Are you feeling happy right now?

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When you are satisfied, you are more balanced, more confident, and you can reach your goals more easily. Take the test and find out how satisfied you are and what you can improve.

What does it mean to be satisfied?

Contentment is a state of your body and mind. If you are satisfied, then you do not want to change the current situation - around you and within you. In contrast to happiness, contentment lasts longer. Satisfaction is less euphoric, but goes deeper.

Are you satisfied then:

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  • do you feel good
  • do you have wishes and goals for your future,
  • don't let failures get you down,
  • are you more confident
  • you can realize yourself.

Dissatisfaction is part of satisfaction

In order for satisfaction to arise, your expectations and goals must largely correspond to reality. It is important to understand that satisfaction is not a permanent state. As a person, you strive to develop yourself, to ask yourself new questions and to challenge yourself. As a result, you are “dissatisfied” and at the same time you grow with your tasks. This means that dissatisfaction is not a bad thing at first, but functions as the opposite pole to satisfaction. You can only be satisfied if you are dissatisfied now and then. Persistently dissatisfied is a problem, however, as you then constantly broke and you lose faith in your ability.

So that you do not fail because of your own demands, you can practice being more satisfied with yourself, i.e. reacting more calmly to failure or difficult circumstances.

3 exercises for more satisfaction

Exercise 1: Build routines.

What is your school day like? Do you have a lot of little routines spread out over the day? Routines help you focus more easily on the important things. This allows you to relax better in your free time and look forward to the beautiful moments of the day.

As an exercise, try to shape your morning so that you only need 30 minutes from getting up to walking. Clarify the following points the evening before:

  1. What do you want to wear the next day?
  2. Is your school bag fully packed?
  3. Do you still have to get signatures from your parents?
  4. Is your lunch prepared for the lunch break?
  5. Have you had a shower (and is your hair washed)?

If you prepare in the evening, you won't have any stress in the morning and you can easily be ready to go in 30 minutes. It is up to you whether you really go out or leave time for a hearty breakfast.

Exercise 2: take care of your body.

If you sit all day, your posture worsens. You hang out in your chair by the afternoon at the latest, feeling tired, limp and unmotivated.

To change that, change your posture at least every 15 minutes. When you sit up straight, you are more alert, alert, and ready to B. to be brought into the classroom. You should also get up and walk around at least once every 60 minutes. In this way you stimulate your blood circulation and supply your head with oxygen. Of course, you shouldn't just get up during class, but rather during the break. But even when studying at home, it is important that you exercise regularly.

Your body feeling also has something to do with your satisfaction. Pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Sufficient sleep: 7–9 hours per night is ideal, even during the week
  2. Regular exercise in everyday life: climbing stairs instead of taking a lift, cycling or walking to school
  3. Do sports: at least twice a week
  4. Eat varied: every day fruit and vegetables, wholegrain rather than white flour products and drink 1.5–2 liters of water / unsweetened tea per day

Exercise 3: Say thank you and accept compliments.

Those who are grateful are more satisfied. Do the following exercise to help yourself understand what you are excited about:

Write down ten things that you are grateful for, such as: For example, a nice message from a friend, a planned weekend excursion, a delicious lunch snack, etc. Then close your eyes, breathe in and out calmly a few times and think of the things that make you happy. In this way you will be more aware of these positive things in your life and not concentrate too much on the negative.

Compliments are also positive things that you should appreciate. Compliments are not a given. They mean that you did something particularly well, or that you tried particularly hard. Somebody else noticed and he or she noted it positively. So you can be proud of yourself. The next time you get a compliment, don't just dismiss it. Say thank you and be happy about it, because your success proves you are right.

Do you have any other tips on how to become happier? Feel free to write us a comment under this post.

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