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Port of marriage

The port of marriage - or "entering the port of marriage" is the pictorial expression for that Arriving in the marriage community. The port serves as a Safety and tranquility symbol after the often stormy times of the search for love. In the past, security of financial supply from the wedding also played an important role, which is probably the real origin of the term.


The term Hagestolz refers to an older, unmarried man who is known as staunch bachelor lives and therefore does not want to get married at all. His Rejection of marriage and marriage is so persistent that he is considered incorrigible by others and is considered a nerd. The name is meanwhile outdated and is hardly used any more. The age at which a man became the pride of the hail varies between 25 and 60 years.


A husband is called a cuckold who betrayed by his wife by cheating on the woman. The term comes from a saying that "horns are put on" the husband. This in turn comes from the high medieval term "capon", ie the castrated rooster. Nowadays, the term is hardly known among the younger population or is no longer used. Instead, "cheating" is used instead of "making someone a cuckold".

hold hands

In public it is common to see couples but also good friends holding hands. For couples it symbolizes the Affection and love for one another, a kind of bond among friends. Holding hands also gives a person a sense of Security and security. In particular, it is a clear indication that two people are very close and want to face their lives together.

Hand kiss

Today the kiss on the hand is only preserved in a playful form.

A kiss on the hand is the completion of one Kiss on the hand of a counterpart. The kiss can be completed or consciously not completed. He is historically significant and is given as a token of love, respect or submission to a lady or dignitary. The kiss on the hand takes place in everyday life rarely these days Application and is seen more with a touch of humor.

Secret love

A secret love generally means a relationship that is exclusive in secret or may not take place in public. It is not uncommon for this to be a sexual relationship, i.e. an affair. The term secret love is not only used for a clandestine relationship, but also for one secret affection or turning used - of which the loved one knows nothing.

Marriage market

It used to be a marriage market as part of a Folk festival organized because the rural population was little and limited mobile. The aim was to enable people of marriageable age to get to know each other, from which a possible marriage could take place. Nowadays, partner searches and advertisements in daily newspapers are also referred to as marriage market. On the internet there is virtual marriage markets, the so-called single or partner exchanges.

Marriage fraud

A marriage swindler, often male, uses the marriage vows to obtain mostly financial advantages for himself. The intention is not to actually marry. The phase of marriage initiation is often characterized by being in love and the hope of finally finding the right partner. The leap of faith that is granted to the marriage impostor and can even turn into blind trust, becomes for the Defrauding the victim exploited.

marriage certificate

The marriage certificate is issued by the registry office. (Just click to enlarge)

In a marriage certificate, the Marriage of a couple documented. In addition to the names of the two spouses, it includes their birthdays and the place and time of the marriage. This certificate is issued by the locally responsible Registry office. The marriage certificate is valid if it has been signed by a registrar and provided with an official seal. An entry is then made in the municipality's marriage register.


The matchmaker helps people willing to marry to find a suitable partner with the aim of getting married. Such a closed marriage is as arranged marriage known. In traditionally living communities, the Family as a matchmaker. In more modern societies, partners and marriages can against payment are brought together by marriage agencies. Online dating sites are also often aimed at people willing to marry. The mediated marriage is in contrast to the forced marriage voluntary received.


Under inhibitions are various Actions or situations to understand the case of an involved partner Cause discomfort. These are things that one of the participants is very reluctant to do or does not want to do or does not want to discuss. Inhibitions can occur, for example, when aspects such as injuries or severe pain are part of an act of love. But there are also many other things that can make you feel uncomfortable, making a sexual act uncomfortable for at least one partner. The Inhibition threshold is different for each person. It is important to talk about any concerns that may exist before making love and to discuss them in detail. The things discussed should then be accepted by both partners. What you can do about shyness when dating can be found in our guide.


A heartbreaker, too Womanizer called, successfully woos a woman with the help of his charms, demeanor and flattery until she falls in love with him. However, a womanizer does no serious intentions towards a lasting relationship. Rather, he is only looking for a sex relationship, a love adventure or the like. With his behavior, the heartbreaker solves a preprogrammed woman in love Grief or heartache.

Lady of the heart

The lady of the heart has a special place in the heart of the admirer.

The lady of the heart is a woman who is from a person especially loved or valued becomes. The term is not related to a relationship, so singles can also have ladies of their hearts and adore their loved one in the form of a secret admirer. It is important that the beloved woman has a special place in the heart of the person who wants to win the lady of the heart for herself, or who has already won her for herself.


Lovers of love often feel their hearts poundingwhen they meet the loved one. From a medical point of view, falling in love puts the body on a state of alert. This situation leads to the release of various messenger substances such as adrenaline. The stress hormone adrenaline causes, among other things, an accelerated heartbeat, which is perceived by a lover from a certain frequency. This fast heartbeat In the state of being in love it is commonly referred to as palpitations.

heart pain

In colloquial usage, the word heartache is in many cases synonymous with prevailing, not the effects of a heart diseaseLovesicknessused. This is a feeling that can sometimes have drastic effects. The grief can be so severe that it causes both mental and physical illness. In a number of novels and also in countless films, heartbreak is the main theme. The heartache is not infrequently the result of a broken relationship. But infidelity and jealousy can also trigger this feeling. Furthermore, the unrequited love, say the negative behavior of another person, trigger severe heartache.

Heavenly Wedding

The sky wedding is a name for an anniversary of the wedding celebration. The most common is the name for the 100th anniversary, but also for the 64. it is used. The term comes from the assumption that a marriage that has existed for so long will continue to exist in heaven. The longest ever marriage recorded in the Guinness Book of Records lasted nearly 87 years.


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The wedding denotes that formal start of a marriage or a registered partnership. This act of marriage can be carried out and communicated in various forms and through numerous customs. Traditionally, this process is used for Legitimizing the relationship between men and women and ensures the legality and social recognition of any children. In many cultures, a wedding is a prerequisite for establishing sexual relationships.

Wedding proposal

A wedding proposal is the question of all questions. Traditionally, the man asks for the hand of his loved one. Nowadays, however, it is absolutely legitimate for the woman to take the initiative and propose a wedding to her partner. The whole thing becomes romantic with balloons, red roses or candlelight. After the application, the two are engaged and now the planning of the wedding is imminent.

Wedding custom

The wedding custom denotes one traditionrelated to marriage and marriage. Wedding customs also differ in the different countries. Which traditions are practiced is usually based on the rooted culture. Nevertheless, there are some customs that are applied internationally beyond the individual - mostly Christian - cultural groups. For example, the wedding dress, a hen party, the wedding cake or the bridal veil are part of almost every wedding.

wedding party

As a wedding celebration, the Celebration on the occasion of the wedding or marriage ceremony or marriage of a couple. Depending on the culture, the celebration can last for a shorter or longer period up to several days. She often will accompanied by numerous rites, ceremonies and customs. A typical national custom, for example, is the hen party. The exchange of material or immaterial wedding gifts is also often part of the wedding celebration.

Wedding poems

Wedding poems have the wedding or love as their theme and are recited on the occasion of the marriage. In a Wedding speech included, they give the speech a poetic effect. you are Declarations of lovethat are supposed to express feelings and convey wishes. The verses of the wedding poems give the solemn wedding a special shine. They can be contemplative, funny or romantic and should always be remembered by the couple.

Wedding present

Often the bride and groom explicitly want something for the wedding. (Just click to enlarge)

The wedding gift will be given to the couple after the wedding ceremony at the wedding reception. Often this is Objectsthat are still missing in the later common household and therefore from the bride and groom over one Wedding table themselves were desired. Today, however, more personal and humorous gifts such as photo albums or sex toys are increasingly being given away. But often only Money gifts expected by the bride and groom.

Wedding congratulations

In the case of a wedding or marriage ceremony, the following happens in the course of the ceremony the guests present congratulate the bride and groom. These wedding congratulations can take different forms. For example, congratulations in the form of performed poems, short speeches or simple cards are possible. Since the personal relationship between the well-wisher and the bride and groom becomes clear, these are congratulations mostly very personal and emotional held.


The wedding night is, as the name suggests, the first nightthat a newlywed couple spends together. If Catholicism is strictly interpreted, this is the point in time when the spouses interact sexually with one another for the first time. In the Middle Ages, the wedding night, the "Ius primae noctis", was often reserved for the rulers, who were allowed to have sex with the bride before the husband.

Wedding speech

Wedding speeches are mainly dated at wedding celebrations Father of the bride, but also from Groomsmen and other relatives of the bride and groom. However, the speech of the bride's father has a particularly high priority, as he symbolically hands his daughter over to the groom in the speech. So this speech is positively expected and almost mandatory. The wedding speech is usually no more than five minutes held.


The term honeymoon refers to the vacation that a newlywed couple can take after the wedding spends with each other. It does not matter whether it is a civil or a church wedding. As a rule, this trip takes place in pairs, i.e. without children or friends. Not infrequently honeymoons are also considered honeymoon designated. Meanwhile, various travel providers are waiting with special offers for the honeymoon.

Wedding shoes

The color of the bridal shoes should match the dress. (Just click to enlarge)

They are called wedding shoes Bride's footwear on the day of her wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the wedding shoes are sometimes of greater importance, as they contribute significantly to the success of the wedding celebration by giving the bride some pleasant wedding dances without pain on the feet. In Europe, the shoes are usually white to match the wedding dress, but they can have a number of colors and shapes.

Wedding Soup

The wedding soup is one regional tradition, with which the bridal couple opens the actual wedding celebration after the wedding and which represents the start of the wedding menu. The tradition is mostly found in Northern Germany and Southern Germany. The wedding soup can contain different components, but it is always one clear soupwhich, due to the long preparation time, is usually cooked the day before the wedding.

wedding day

The wedding day is that annually recurring dayon which a couple was married. As a rule, couples celebrate this day in one way or another. Depending on the duration of a marriage, there are certain names for the wedding day. Well known here is, for example Golden weddingthat for 50th anniversary the marriage is celebrated or the Silver wedding, the after 25 years Marriage exists.

Wedding dance

The wedding dance is the bride and groom's first dance together after the marriage. The tradition of the dance is traced back to Greek mythology and is supposed to show that the couple now belong together and are "one". Today he is considered Opening dance for the following wedding party. The classic wedding dance was the for a long time waltz, but it is now often replaced by more individual music requests and dances of the couple.

Wedding doves

Releasing wedding doves is a popular custom after the wedding ceremony. The white pigeons stand in almost all cultures as Symbol of love, loyalty and fertility and have a meaning especially in the Christian area as a representation of the Holy Spirit. During a wedding, the bride and groom often let a pair of doves fly out of an open basket to symbolize the loyalty of the connection.

wedding cake

Traditionally, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake together.

The wedding cake is one of the culinary highlights any traditional wedding reception. It is mostly a question of one multi-tiered, richly decorated and lovingly designed cakewhich will be served as part of the kitchen buffet at the wedding reception. The wedding cake usually has characteristic decorations such as hearts or love symbols, which are supposed to bring happiness to the married couple. Often it is shared by the wedding partners at the beginning of the kitchen buffet Hand in hand cut.

Wedding newspaper

A wedding newspaper will compiled by the friends of a newlywedsto remember the time the bride and groom spent together. It contains sayings, verses, photos, advice, games and the like that are dedicated to the future couple. The style is mostly humorous and cheeky. The wedding newspaper can be purchased by the guests at the wedding reception and is used for Entertainment and memory to the bride and groom.

wooden wedding

A wooden wedding is called in the south the fifth wedding anniversary, in the north the tenth. According to the custom one can then "knock on wood" and wish their marriage a happy future. In some areas, the garden is decorated with wreaths made from wood shavings and adorned with wooden objects. The couple do the wedding dance in wooden shoes. All are suitable as a stylish gift Kitchen utensils made of wood, such as a pasta roll, bread board or soup spoon.


In a partnership, a partner can be in a temporary or permanent state of affairs total dependence advised, which is referred to as bondage. This condition can turn into a psychological or sexual addiction express. In doing so, the submissive partner submits to the will of the other, even if his dignity and rights are violated. If he renounces his sexual self-determination, his subservient behavior can easily be mistaken for masochism. The causes of sexual bondage are mostly in early childhood. Psychotherapy can help if the suffering is severe. In a partnership, however, it can also become one mutual dependency come, where the partners can hardly separate from each other. If both partners want to free themselves from the dependency relationship, one is recommended Couples therapy.


Are hormones body's own messenger substancesthat fulfill a wide variety of functions in the human body. Among the most important hormones are those Sex hormones that affect our appearance as well as our sexual orientation and libido. The male sex hormone testosterone is essentially responsible for the development of the primary and secondary male sexual organs as well as the physique and sexual desire. The most important female sex hormone, on the other hand, is that estrogen, which is primarily responsible for the female cycle and the associated body processes. Female estrogen production ceases after menopause. Both sex hormones are found in both male and female bodies, albeit in different amounts.