How can a gun harm people

Fear of crime and the desire for self-protection

It is known from criminological research that it is not primarily the objective security situation that increases the measurable fear of crime, but rather a disproportionately frequent and emotionally charged reporting of crimes that “could affect everyone”. This means that in times when certain areas of crime such as burglary or terrorist attacks are omnipresent in the media, certain parts of the population fear that they will also become victims. Among these is a group that wants to combat this increased fear by purchasing a firearm.

According to media reports, there are more and more people in Switzerland who are getting a firearm for self-protection. This behavior is justified with a (subjectively perceived) feeling of insecurity, especially with regard to burglars or terrorist attacks.

The fact that, on the one hand, the number of burglaries has not increased and is hardly ever broken into when the residents are present and, on the other hand, a weapon at home cannot do anything against an act of terror, does not seem to work as an argument.

From a police and preventive point of view, we strongly advise against purchasing a firearm for self-protection! The handling of a firearm must be practiced regularly and a weapon can quickly be snatched from inexperienced hands and used by the attacker against you.