What is meant by latitude and longitude

Wall sticker with your own coordinates

For example: Wall sticker with the coordinates of Münster

The wall sticker Welcome to your city offers the possibility to combine the name and the coordinates of any place with the words "Willkommen in" and the compass rose in the background.

If you want to order the wall tattoo, you will find the input field "Desired text" on the product page (right under the color choice). There you should first enter the place name and then the coordinates.

Coordinates of Frankfurt as a wall sticker

Each wall sticker is only made to order. This enables us to integrate a wide variety of data into the motif.

So whether Frankfurt, Berlin, Erfurt, the Reeperbahn in Hamburg or your old bus stop in Wollbrandshausen: Your wish is our command!

Simply enter the desired data and we will make a wall sticker out of it.

Format of the coordinates

The coordinates are in the format Degrees ° minutes' and depending on the accuracy too Seconds '' as well as with longitude and latitude.

Find coordinates - this is how it works via our database:

Our database contains the coordinates of 58,000 locations. Simply search for your location and enter the coordinates in the appropriate format on the product page of the wall decal when ordering. Please note that there are several place names in Germany. Make sure that your location is actually meant.

You can access the database HERE.

Find coordinates - This is how it works via Google Maps:

If your location does not appear in our list or if you would like more specific coordinates, we will present you a second option here.

▶ Search for the desired location on Google Maps (e.g. using the search field)

You can find the data of the desired location on Google Maps

▶ Right click on the desired location / red pin

A digital log field then opens

▶ Dialog box appears, click on "What's here?" click

A new field opens below

▶ At the bottom of the page, an information box with coordinates opens

The coordinates then appear in a larger view at the top left

▶ Click on the coordinates, a window appears at the top left
then the data in the format 1 ° 2'N 1 ° 2'E copy or write down

Alternatively, just write it down on a piece of paper

Switch to the product page of Wandtattoo.de. Enter the place names and coordinates on the wall tattoo, make sure that the format is correct

When entering the coordinates also think of the place name

Let yourself be inspired by our pictures. Our example motifs show what the coordinates should look like.

Tip: If the coordinates are to designate a place or an entire city, it is sufficient to specify degrees ° and minutes', you can omit the digits behind.

In principle, of course, more precise coordinates (e.g. your own house) with seconds' and milliseconds' 'are also possible. However, you should make sure that the sequence of numbers does not become too long at the end. For production reasons, the wall sticker cannot exceed a certain width.

Wall sticker with the coordinates of Berlin's Alexanderplatz

Format of coordinates explained:

▶ Be for the wall sticker geographic coordinates used, also known as GPS coordinates. This procedure is based on the graticule of the earth. This can be used to describe the position of any point on the earth's surface.

Any point on earth can be marked with pinpoint accuracy by recording the intersection of a degree of longitude and a degree of latitude at the corresponding point, namely in the form of the coordinates.

Latitude run horizontally around the earth and are denoted by N (northern latitude) or S (southern latitude). Degrees of longitude run perpendicular to it, quasi from top to bottom over the globe, and are given in E (eastern longitude) or W (western longitude).

▶ The coordinates are roughly divided into N (latitude) and E (longitude). To specify the position even more precisely, the units degrees (°), minutes (′) and seconds (″) are available.

The entire coordinate - e.g. 50 ° 56'29 "N 6 ° 57'30" E - marks the intersection of a longitude and a latitude at exactly one point. In our picture, for example, you can find the coordinates of Cologne Cathedral.

▶ If you are looking for the dates for Alexanderplatz in Berlin instead, you will find it just as much as someone looking for your own address, Cologne Cathedral, the stadium of your favorite club or another exact location.

Coordinates of Cologne Cathedral in the wall sticker

Tip: You can also choose the size of the motif from three different options. The colors of the compass and writing can also be selected independently of each other. There are so many possible combinations!

Find wall decals with place names and coordinates here

And now let's go! You get to the wall sticker via this link.

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