E-scooters should be banned

Why e-scooters are not the solution: five arguments against electric scooters

Driving e-scooters is dangerous

The number of accidents has increased since electric scooters were allowed on German bike paths and roads. No wonder, because many drivers do not adhere to the traffic rules that apply to the little runabouts - they drive two or three people on a scooter, are driving in the opposite direction, on sidewalks or even drunk. Collisions are often the result. And since a protective helmet is not mandatory for driving e-scooters, accidents often result in dangerous head injuries.

Parked e-scooters clog inner cities

Even when they are not driving, the new scooters are a problem because many drivers do not adhere to predetermined parking zones. Above all, the vehicles of the rental companies are mostly parked all over the sidewalks, in parks or in front of driveways and impede pedestrians and other road users.

E-scooters pollute the environment

The scooters should make the traffic on Germany's streets cleaner. And it's true, they emit less CO2 than a car. However, if you take into account how they are manufactured, what they replace and that they last a maximum of one year on average - rental scooters often only up to three months - this calculation no longer works. Because US researchers have found that rental scooters in particular generate more CO2 emissions than a well-stocked diesel bus. The vast majority of drivers do not use the scooter as a replacement for the car, but rather for distances that they would otherwise cover on foot or by public transport. Not to mention the batteries, which contain lithium and rare earths, the degradation of which is also harmful to the environment.

E-scooters are expensive fun

Anyone who thinks that it is cheap to jet through the city on one of the scooters is on the wrong track. If you want to buy a street legal model yourself, you have to dig deep into your pocket, because most of these models cost well over 1000 euros.

A trip with a rental scooter is also relatively expensive. Most providers charge a rental fee of one euro and up to 20 cents per minute driven. That makes four euros for a 15-minute journey - a bus ticket would be significantly cheaper.


The police and security services have enough to do even without an e-scooter

From running over red traffic lights to illegal disposal, there are a lot of violations that the drivers of electric scooters deal with the authorities. In Mannheim and Heidelberg alone, 233 offenses were found during a one-week focus control in August. Not only do the checks cost the authorities a lot of time, but also the formalities afterwards - and that while the police in many cities are already reaching their limits due to massive staff shortages.

Violations and Penalties

If drivers of e-scooters do not adhere to the applicable traffic regulations, there are sometimes severe penalties. According to ADAC, driving over a red traffic light costs between 60 and 180 euros, while driving on the sidewalk costs 15 to 30 euros. If an e-scooter is on the road without an operating permit, the driver pays 70 euros.

It can be particularly expensive if the scooter does not have the mandatory insurance number. Then there is a threat of a criminal complaint because of the violation of the compulsory insurance law. This provides for a heavy fine or even a prison sentence of up to one year for such a violation. (svg)

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