Which is the best AdSense alternative

The best Google AdSense alternatives

In principle, every website operator can make his page available for the placement of advertisements. So that the provided advertising space is appropriately remunerated, you need a digitally measurable size. It has CPC (= “Cost per click”) established as a common billing model, especially since the tracking of clicks on websites is very easy to set up. The publisher, i.e. the website operator, receives one for each click on the advertising material that is integrated on his site commission from the advertiser.

The costs for a click are completely different and depend on many variables. For advertisers, among others, the Quality of the pageon which the advertisement appears, and most importantly their range. The type of advertising material is also decisive, as is its placement on the website. For publishers, in addition to the quality and reach of their own website, the CTR (= "Click-through rate") an important factor for how high the remuneration is set. In addition, the relevance of your own content for the advertisements offered plays a role. The level of the CPC is determined by both the publisher and the advertiser.

In contrast to classic affiliate marketing, with CPC models only the click on the advertising material counts, regardless of whether the user orders. Some providers also count on it CPM (Thousand contact prices), it's all about the Ad impressions. More and more often, however, large programs are switching from click or CPM remuneration to percentage commission in the case of an actual purchase. The publisher is only remunerated if the advertiser also generates sales through the advertisement, e.g. B. with 10 percent of the total shopping cart.