How can I stop hating Islam?

or: My will for self-determination and freedom

It is a good thing to examine everything critically, because we can be wrong in our thoughts and actions. Those who love the truth must be interested in recognizing weaknesses in their own thinking results and problem solving, listening to counter-arguments and comparing, modifying and revising their own ideas with alternatives.

When I criticize Islam, I do not act out of hatred, but because we cannot and do not want to deny our ability to think. The courage to use one's own understanding (Kant), we believe, inevitably leads to the step of leaving Islam. I want to justify this with ten points.

Preliminary remark

I found it difficult to limit myself to just ten reasons. So I only publish my first ten reasons, whereby there should not be any evaluation of the weighting of the reasons. I would also like to inform the German-speaking readers that I do not share the claim of Islamic theology and Islamists that the Koran was revealed in Arabic and cannot be translated. However, some translations are not true to the original but euphemistic. I recommend using Rudi Paret's translation of the Koran as a basis.

1. Islam as a totalitarian, patriarchal legal system

Islam is not only a religion, but also a totalitarian, male-ruled, violent legal system (see sura 5 (Al-Maida), verse 33). Islam is also a political view derived from verses of the Koran, from the life of the Prophet and from other traditions. I oppose this to the democratic constitution (Germany) and the civil order. Democracy is a great gift both in Germany and in my country of origin, Turkey. In both countries, it seems to me, it is not sufficiently recognized how precious this gift is.

2. The Prophet - anything but an ethical example

Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, is said to be sent by God, and his life (i.e. his actions) are considered to guide all of humanity. But just this Mohammed

  • waged wars, forced people to renounce their previous beliefs, had prisoners beheaded. Victory alone was not enough for him: he also robbed the property of the defeated or had their house, yard and trees set on fire
  • married a child at the age of 52 (9-year-old Aischa)
  • held over a dozen women, some of whom he had brought back from his raids against other tribes as spoils of war; after their families were murdered, he took them into his harem as wives or slaves
  • had apostates cut off their hand and foot crosswise; he let her die of thirst
  • had its critics and poets murdered and promised the murderers great rewards in the afterlife.

The list of these examples could be extended. The result is clear: Mohammed did not live a life that could be considered a role model for humanity, but that is a deterrent and that alone is reason enough to reject the religion he created.

3. Bondage to God instead of living in self-responsibility

The Koran and traditions spread the myth that every human action is predetermined by God and that no human being can do anything without God's permission. His fate is sealed by God. Allah determines who becomes rich and who becomes poor, determines who becomes Muslim and who becomes unbeliever, and so on. Mohammed created a God who acts arbitrarily and unjustly, and whoever does not believe in him is a pagan.

On the other hand, I think: only self-responsibility leads people to a radical affirmation of their own existence and freedom. Because everything in Islam is proclaimed as directed by God, man is led into nothingness, i.e. into immaturity and worthlessness, and sinks into indifference and passivity. This can be seen in many Muslim countries. The negative effect of this teaching is reinforced by the fact that many devout Muslims believe that real life is only lived in the hereafter. This misconception hinders science, progress, enlightenment, maturity and freedom. Apart from that, all of this weakens morale by relieving people of responsibility for their actions.

4. Intolerance against non-believers and those of different faith

For Islam, tolerance and peace are only means that can be used as cunning in war. In many Islamic states, Christians and those of other faiths have to pay an additional tax. In the Ottoman Empire, children of Christians were stolen from them to form the most brutal military unit, the Janissaries.

Of course there are verses in the Koran that affirm that the “idol worshipers” should worship their gods and the Muslims their god. There is also the verse that says that Jews, Christians, and Sabiis who have done good deeds will come to Paradise. There is also a verse that says that there should be no compulsion in religion (Sura 2 (Al-Bakara), verse 256). So one might think that Islam is tolerant. But there are many more verses that cancel the aforementioned verse and proclaim exactly the opposite. Islam is a religion that sees the world as a theater of war - until all of humanity has become Islamic. In sura 4 (Al-Nisa), verse 91, it says: “Kill them where you find them”, and in sura 9 (At-Tauba), verse 29, it says: “Fight with arms against those who do not believe in Allah nor in the Last Day and who do not declare forbidden what Allah and His Messenger (ie Muhammad) have declared forbidden, who do not follow the right religion (ie Islam) - from those who receive the scriptures have (ie Jews and Christians) - fight (with the weapon) against them until they give up the minority tax as humiliated! "

In many places in the Koran, Mohammed (or, according to Muslims, Allah) justifies violence against people of different faiths. They are to be killed (e.g. Sura 47 (Muhammad), verse 4), should be subjected to (Sura 9 (At-Tauba), verse 29), may be expelled and expropriated (Sura 59 (El-Hashr) verses 1-7)

Extensive chapters of the works that contain the Sunnah (i.e. the norm-setting action of Muhammad) are devoted to jihad against those of different and non-believers. When confronted with these passages in the text, Muslims like to point out passages in the Old Testament where violence against people of different faiths is also mentioned (e.g. Exodus 22, 17; Leviticus 20). But firstly, it is nonsense to try to drive out the plague with cholera, and secondly, most Jews and Christians - in contrast to many Muslims - have long since distanced themselves from these delusional ideas.

5. Hostility towards Christians and Jews

Contrary to all statements to the contrary, Islam not only fights pagans and apostates, but is at its core also radically hostile to Jews and Christians. Surat Al-Imran, verse 19 reads: “Islam is considered to be the only true religion with God.” Christianity and Judaism are simply denied as religions and those who do not believe in Muhammad and his version of God are threatened with punishment. Mohammed claims that God called all "prophets" sent before him, including Abraham, and commanded them to believe in Islam.

Jews are also assumed to cause harm. Verse 46 of Sura 4 (An-Nisa) closes with the curse of the Jews: “. . . But God cursed them (as a punishment) for their unbelief. That is why they believe little (or: that is why only a few of them believe). "

In sura 5 (Al-Maida), verse 72, Mohammed proclaims: “Those who say: 'God is Christ, the Son of Mary' are unbelievers! 'In verses 171-173 of the same sura reference is made to the Christian doctrine of the Trinity God points out and affirms that those who believe in them will be punished.

Mohammed even forbids Muslims to be friends with Jews and Christians because they are "wicked" (sura 5 (Al-Maida), verse 51).

6. Women in Islam

Mohammed ensured social order by making women servants and prey of men. The oppression of women was established by law in Islam. Women are considered

  • intellectually and religiously (less) created
  • Source of malice, discord, as scheming, ungrateful and diabolical
  • unfortunate beings, as most of them will end up in hell anyway.

Mohammed determined through sura 4 (Al-Nisa), verse 3 that the men could marry up to four women they liked. And to reinforce that determination, he promoted the belief that it was a virtue to marry multiple women.

Even as witnesses, women are only worth half as much as men, because it is written: “. . . and take two men from you as witnesses. If it cannot be two men, then it should be one man and two women, those who are acceptable to you as witnesses - (two women) so that (in case) one of them is wrong, the one (the is not mistaken) the other (who is mistaken, remembering the true facts). (Sura 2 (Al-Bakara), verse 282). The same principle can be seen in inheritance law: “. . . One male gender equals (in the case of the division of inheritance) as two female gender. . . ”(Sura 4 (An-Nisa), verse 12). "The man gets as much as the share of two women." (Sura 4, 176)

Concerning the veiling of women, it says: “And say to believing women that they should cast their gaze to the ground and maintain their chastity and not wear their jewelry [charms] - except for what may be visible from them - and that they should wrap their shawls around their clippings of clothing and reveal their jewelry to none other than their husbands or fathers or the fathers of their husbands or their sons or the sons of their husbands or their brothers or the sons of their brothers or sons of their sisters or their wives or those who have it by right, or those of their male servants who no longer have sex drive, and the children who pay no heed to the nakedness of women. And they should not stamp their feet on the ground in such a way that it becomes known what they are hiding from their jewelry. ”(Sura 24 (Al-Nur), verse 31) And elsewhere it says (Sura 33 (Al-Ahzab) , Verse 33): “And stayed in your house. Do not dress up, as it used to be done in paganism. "

Sura 24 (Al-Nur), verse 59, is an exception, according to which older women do not have to veil themselves. In this sura, Muhammad speaks of women whom he does not trust another marriage because they are old. In view of the fact that, as a man over 50 years of age, he married nine-year-old Aisha, this may seem understandable. After all, he gives older women a little leeway with his tendency to sexual child abuse: “And for those women who have grown old and can no longer expect to get married, it is not a sin if they take off their clothes if they do not feel comfortable dress up with jewelry. ”(Sura 24, 60) In view of the commandment that women who are no longer of childbearing potential do not need to wear a headscarf, one can see how little the population actually reads the Koran. At the same time, I wonder why the self-proclaimed representatives of Islam do not let the verse in question be announced in the mosques. This would allow a large part of the headscarves to be removed. Of course there are women who fail to do this - just like those Chinese women whose feet have been crippled through lifelong bandages can no longer without a bandage.

Nevertheless (I demand): Get rid of the headscarves in the schools, in the offices! In any case, it must be forbidden to veil children. The veiling of the children is based on the marriage of the child Aisha to Mohammed and means the sexualization of the little girls. Parents who do this should receive a criminal complaint for child abuse.

7. Violence in Islam

Islam sows violence (cf. Sura 9.74 and 4.95). The wars that Mohammed waged were preceded by smaller undertakings, such as robbing caravans from Mecca. These raids and the wars that followed served the economic enrichment of Muhammad and his fellow warriors. Many took part because they knew they would get a share of the booty. A fifth of the spoils of war always went “to Allah”.

Hence the violence of September 11, 2001 in New York, the bombs in Madrid (April 11, 2004), the London bomb (July 7, 2005) and also the violence between the religious groups in Iraq, the murders of Turan in Turkey Dursun (4.9.1990) and other journalists and critics have a long tradition. It is a tradition when mothers accept the death of their sons in jihad and announce that they want more sons who are also ready for the allegedly god-willed suicide attack. The religious glorification of violence must stop! I oppose it with enlightenment, peace and civilized discourse.

8. Dehumanization of men

By placing men above women, Mohammed succeeded in making men subservient. For in his system the man is also a poor subject of God; he has to bow blindly to God and to his ambassador, that is, to Mohammed himself. By enslaving the man outside his home and turning him into nothing, but making him a "pasha" in his own four walls, he made the man willingly accept the woman's bad situation. Precisely the verses that should first serve the oppression of women are at the same time the verses that degrade men, dehumanize them. Sura 4 (Al-Nisa), verse 38, is a striking example of this: “. . . Men are above women because God has naturally distinguished them before them. . . And if you fear that any women will revolt, then admonish them, avoid them in the marriage bed and beat them! "

The fear of men that women will rebel should induce them to hit the very woman with whom they love, with whom they father children, with whom they want to grow old, with God's blessing. In addition, in Islam the man is reduced to a dull instinct that ejaculates at the mere sight of loose hair. An adult, mature, responsible person knows how to control his sex drive. Men born into Islam should also be able to do so if asked to do so.

I call on the men: Say no to Islam! Say no to your dehumanization! Then you will win real partners, equal partners. Those who prefer an obedient slave girl have not even reached the lowest level of cultural civilization.

9. Subjugation of women even in the hereafter

The promised entry into paradise demands a high price from women: the woman must be at the service of her husband, obey him, satisfy him, satisfy his desires. But even if she manages all of this flawlessly, she is only allowed to enter the hallucinated paradise if her husband agrees. After all, they are only the "temporary women on earth". The real wives of men (in paradise) are the Huris. These are superior to earthly women in every way and come first.

The description of paradise in Suras 78 (En-Nebe), 56 (El-Vakia) and 76 (Ed-Dehr) shows this very clearly. En-Nebe promises the men “the same age (Huris) with swelling breasts” and “a cup of wine”. The surah El-Vakia promises “gardens of bliss” and “big-eyed Huris have them at their disposal”, “in their beauty like the well-kept pearls”. All of this shows that there will be hardly any peace and happiness for devout Muslim women even in the dream of paradise; rather, they will find their husbands in the arms of the Huris.

10. The Muslim image of man: an ungrateful creature, bound to absolute obedience

Again and again, Mohammed states that man is fundamentally an ungrateful creature. Frequently used expressions in the Koran are: hypocrite, wild ass, the cursed person. How ungrateful he is! Countless times people are asked: "What do you want to deny of the favors of your Lord?" In Muhammad's eyes, people are ungrateful beings who are bound to absolute obedience and must be punished in the name of a strange divine “justice”. To this picture I oppose the idea of ​​the responsible citizen walking upright, the picture of a person who critically examines assertions with an alert mind instead of submitting to archaic delusions in blind obedience.

Final remark

In the east of Yemen there was the place Hadramut. The tribe of Kinde lived there. The Arabic sources reporting on Muhammad's illness write that the women there waited impatiently for the news of Muhammad's death. When they received it, they dyed their nails with henna, made music and danced to it.They rejoiced and celebrated because they hoped that the era of the destruction of freedom and rights of women, their systematic humiliation, would now come to an end. Mohammed's successor, Abu Bekr, had the hands and feet of women and their protectors chopped off and all teeth pulled. I remember these women of Hadramut with great respect. Let us work to finally make your hopes a reality. For a millennium and a half, the delusions of this archaic warrior of God, Mohammed, have clouded people's minds and caused unrest around the world. It is time to put an end to this madness.

I rely on the works of Prof. Dr. Ilhan Arsel and Turan Dursun.