the foundation stone for the fabulous rise of the Osisko Group, because the mine was sold for several billion to a joint venture of Agnico Eagle and Yamana Gold and is now Canada's largest surface mine!

In 2015, he was recognized as one of the 25 Most Promising Young Leaders in Quebec by leading business magazine Les Affaires. Prior to joining Canada Nickel, he was a director at Glencore's 'Horne Copper Smelter' mine, where he led the environmental, health, safety, corporate governance and community communications departments.

As a trained biologist, his first passion has always been the protection and conservation of aquatic biodiversity, which led him to a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences in Conservation Genetics from Laval University. And it is precisely this training that will significantly help Canada Nickel with its environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral nickel production!

Further development is accompanied by personnel!

"Since our 'Crawford' project is now moving rapidly towards development, we are also taking personnel steps to build a highly qualified management team with extensive experience in project financing and approval"said Mark Selby, Canada Nickel Chairman and CEO.

Pierre-Philippe has extensive experience in Canadian mining development, which is crucial if 'Crawford' is made ready for production in the next 24 months.

Investors throw the money on Canada Nickel! Financially well positioned, the next milestones must now be reached!

With the recently completed 13 million CAD financing, which was doubled due to the mega demand of 6.5 million CAD, the company is now well financed to aggressively advance its 'Crawford' project towards a 'profitability study'. A time slot has already been allocated for this as well. According to management, this important study should be presented in the coming year!

https: // / ...

Our conclusion: Invest in the greatest nickel discovery since the 1970s, made by an elite team!

Canada Nickel (NASDAQ: TSX-V: CNC) makes huge strides at all levels of the company! Due to the drilling program and the outstanding drilling results, further price-relevant top hits can or must be expected at any time.

It can also be expected at any time that a larger investor will join, which will also cause the share price to explode, as was the case recently with Maple Gold Mines!

Wouldn't it be conceivable that Tesla would call and ask for an exclusive contract? Because which company can meet the Tesla boss's demands for environmentally friendly nickel better than that Canada Nickel Corp. (WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC)whose nickel-cobalt sulfide project is at the heart of the productive Timmins-Cochrane mining industry.

Since this mining camp in Ontario can look back on more than 100 years of mining, there is even a good infrastructure in place.

With the new trademark 'NetZero' and the wholly-owned subsidiary NetZero Metals Inc., Canada Nickel has founded a company with the aim of producing carbon-free nickel, cobalt and iron on the 'Crawford' project!

As we now assume that Canada Nickel (NASDAQ: TSX-V: CNC) will probably make the largest nickel discovery in the world, we see the recent price correction as another very good buying opportunity. The flow of messages will not ebb for the foreseeable future, as the company still has too many files in the quiver to reach the next milestones as quickly as possible.

This breathtaking pace, which the company shows, should very soon be converted into sharply rising prices again! Anyone who has been with us since our first presentation is now sitting on high winnings! Congratulation!

If you take your stake or part of the winnings off the table, then you will be part of it "for free" in future. But don't give up any more than necessary, because this company has what it takes to make millionaires! Anyone who still has too little should use every weakness to get started. We believe that the share still has enormous potential! So be there and make a note of the story if Canada Nickel (NASDAQ: TSX-V: CNC) makes the greatest nickel discovery of modern times!

Best regards and maximum success with your investments!

Your JS Research Team

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