Are freelance writers

Author and writer

Writer and author are also among the liberal professions, but they receive this classification due to the fact that they are each an occupation.
Writers and authors can be insured through the artists' social security fund, because they are counted among the artists and publicists.

Here you have the opportunity to insure yourself as if you were a normal employee, even if you are self-employed.

Not everyone who is planning a book or other publication is able to do this work themselves.

After all, not everyone is born with writing and even if the basic knowledge can be acquired, a good deal of creativity is still required to let a text "live" and thus make it worth reading.

For writers and authors, this means that they are given an assignment on a specific topic and a specified scope that the work should achieve.

Of course, writers and authors do not always work for others, as so-called "ghostwriters".

After all, the many books that are available on the market and the various articles in newspapers and magazines were not all commissioned.

Writers and authors are artists who want to realize themselves in their works and want to tell people their story (or an invented one).

They can deal with fiction, children's and young people's literature, or they are active in the field of specialist and non-fictional texts or scientific specialist literature.

The field of activity is large and not even regular training is expected.

As Writer or author In principle, anyone can be active, although a scientific book can hardly be realized by a layperson.

Many scientific works are created as an accessory to research, which is why many of the authors still refer to themselves as scientists and not as authors, although basically they are exactly that.

Writers and authors work on the one hand with editors, publishers and literary agencies, on the other hand they are independent and therefore primarily committed to themselves - or to a client, if they write works on behalf.