Who is bigger The Beatles or BTS

Music history repeats itself - this is where BTS become the Beatles

The guys from BTS are often compared to the Beatles. Now they have made an appearance on the "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert that takes the comparison to the next level!

The band and showmakers designed the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York to look like the Beatles' TV debut in 1964 - and the members of BTS also looked like the "Fab Four" back then.

Music history repeats itself:

Colbert announced BTS with the following words:

"You may have heard that there is a new global musical madness. These guys are really a thing. They are called BTS and people are so excited it can only be called BTS mania."

And further:

"These guys come from the other side of the pond. The big one. The one with Hawaii in the middle. They are a really great group of young people, you could even call them the 'Fab Seven'. That sounds nice."

To add to the nostalgia factor, Colbert dressed just like Ed Sullivan once did for the Beatles.

The idea for the gig came about because of the venue and the frequent comparisons between BTS and the Beatles. In that year alone, BTS had three No. 1 albums in eleven months - an achievement that has not reached a star since the Beatles' 1995 release of Anthologies 1, 2 and 3.


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Military service for the boys from BTS - that's what the K-Pop stars think about it

The guys in the K-Pop boy band not only have an A.R.M.Y themselves - that's the name of their official fan club - but they could also soon have to join the military themselves. The guys talked about it in an interview with "CBS".

The A.R.M.Y. in any case, BTS has firmly behind it. Because: Since it became known that the boys were threatened with military service, they have started several petitions (like this one).

And in five years at the latest we will also know whether that helped, or ...

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