How turtles snap like pets

European pond turtle: fact sheet

The European pond turtle is the only species of turtle that is exotic among our native reptiles. Even when it comes to age, no one is so quick to fool her.

Some animals can have up to 100 years on their armored humps! Nevertheless, the European pond turtle is rarely found here and is on the "Red List" of animals threatened with extinction. Therefore it is under strict protection in Germany.

General information about the European pond turtle

The European pond turtle came as early as the Middle Ages (Emys orbicularis) in Germany, today she only lives in Brandenburg.

As a warmth-loving reptile, the European pond turtle likes to let the sun shine on its back for hours. Nevertheless, they are extremely rarely seen: as soon as the turtle feels disturbed, it dives.

height and weight

The shell of the turtle measures up to 23 centimeters. Adult animals weigh a little more than a kilogram.

What does this species of turtle eat?

The animals snap at aquatic insects and snails, worms, fish, tadpoles and carrion. Because they can only swallow underwater, they never eat on land.

Offspring and reproduction

The female buries around ten to 20 eggs in a sunny spot from the end of May, and the young hatch around three months later.