Darth Vader hated Kaiser Palpatine

Why is Mas Amedda undoubtedly loyal to Palpatine, even if he knows his darkest secrets?

There is very little to do, but I found this passage on Mas Amedda's internal thought process from Aftermath: Life Debt very telling.

"It's lonely to be the head of a dying empire.
He is a figurehead.Or worse than one.They don't even trot him out for gigs.His office and chambers make up his prison.Here he stays mostly.Eat his meals.Watch HoloNet.Thinking about his future, or rather the lack of his future.
It shouldn't be like that.
Palpatine was supposed to stay.The emperor was as integral to the galaxy as the core itself.As basic as the imperial palace.Timeless and immortal. "

I read that Mas is a follower, not a leader, and Palpatine promised him a place of power and prestige in his realm. This is particularly evident elsewhere in the book, where it becomes clear that he has no idea what to do without Palpatine.

It probably started small. A secret here, a favor there. At one point he saw Sidious's real face and for some reason decided that it was better (and probably healthier) to stand by him than against him.

Neo Heracles

Many Thanks! I could find very little to no information about him, let alone his motives for staying with Palpatine.