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From dry to oily: the right facial cleanser for every skin type

Face washing is one of those things: Facial cleansing should be on the program every day. Still, we shouldn't overdo it with washing. Every time we wash, sebum is removed from our skin, which keeps it supple. Too frequent scrubbing makes them dry and leads to irritation and redness.

Especially with sensitive skin, it is therefore sufficient to wash your face with lukewarm water when you shower in the morning. Cleaning in the evening, on the other hand, can be more thorough: Make-up, dirt and excess sebum would otherwise clog our pores and lead to pimples and blackheads.

We'll tell you here which facial cleansing best suits your skin type.

Facial cleansing for normal skin

Can't complain about blemishes or dry skin areas? Then you have a free rein when choosing your cleaning product: From cleaning foam to gel and oil to micellar water, you can basically use anything.

To save your skin unnecessary stress, however, you should stick to the product that you like for the time being. Mild products that do not attack the protective lipid layer of the skin are great. You can also treat your skin to a peeling or a nourishing face mask once a week. A weekly peeling refines the complexion, nourishing masks keep the skin beautifully elastic.

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Our insider tip for normal skin is the Ibuki Gentle Cleanser from Shiseido. The mild foam cleanses particularly thoroughly and leaves your skin fresh and supple. Here you can buy the cleaning foam for about 28 euros on Amazon.

Facial cleansing for blemished skin

Are you struggling with pimples and blackheads? Then antibacterial cleaning gels can help. The second step is to use a clarifying, anti-inflammatory tonic that will clear the skin. Products with aloe vera or silica also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Anyone who has current inflammations on the face should refrain from peeling (even gentle ones). That would only irritate your already stressed skin.

By the way: Even if you feel the need to cleanse your blemished skin several times a day, you should limit your washing program to the evening. In the morning, lukewarm water and then a clarifying facial toner is sufficient.

The Cleansing Gel by Avène contains sebum-regulating and antibacterial ingredients that fight skin impurities and prevent new pimples and inflammation. Here you can find the product for about 20 euros on Amazon for post-shopping.

In the video you can find out where your blemished skin can come from:

Video by Jane Schmitt

Facial cleansing for oily skin

Your skin starts to shine and look oily as the day progresses? Then you should resort to cleaning products that counteract excessive sebum production. A mildly foaming wash gel that does not have a lipid replenishing effect and removes excess fat is ideal.

After cleansing, you can also use a facial toner, which additionally clarifies and refreshes your skin. Alcohol-based water is also allowed for oily skin. However, if your skin reacts with redness, it is better to replace it with a milder product.

The Aqua Réotier cleansing gel from L'Occitane thoroughly removes dirt and make-up from the pores without drying them out.
You can buy the gel here for about 19 euros in the L'Occitane online shop.

Here you can order the Aqua Réotier cleaning gel for 19 euros in the L'Occitane online shop.

Tip: Once a week, you should do a mild exfoliation to refine the structure of the skin. We'll tell you what you can do against oily skin and large pores here: 6 tricks against shine and large pores

Facial cleansing for sensitive skin

Have you long avoided all beauty products that smell great? Unfortunately, this is also a must for sensitive skin. Heavily perfumed washing products, face tonic with alcohol and aggressive peelings are absolute no-gos for sensitive skin. Instead, use a cleansing milk or gel with soothing ingredients like thermal water or white tea.

Since the skin reacts quickly to irritation, it should also be stressed as little as possible. Washing too often or applying too much lotion will not help bring the skin back into its natural balance. Therefore, rely on a gentle cleansing in the evening and then an alcohol-free facial toner so that any residues of the washing product are removed.

The Lavera Sensitive Wash Gel is free from silicone and parabens and should be particularly well tolerated. You can buy the gel afterwards in the drugstore or online for around 3 euros here at Amazon.

Facial cleansing for combination skin

You can usually recognize combination skin by a shiny T-zone, i.e. in the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin, and a rather dry skin on the cheeks and the eye area. A pH-neutral cleansing lotion that provides moisture without becoming greasy is ideal for this skin type. You can use this in the morning and in the evening.

You can also treat the oily T-zone once a week with targeted peelings and masks against impurities. However, it is important here to really avoid the dry areas. You can also use a clarifying toner for the T-zone after cleansing.

The Deep Pore Daily Cleanser has an antibacterial effect and should gently rid the skin of excess sebum. Here you can find the product from 12 euros for after-shopping at Douglas.

Facial cleansing for dry skin

Your skin is tight and flaky in some places? Then a particularly mild cleansing foam or gentle cleansing milk is all the rage for you. On the other hand, you should keep your hands off scented soaps and alcoholic face tonic.

If you also have sensitive skin, you should use cleansing products that are hypoallergenic to avoid irritation.

Cleansing milk or oil is great as it nourishes and nourishes the skin as it cleanses. Caudalie's cleansing milk contains nourishing and soothing ingredients, especially for dry skin.

Here you can buy the product for about 11 euros on Amazon.

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