Are psychedelics popular in China?

Study on ChemsexWhy drugs are so popular in sex

Alex Dymock is a lecturer in criminology and law at the University of London. She studied English literature, graduated in gender studies, and most recently did her doctorate in law. Your current study is translated as: "Pharmacosexuality - exploring the past, present and future of drugs during sex". The trigger was the public discussion of the British health authorities, police and press branded "Chemsex".

In London in particular, the so-called chemsex scene, in which people take drugs during sex, has established itself (imago stock & people)

Not a new phenomenon

"This has been scandalized in London for five years. In the debate, chemsex is the sexual intercourse of homosexual men who are accompanied by a cocktail of synthetic drugs. Critics believe that this is an attack on public health.

We are questioning that. Chemsex is seen as a new phenomenon in the media. But this is not the case. Sexual contact in combination with drug use has appeared repeatedly in the psychological literature for a long time. It is also wrong that only men do this. We show that many women also use drugs during sex. "

The Wellcome Trust funded, completed but unpublished study consists of two parts. The first deals with sex and drugs in the scientific literature. Among other things, the researcher works out the discrimination against Chinese immigrants in the last and penultimate century. They were wrongly accused of corrupting society through sex orgies in their opium dens.

In the second part of the work, Alex Dymock draws a current picture of the scene. Her small team conducted over 30 long interviews, half of them with women. She also operated virtual ethnography, also known as netnography. This is the technical term for the systematic search of relevant online forums, in this specific case mainly Reddit, Bluelight and Erowid.

Heroin doesn't play a role in the chemsex scene

Among other things, it emerged that not only do drugs change sexual experience, but also vice versa: "Many participants talked about how sex changes and intensifies the effects of a drug mix," says Alex Dymock.

In addition to cocaine, synthetic drugs are involved, above all mephedrone and LSD, as well as crystal methamphetamine, the party drugs GHB / GBL and MDMA alias ecstasy. Alex Dymock points out in her study that MDMA played an important role in psychotherapy, especially in couple and group therapy, in the USA in the 1980s - before it was banned.

The chemsex scene nowadays almost always takes MDMA in combination with other active ingredients, among other things because MDMA usually prevents orgasm in men. Heroin, according to Dymock, is completely unusual because the drug relaxes the user and isolates them from their partner.

"A number of respondents reported the feeling of transforming themselves into the opposite sex, particularly through taking MDMA during sex. We still have to investigate whether this has to do with general disinhibition or other reasons."

After several deaths of homosexual men at Chemsex parties a few years ago, the English police began to explicitly scrutinize such events. The data collected are unfortunately worthless for Alex Dymock, because the consumption of drugs during sex is not a criminal offense and does not appear in the police statistics.

Findings cannot be transferred one-to-one to other countries

The findings from England cannot be transferred one-to-one to other countries. Data published in the "Journal of Sexual Medicine" at the beginning of April also indicate that the British take more and different trips during sex than, for example, Americans and Germans.

"I recently went to three clubs in Berlin. There I met gay, straight and transgender people, while these scenes in London usually have their parties separately. The drug mix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso different. In London we hardly find any ketamine, in Berlin." the narcotics represented everywhere. And finally the sex: In London you have to look explicitly for a party where it's hip, and there are strict legal requirements for that. In Berlin it didn't matter. Sex took place where people liked it, and nobody would have thought of throwing them out of the club because of that. "