What are the best colleges in Mumbai

Study in Mumbai

Similar to Hamburg, Mumbai is not just an economic and trading center: the Indian metropolis is also a metropolis of knowledge. With over 80 universities and research institutions, students and academics in Mumbai find a wide range of educational and research opportunities that cover all areas of interest. With the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT) one of the best universities in South Asia is located in Mumbai. In addition to various technical and business universities, there are also numerous well-known film schools as well as marketing and management institutes in the mega-metropolis.

In addition to the large number of young Indian students from all walks of life, the proportion of foreign students is also rising steadily - including many Germans. In addition to the traditionally popular courses such as computer science and engineering, social, political and economic sciences are also becoming increasingly popular. At all major universities, most courses are taught in English, which makes it easier for foreign students to enter Indian university life.

An academic exchange or an entire course of study in India is a formative and enriching experience both culturally and personally as well as intellectually. If you are interested in studying in Mumbai or India in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you on university selection, registration, looking for accommodation and all other important matters relating to your academic stay in India and are at your side with words and deeds.

You can find one here List of the largest universities in Mumbai:

  • University of Mumbai
    The University of Mumbai was founded under British rule in 1857 and has been the largest general academic and public university ever since. Bachelor, master and doctoral programs can be completed. There are a total of six faculties covering all academic disciplines.
  • Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
    The IIT is India's most prestigious technical university; Its graduates have an outstanding technical understanding, even in a worldwide comparison. The study places are hotly contested, so foreign students have to go through the same admission requirements and processes as all other applicants.
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
    The NMIMS is a state-recognized university with headquarters in Mumbai and subsidiary locations in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Students can only apply for MBA and doctoral programs here. Due to the close cooperation with prestigious universities abroad (e.g. University of Warwick) and a newly opened research center for mechanical engineering, the NMIMS is a good choice for students aiming for a career in technical management.
  • Tata Institute of Social Science
    The Tata Institute for Social Sciences is, as the name suggests, a university sponsored by the industrial giant Tata. There are study programs at all three academic levels - Bachelor, Master, Doctor -, spread over 10 different faculties in the social science area. The institute cooperates with a large number of universities in the USA, Europe and Australia.

If you have specific questions about studying in Mumbai, please contact the respective universities.


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