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Stefan Merx is a great scrabbler. Not least because the German champion from 2017 keeps a record of all his tournament games and analyzes them meticulously. The reading is not only instructive, it also gives many reasons to smile. So the Düren formulated with regard to his recent game against Wolfram Inngauer in the context of the Rosenheim Cup: "The game starts suboptimally, I start with the bench-cleaning OMI and think:" Now please no Q-word ". This is followed by QUIRL (with fourfold counting Q). I would like to dust off a few points with TENOR. I think: "NY (15G – 15H) would be stupid now ...". In fact, his counterpart then put exactly this word and got 83 points for it.

The constellation shown here shows Merx's letter combination that animated him to TENOR. His self-critical and telling comment: "Maybe I should have thought more about whether a bingo would not be possible with my letters." He is right!

Solution from No. 42:

In Hans Trachsel's Scrabble puzzle on the subject of the "Swiss Wrestling Championship", the FEDERAL, placed on 14F – 14 O, scored a total of 82 points

Only words that are listed in the Duden, "The German Spelling", 27th edition, as well as their inflected forms are valid. You can find the rules on the Internet at