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The Philippines are fantastically beautiful and very popular holiday destinations for Germans. The currency and the sometimes low cost of living play an important role here. Prepare yourself for the Philippine Peso and use our currency converter. In the appendix you will also find the practical table with the daily courses for on the go.

Philippine Peso - Euro: Current exchange rate of the ECB on May 19, 2021

With our currency converter, in addition to converting from Philippine Peso to Euro and by clicking the button to swap the units from Euro to Philippine Peso, you can also determine the exchange rate of numerous other currencies. In the following you will get a compact overview of the current exchange rate between the Philippine Peso and the Euro and vice versa.

1 Philippine Peso (PHP) equal to 0.017 Euro (EUR)
1 Euro (EUR) is equal to 58.431 Philippine Pesos (PHP)

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Conversion tables to print out for your trip to the Philippines

When printed out, the conversion table is a practical travel tool for on the go. Because then you always have all the conversions from Philippine Peso to Euro for daily use in your wallet.

1 peso = 100 centavos
The practical conversion table
Exchange rate
1 EUR = 58,431 PHP
As of May 19, 2021
Print and cut out conversion tables
1 euro = 100 cents
The practical conversion table
Exchange rate
1 PHP = 0.017 EUR
As of May 19, 2021


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