How should I start a food blog

Nice that you found this page! At “Baking Makes Happy”, Jan, I am primarily responsible for the technology, while my wife Kathrin is responsible for the content. Let me guess:

  • You love to cook or bake.
  • And you like to read food blogs.
  • You have probably created favorites for your favorite blogs;
  • You have great recipes that you think other chefs or bakers will love.
  • And maybe your friends have already asked you why you don't have your own food blog.

So you want to start a food blog?

If you're not sure yet, maybe our top reasons why we blog inspire you?

Don't wait - today is the day you can become a food blogger and start your own blog!

Take 15 minutes. On this page I would like to show you in a few steps how you can create a great food blog with comparatively little effort. And faster than you think you are part of an exciting adventure!

The three steps to your own food blog

There are three more steps separating you from your food blog:

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  1. You need a (domain) name
  2. You need a website hoster
  3. You need a layout

Let's get started!

Domain name

The first step is exciting: What should the address (read: domain) of your new blog be called under which the food blog can be found on the Internet? Our domain is - who would have thought it -

Think about what suits you. Are you a passionate baker or an enthusiastic cook? There are countless tips on the Internet about what to consider when setting up a domain. From my point of view there are three things to consider:

  • Easily noticeable: be able to remember the domain: Therefore the name should not be too long - short and concise is King! If you stay below 20 characters, that's good.
  • Easily accessible: be able to call up the domain: it is possible to book domain names with special characters such as umlauts, but I would not recommend that - at the latest if a reader wants to call up your site with an American keyboard, good advice is expensive 😉
  • Suitable for search engines: do you have a specific topic that you want to focus on? Then try to fit it into your domain name. contains, for example, "bake". That makes it (so far) easier to be found under the search term “bake”.

So now you have some good ideas. Now you should test whether the domain is also available (which unfortunately is often not the case ...). Open the Hosteurope Domaincheck to check whether your desired domain still exists:

To the HostEurope Domain Check

click on the button and check with HostEurope whether your desired domain is still available

Website hoster and software

Now all you need is a place on the Internet where you can save your blog (texts, images, possibly videos) - a so-called web host. He also operates the blog software "Wordpress" with which you manage your blog (there are now some alternatives such as Wix. However, these are more suitable for static websites and cannot hold a candle to WordPress in terms of control and flexibility)

Back to hosting: our blog has been on since January 2014 Host Europe At home. Before that we had our own server (definitely NOTHING for beginners) long nights, worries and headaches included. After more than 10 years of experience with various hosters, I can say that Host Europe is the best web host for us so far. Extremely fast, very good price-performance ratio, and (from my point of view most important) world-class support that is well above average and has helped us quickly and competently - if necessary, even 40 minutes on the phone.

HostEurope even offers a special “WordPress hosting” for WordPress users, where you don't have to worry about the technology.

If that sounds good to you, I have another surprise - HostEurope is offering readers of a € 25 voucher to start with. All you have to do is click the button below and use it to make your booking.

25 € free for users

Together with HostEurope we can offer a € 25 voucher for. Click the button to view the offer.

After you have decided on a package + domain, log in to the customer area, select "Administration" => Your package => "Configure" => "Scripts" => "Web Applications", and select from the list WordPress out. Follow the installation instructions. And you're done.


If you've made it this far, I congratulate you - you have now officially opened your food blog. Jippiee !! How does that feel? Welcome to the blogosphere! Now only a few minutes separate you from publishing your best apple pie recipe. But before you jump into the kitchen to start baking ;-), there is one small but very important point to regulate - the look of your blog.

The appearance of your blog is completely controlled by its layout (in WordPress this is called a “template” or “theme”). There are apparently millions of ready-made templates that you can use - again from the standard template supplied (free of charge) to so-called "premium themes" that are subject to a fee and even templates programmed especially for you.

Where can I get a good WordPress theme?

There are really extensive themes, like Scalia, but they are usually too complex for bloggers. Depending on the topic of your blog, there are also specialized themes. Since we are on a food page here, I will show you a few providers that we have used, are currently using, or have looked at for other projects.

Our template is from BluChic. We love it! It's easy to customize, looks good, and you get great support! You can tell that the developers Katie & Andrew put a lot of effort into it. Take a look at the other templates. All templates receive regular updates and cost 79 USD (about 60 EUR), which will be paid via PayPal.

Click here for BluChic

Genesis by Studiopress
Genesis is not just a template, but a template and extension of WordPress. It is used by a wide variety of professional bloggers in United States. Genesis templates are optimized for search engines, support the latest technology and are very secure. We particularly recommend the “Foodie Pro” theme package, one of the best starter packages for food bloggers.

This way to Genesis by Studiopress

After you've chosen and installed your theme, you're done and you're good to go!

I wish you every success with blogging, if you have any questions, please write to us.