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Farewell to the pet

12/30/2020When the beloved four-legged friend dies

Pets are not just animals, they are true friends for many people. The death of a beloved four-legged friend therefore hits us badly and leaves a sad void. The Farewell to the pet and losing a friend at the same time is difficult for people to cope with. To help you deal with animal death, here are tips on how to cope with grief after the death of the animal.

Allowing mourning when a pet dies

The death of a beloved pet is a life-changing experience for every pet owner. Especially in times when more and more people are living without partners or without children, this can Animal a real family member be. In many families the dog or cat is part of everyday life and the loss is difficult to cope with. Unfortunately, after losing their animal, many pet owners have to struggle not only with grief but also with incomprehension from their fellow human beings. The pet has always been by the grieving person's side and is one with time close and loyal friend become. Society is hesitant to acknowledge how bad mourning an animal can be. The loss of the animal ally is by no means a reason for companies to take a vacation, and the incident will not affect many friends or colleagues. Nevertheless, it is quite normal and above all right to give in to one's grief in order to come to terms with the loss.

To mourn a loved one is perfectly legitimate!

Showing grief at the death of an animal is quite normal.

What helps us when we say goodbye to the pet?

A dignified burial

When the cat or dog dies, a world collapses for the owner. The first step towards easier coping with grief is one dignified funeral or ceremony. So we can accept the final farewell to the pet better than if it is "disposed of" in an animal recycling facility. The burial also creates a place for us to mourn. Note, however, that there are laws for independent animal burial. If you do not have your own garden, it is advisable to use public animal cemeteries and animal crematoriums. Since this can cause high costs, it is advisable to take care of the financing while you are still alive. With the rose garden pet care you can bid your darling a dignified farewell and, if you wish, you will receive an animal urn with the ashes of your darling. Alternatively, you can also choose the cheaper variant of the basic or community cremation.

To the ROSENGARTEN small animal crematorium

Exchange with friends

Don't be ashamed to share your grief with others and ask for help. Even if many cannot understand your grief, there is certainly one among your friends People who have had similar experiences. Other pet owners understand best how bad it is when daily routines are dropped all at once. It doesn't matter whether it's going for a walk in the morning, filling the food bowl or even cleaning the litter box - the animal leaves a painful void. Nowadays there are also mourning forums especially for animal losses, where you can look around for like-minded people. I think ROSENGARTEN has built a particularly beautiful site. On the ROSENGARTENSTERNE memorial portal you can share your grief with like-minded people. Get tips and talk about your problems in order to slowly find your way back to everyday life. Likewise, books that deal with the death of the pet can help through the grief.

To the ROSENGARTEN memorial page


The most important thing in overcoming grief is that the animal is like this to be remembered as it was in lifetime. Create a photo album, watch old videos or have a painted picture made. A particularly great token of love, which is not everyone's cup of tea, is a tattoo with the name or portrait of the deceased animal. Some keep a few strands of fur and let them in Piece of jewelry make. The possibilities to create a nice souvenir are almost endless. In this way, in your grief, you have the chance to remember moments you shared with the animal when the pain arises.

Create a memorial book

Good memories help you say goodbye to your pet.

Do good

It can also help volunteering and helping others Helping animals in need. Poor animals in animal shelters also need social contact and attention. Instead of taking in a new dog right away, you can offer yourself as a walker at the animal shelter. Leftover food is also a welcome donation to animal welfare. If you decide to give a homeless animal a new home, it is particularly important not to expect a copy of the deceased favorite.

Children and the death of pets

As a rule, children are particularly hard hit by the death of a pet. Some have spent their entire lives with the animal and are coming for the very first time in contact with the subject of death. For them it doesn't make much difference whether an animal or a person has died. In order to process this drastic experience, children need support. It is wrong to protect the children from the painful experience and to invent stories about the whereabouts of the animal. Let your children share in the grief openly and treat death honestly. Nor does it help your children to get a replacement animal right away, there one Living things cannot be replaced. Rather, take the time to listen and answer questions to help your child through the difficult time.

Special case: euthanize a sick animal

A difficult case for the mourners is when a sick animal has to be euthanized. Unfortunately, this is a very common case. Here you made the decision yourself to end the life of the animal. Feelings of guilt and doubts are quite normal and stressful in addition to grief. When these negative feelings arise, it helps to become aware that it was the right decision. By the time you decide to euthanize, you will have done everything humanly possible for your pet. By ending life you do not give up the animal lightly, but save it from severe / further pain. It would be more selfish to wait for the animal to die naturally while it is in great pain.

Final Farewell: Time for a New Pet?

After some time of grief, you will begin to accept the loss of your beloved four-legged friend. In the beginning, it is normal for you to feel like a traitor when you think of a new animal. If the Grief phase is overcome, a reorientation is possible. Only now should you think about getting a new pet. Taking responsibility for a new animal can also help you process the loss better.

Saying goodbye does not mean forgetting the animal. Carry the memory in your heart.

Saying goodbye to your pet is not easy.

Have you also lost a four-legged friend? How did you come to terms with death and what helped you?

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