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Tips for beautiful cities in Germany

What are the beautiful cities of Germany? Which city has the most exciting history, historical buildings or popular attractions? There is no shortage of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Berlin, Cologne or Dresden.

Germany really offers numerous beautiful cities that you can explore on a weekend or short trip without a long journey.

We have listed our favorites. The list of the most beautiful cities in Germany is not complete, as we have not yet visited all of them ourselves. That is why this list is added to from time to time.

Have fun exploring!

Note: On our list we only have Big cities With more than 100,000 inhabitants considered. You can see the list on Wikipedia. It contains 81 large cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. There will be a separate list for the most beautiful small cities in Germany (5,000 - 20,000 inhabitants).

Have fun with our list of the most beautiful cities in Germany!

Do you have any tips on which city we should visit next? Leave us a comment at the end and tell us the highlights and sights. Maybe also your insider tips for the best cafés, restaurants or an old town that we should visit!


The most beautiful city in Germany? The people of Munich are particularly proud of their homeland. We only learned to love Munich on our 2nd or 3rd visit.

Chill comfortably on the Isar, sit in one of the many cafés or enjoy the Bavarian beer in one of the many breweries. Everyone has their favorite. The best way to explore the city is by bike.

Under no circumstances should you miss in Munich:

  • Surfer on the Eisbachwelle in the English Garden
  • Culinary stroll through the Viktualienmarkt
  • Beer garden visit
  • Glockenspiel in the New Town Hall on Marienplatz (near the Old Town Hall)

Population: 1.472 million (2019)


Heidelberg is that University city in Baden-Wurttemberg. That's why I always enjoy going to the bars in the old town or the Neckar meadows on road. I love the view from the Philosophers' Way on the Neckar, the castle and the old town. If you want to go all the way up, you have to climb the Heiligenberg on the sunny side to the Thingstätte and to the other, past the castle, over the sky ladder with 1200 steps!

In Heidelberg you definitely shouldn't miss:

  • Hiking on the Philosopher's Path
  • The old town, one of the most beautiful old towns in Germany
  • Chill out on the Neckarwiesen in summer
  • Visit the castle during the day, marvel at the Heidelberg castle lighting in the evening

Population: 160,355 (2019)

Here I have written down everything that you cannot miss in Heidelberg


Hamburg has to love. The city on the Elbe with the Alster and fish market. In all surveys, Hamburg is one of the most livable and popular cities in Germany.

In addition to the above-mentioned locations, the highlights include the Speicherstadt (Unesco World Heritage Site), Elbphilharmonie and HafenCity as well as the Reeperbahn. Hamburg also has a wide range of culinary options. You can find more about this in the Hamburg Food Guide.

For Hannah, Hamburg would probably have ended up on number 1. Not for me because I simply like the warmer weather in southern Germany more.

Under no circumstances should you miss in Hamburg:

  • Going to the fish market early in the morning after a good night's sleep
  • Miniature wonderland - ideal in bad weather and not worth seeing for children
  • Eating fish sandwiches in the harbor

Population: 1.822 million (2019)


The great historical buildings in Dresden make the city one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The rebuilt Dresden Frauenkirche, the Semperoper and the Zwinger are definitely worth a visit. Hardly any other city (apart from Berlin) has such a moving history.

Under no circumstances should you miss in Dresden:

  • Visiting the new town and old town, a wonderful contrast program
  • Art and architecture in the Kunsthofpassage (Görlitzer Straße)
  • Sights: Frauenkirche. Zwinger, Residenzschloss and Semperoper

Population: 563,011 (2019)


The Hanseatic city of Lübeck is the largest city in Schleswig-Holstein. Lübeck has one of the most beautiful medieval old towns. It's so compact that you can easily explore it on foot. Do you know “Die Buddenbrooks” by Thomas Mann? The Nobel Prize winner comes from Lübeck and also had his novel set here.

Under no circumstances should you miss in Lübeck:

  • Holsten Gate, symbol of Lübeck
  • Small shopping street Hüxstraße with many small shops and bars for browsing, eating and drinking
  • The view from the St. Petri Church

Population: 217,198 (2018)


Freiburg, the city in Germany with the most hours of sunshine. Did you know that? The green city of Baden is all rolled into one. Somehow rural and somehow hip. Not too big and just cozy.

Especially the small streams that flow through the old town are typical of the region.

Under no circumstances should you miss these tips in Freiburg:

  • The Freiburg Minster and the Münsterplatz
  • Freiburg's "local mountain": Schauinsland. Leave the city and take the gondola upstairs.
  • Archaeological Museum Colombischlössle

Population: 230,241 (2018)


Frankfurt is ugly and only has bankers and snobbies? That is the impression of many visitors. But you just have to know where to go. Because Frankfurt has really nice corners. Especially the newly renovated streets of the old town around the Römer and the town hall are really worth seeing!

Soon we will reveal our best tips for Frankfurt in detail, then maybe the city will soon be your travel destination?

Under no circumstances should you miss these tips in Frankfurt:

  • Newly renovated and newly built historic old town around the Römer and the town hall
  • Bridge at the ECB - perfect skyline view
  • A must when visiting: Meral's kebab boat on the banks of the Main
  • Feast in the Kleinmarkthalle

1 day Frankfurt am Main? You can't miss these places and attractions


Many people suspect the city further up, correct? We love the German capital and the most populous city in Germany. I am in several times a year Berlinto visit friends and new cultural highlights. Because you will find these in abundance in Berlin.

In addition to the well-known historical sights such as the Bundestag, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie or the Jewish Museum, there is so much more that you have to visit. The most exciting of all German cities.

You definitely shouldn't miss these places in Berlin:

  • By bike along the Spree. Alternatively, a boat trip on the Spree
  • Experience hidden bunkers on a bunker tour underground. Super exciting!
  • Street Art in Berlin. Best to explore with a local

Population: 3.769 million (2019)


Trier is the oldest city in Germany. Did you know that? Founded 16 BC By the Romans under the name "Augusta Treverorum". There is hardly any other city where you will find so many buildings from Roman times. There are no fewer than nine UNESCO World Heritage buildings in Trier.

Under no circumstances should you miss these sights in Trier:

  • Porta Nigra, symbol of the city and at least a name for every German
  • Thu in Trier: St. Petrus, oldest bishop's church in Germany

Population: 111,138 (2019)


Potsdam is right next to Berlin. Nevertheless, the city is often forgotten by the younger generation. The city is best known for the Sanssouci Palace and the Potsdam Film Museum.

Under no circumstances should you miss these sights in Potsdam:

  • Visit to the Sanssouci Palace
  • Filmpark Babelsberg Tour
  • Walk on the holy lake

Population: 178,089 (2019)


Even if Cologne looks a little shabby in many corners. The city is a must. Old town, Cologne Cathedral, Rhine promenade with banks and many beautiful museums.

Do you love carnival Even then, a visit to Cologne is a must. We avoid the cathedral city at this time of the year. Hannah has fled regularly during her many years in Cologne.

Under no circumstances should you miss these sights in Cologne:

  • Enjoy the view from the top of Cologne Cathedral
  • Cologne old town and the banks of the Rhine
  • Breweries for Kölsch beer

Population: 1.032 million (2019)


Leipzig has to be counted as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany without hesitation. The Saxon city is the ideal travel destination to experience a mixture of historical sights, old streets and a hipster scene. The "new" Berlin, as Leipzig has been called for 2-3 years, is still so completely different.

In Leipzig you shouldn't miss these sights:

  • Visit the Monument to the Battle of the Nations
  • Leipzig cotton spinning mill, art scene and the "New Leipzig School"
  • Take a guided tour in the Waldstrasse district. Stately Wilhelminian style houses and beautiful alleys

Population: 178,089 (2019)


One of the most beautiful, neglected cities in Germany is the Hanseatic city of Bremen. The city has really great places and neighborhoods. In Bremen everything is cozy and never seems crowded or overcrowded.

Under no circumstances should you miss these sights in Bremen:

  • Historic part of the city center: Schnoor, also known as Schnoorviertel. Here you will also find the Bremen Town Musicians
  • Loriot's bulbous nose man on Loriot Square
  • The beautiful town hall on the market square

Population: 682,986 (2019)


Münster is known as a bicycle city and student city. That's why I like it so much here. The sights are not as well known as those of other cities. Sometimes that's a good thing. Just let yourself go.

Under no circumstances should you miss these sights in Münster:

  • The most beautiful park in Germany: Aaseepark, nearby the Mühlenhof open-air museum
  • Kreuzviertel with its Art Nouveau villas
  • Prinzipalmarkt and the oldest street in Münster

Population: 178,089 (2019)


Last but not least, my homeland and the underrated city of Heilbronn is on the list of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Heilbronn is surrounded by vineyards and the Neckar. The city has so many beautiful places to offer that I would like to recommend a visit to you.

Under no circumstances should you miss these sights in Heilbronn:

  • The Experimenta
  • Visit a “broom tavern”. Economy of the winemakers who pour wine and serve food once a Monday for a certain period of time. It couldn't be more rustic.
  • A bike tour through the vineyards or along the Neckar
  • City tour "quarter past six"

Population: 178,089 (2019)

FAQ about the most beautiful cities in Germany

We keep receiving messages with questions and tips. Why is our city (Görlitz, Wismar, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Erfurt, Bamberg, Nuremberg, ...) not included?

Short answer: Because we haven't been there yet or have not been there for a long time. Or the city has less than 100,000 inhabitants. Our ranking list for the beautiful cities in Germany with less than 100,000 inhabitants will follow soon. Then Weimar, Rothenburg, Bamberg and Co. are sure to be there too!

We have listed and answered further questions here:

Which are the top 10 S.cities inGermany for quality of life?

1. Munich
2. Achieve
3. Stuttgart
4. Ingolstadt
5. Frankfurt am Main
6. Regensburg
7. Wolfsburg
8. Ulm
9. Hamburg
10. Wurzburg

What do you think is the most beautiful city in Germany?

Tell us your travel destination with tips for the most beautiful places and tips on what we absolutely have to visit there. We look forward to your best ideas.

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