What to eat in Bangkok

The beautiful Thailand in Southeast Asia is known for its rich and delicious food. The Thai food is not only particularly tasty, but Bangkok also has a very special abundance of flavors to offer. Not only will you find great restaurants, ultra-casual fast food stalls, food trucks, and street vendors selling local favorites that are sold on carts, but you can also get an extraordinary dining experience.

Street food in Bangkok

The legendary streets of Bangkok are full of the tastes and flavors of Thailand's best food. Here you will find delicious pad thai kung, som tam, spring rolls and khao pad, which is flooding the busy city with food carts and stalls. Bangkok is worth a visit for the food alone!

The best places to eat street food

Bangkok is full of people and all of these people want to eat. Visitors to the city will find next to the classics Bangkok's new and unusual dishes to try. You can find good food almost everywhere, especially near train stations and universities. However, travelers should check out Bangkok's Check out the best restaurants in Chinatown, Ratchawat Market, Bangrak, Nang Loeng Market, and the Victory Monument area.

Chinese noodle soup

Crunchy oyster omelette

Wonton noodle soup



The Chinatown in Bangkok, also called Yaowarat- Known neighborhood, has some of the best authentic Thai food in town. Local specialties include crispy oyster or clam omelette, Chinese noodle soup, wonton noodle soup, seafood and much more! Yaowarat is home to the best street food Bangkok's, don't miss this pearl of Thai food. It is best to sample small bites from several carts or stalls as you walk the streets to sample the full repertoire. Don't fill your stomach up too quickly, there is so much more to enjoy. Look for stalls selling dim sum or go looking for sweet ice cream desserts. You won't leave Chinatown hungry!

Beef noodles

Roast duck with rice

Curry and rice dishes


The Ratchawat and Sriyan Markets

The “Ratchawat Market” and the “Sriyan Market” come to life at night. These markets are two of the city's oldest traditional markets and are very popular with locals. The best time to be on the Ratchawat Market Finding fantastic street food is after dark. The Ratchawat Market is a prime place to find top-quality Kobe beef noodles and juicy roast duck. The Sriyan Market is a short walk away and is a popular destination for noodles and curries. Don't miss the little stand where the surprisingly delicious fried curry fish balls are served.


Yentafo (pink noodle soup)


Stroll through that Bangrak district and enjoy the flavors of steamed Asian dumplings and fried garlic. Aside from inviting food stalls, there's only one thing left here: more food stalls, each with delicious food, including vegetarian options and sweets. Street food in Bangrak district is tasty and fresh. The area is also an excellent place to find seafood in Bangkok. Take the Skytrain to Sala Daeng BTS station and follow Silom Road to find a street full of irresistible flavors and all kinds of foods.

Fried pork with basil and rice

Tom Kha Gai (Chicken and Coconut Soup)

Som Tam Thai


Nang Loeng Market

On the Nang Loeng Market, one of the older and more traditional markets in the area, there are still historic wooden houses and long-time food vendors who have been selling their groceries here for years. The market is a popular lunch spot with food stalls both inside and outside the premises. The center of the market houses a food court at lunchtime and is often filled with office workers during lunchtime. Look for savory rice and curry dishes, or look out for a sweet treat supplier to meet your dessert needs.

Boat noodles

Fried Thai rice

Victory Monument

The area around that Victory Monument is full of grocers. As one of the most important transport hubs Bangkok's will that Victory Monument Happened by a great many people every day. Grocery vendors sell a variety of Thai street food favorites here, including boat noodles, so named because they were originally served on boats. In the streets around that Victory Monument there are restaurants with similarly delicious dishes.

Check into the YELLO Rooms Victory Monument and off you go to the Victory Monument!

Eating in Bangkok: Thai dishes that you simply have to try

Given the abundance of delicious food in Bangkok It is extremely difficult to narrow down the selection to a few dishes, especially if you only have a few days to spare. From roti and khanom bueang to delicious noodles, seafood and fried pork, the food choices you will find in Bangkok must eat is huge and delicious.

Roti with banana

To add flavor to your dessert, be sure to try a roti with banana and condensed milk, also called roti gluay. Sweets are a staple of Thai food, and these thin pancakes are often topped with condensed milk, Nutella, coconut, or other tasty toppings, including a fried ice cream! But a roti is not a roti, you are guaranteed to eat more. Fried roti with banana and condensed milk is a sweet introduction to Thai street food.

Khanom Bueang (Thai crepes)

Look for busy food stalls in markets or at transit stations selling thin, sweet, or hearty filled crepes. These practical snacks, which are often sold in paper packaging, are easy to eat on the go and fulfill the desire for a quick and tasty snack. Look for particularly tasty crepes near the Sukhumvit MRT Station and enjoy this local specialty.

pad Thai

Probably the most famous noodle dish in Thailand, Pad Thai, can be found almost everywhere in Thailand Bangkok, Day and night. Made from rice noodles and a variety of extras like shrimp, eggs, peanuts, or tofu, Pad Thai is sweet, flavorful, and overall delicious. Don't fly home without trying this tasty dish that has become a national landmark.

Roti with banana

Thai crepes

pad Thai


spring rolls

Spring rolls are almost as ubiquitous as pad thai and throughout Bangkok to find. Spring rolls are an inexpensive dish and can be ordered in almost any restaurant, on food trolleys or at stalls. Thai spring rolls are traditionally filled with glass noodles, minced pork, and vegetables, but vegetarian versions are also common. The crispy outside and the hot filling make this dish irresistible. Spring rolls are a must when visiting Bangkok just do it.

Moo Krob (crispy pork belly)

Try a moo-krob dish made with crispy fried pork. The crispy fried pork belly is one of the most popular dishes in town and almost everywhere in Bangkok to find. Often served over rice and drizzled with hoisin sauce, it's a mix of juicy and crispy textures. A one-of-a-kind taste and you will immediately understand why Moo Krob is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Seafood in Bangkok

Bangkok has an incredibly rich variety of seafood to offer! Look for restaurants or takeaways that sell tom yum goong or hot and sour soups with shrimp, or try fried shrimp cakes, fried turmeric fish, or grilled salted fish. Check out the menu on the restaurant's doorstep to see what seafood is on the list. The menus usually also contain photos of the food, so you can be quite sure that you are ordering the right one.

spring rolls

Moo Krob (crispy pork belly with rice)



Check into Anantara Sathorn Bangkok and off you go to Bangrak Market!

Bangkok restaurants not to be missed

The Thai food in Bangkok is legendary. It's practically impossible not to find a new favorite restaurant every day or keep coming back to the best. Bangkok According to the locals, it offers the best cuisine in Thailand with a large selection of fast food and upscale restaurants. Don't miss out on these first-class culinary experiences!

Bangkok Seaview

If you want a seafood experience like no other in Bangkok want to experience visit the restaurant Bangkok Seaview. Boats leave the pier regularly to take guests to the seafood restaurant on the water. The boat trip takes you past fishermen actively searching for the day's catch, and you can enjoy the freshest fish and seafood right on the water.


For an elegant dining experience, visit the restaurant Took at the hotel COMO Metropolitan Bangkok. With a refined dining area and a sophisticated menu, the served Took unique starters and main courses designed to be shared. It is therefore the perfect place for groups. Check out the spicy soups on the menu or try the pigeon larb salad.

Issaya Siamese Club

The inexpensive one Issaya Siamese Club is one of the best clubs for casual dining. A bright and colorful dining area with bean bags forms the backdrop for an entertaining yet relaxing meal. The Issaya Siamese Club serves typical cocktails and refined, elaborate food and lets you forget the busy (and noisy) chaos of the city for a while.

Prachak Pet Yang (Roast Duck)

With a row of fresh ducks in the shop window, the famous Prachak Pet Yang, also known as Prachak Roasted Duck, possibly the best roast duck in Cantonese style Bangkok. Many of the dishes contain noodles, and the legendary roast duck is filled with herbs and spices and served with a sweet sauce that, in combination with the hearty meat, creates the perfect flavor combination. The Prachak Pet Yang is located at Bangrak District. It's one of the best places to eat here, but it's in good company.

Check into the Bandara Suites Silom, and off you go to the Nahm Restaurant!

Eating out in Bangkok: you have to try it

Tasting new food that you might otherwise never eat is one of the best things about traveling to distant regions. Bangkok has a wonderful selection of “interesting” foods to offer, including many that should be tried while in town.

Fried insects

Eating fried insects may not be for everyone, but they are tasty and in Bangkok easily available. The snack is mostly sold by street vendors and comes in many “flavors”: grasshoppers, silkworms, ants and crickets combined with the proprietor's secret blend of spices, which makes every meal unique. Food trucks with fried insects usually move through the streets in the evening, because fried grasshoppers still look like grasshoppers and are therefore easier to eat after dark. Silkworms tend to have a mushy consistency, while crickets and grasshoppers stay crispy. Bamboo worms, crickets, and grasshoppers are probably the easiest to get and most common fried insects, and almost every mobile street food stand has them on offer.

Some of the regions where the chances of finding a food cart filled with fried insects are highest include busy areas like this Khao San Road, the Pratunum market, Soi cowboy and Phahurat. Fried insects, popular as a nighttime snack, are often found outside of bars and in areas where nightlife is very active and inhibitions are low. Some vendors charge a fee for taking photos of their delicacies. Better ask before you snap your snapshot.

Fried insects

Bird's nest soup

Bird's nest soup

Eating bird's nest soup is said to bring health and happiness. The dish is made from the nests of the white nestsalangans and can be served hot or cold. Bird's nest soup is throughout Bangkok a delicacy, but visitors can find the best bird's nest soup in Yaowarat the Chinatown. The white nestsalangans make their nests from cords of saliva and the nests are harvested after the young birds have flown out. Since the dish promises excellent health and longevity benefits, it is far from cheap, however Bangkok is one of the best places to find that sticky sweet treat.

Shark fin soup

Shark fin soup is said to have various unspecified health benefits. The soup is often served with a bit of fanfare and a special presentation to do justice to the high price. The best shark fin soup is in the Chinatown.

Check into the Grand China Hotel and off you go to Yaowarat!