Webinars cost money

7 proven webinar software in comparison

Free webinars (online seminars) are an effective tool when it comes to building close relationships with customers and prospects. As in an offline meeting, viewers experience the moderator up close and can ask questions live. You can use functions such as screen sharing to share your screen, documents, spreadsheets and more with your participants.

Why offer webinars?

Offering online seminars for free can be of great benefit to your business. We answer the question “What is a webinar” in more detail in our article “Successful with webinars: Tips & Tricks”.

Let's get to the "why". People are reluctant to buy products from faceless online retailers. People prefer to buy from people. An online webinar offers you exactly that: a person who gives you knowledge, introduces a product or asks questions, criticism and suggestions for improvements.

They want to know who you are, how you act, how you look and how you speak. Are you really that enthusiastic about your topic and your product? A webinar is the perfect way to answer these questions and refute any concerns.

The other advantages are also quite clear. If you want to achieve the same effect without a webinar, you have to host an offline seminar. This requires a fixed appointment, you have to book a room, so you also have to take money from the participants, you all have to travel - in short: It involves a lot of effort. For someone they don't yet know, they will hardly take it upon themselves.

A free webinar with an interesting title and topic is much more appealing. Practically getting to know each other in an informal atmosphere, in which you not only impart valuable knowledge, but can also position yourself as an expert. Of course you also need an appointment for a webinar - but both you and your participants can usually set it up much more spontaneously. And if you have recorded a particularly successful and informative webinar, you can even offer it automatically (e.g. via webinaris). Then you can offer it several times a week at different times - without having to be there yourself! A win-win situation for you and your customers.

Want to read more reasons and benefits about using webinars? Then take a look at our article "9 reasons why you should offer webinars".

Webinar software comparison: edudip, Webinaris, Webinarjam and Co.

If you google a little, you will quickly find out that there are an incredible number of solutions and providers for webinar software (also called video conferencing software) on the Internet. That looks like a lot of research and hours on the laptop. Irgs.

Do you want an easier way? Then sit down and think carefully about what you want to hold webinars for. Do you want to secure your expert status? Would you like to connect with your target group in order to find out more about their questions and problems and to provide live assistance? Or do you even want to use webinars for group coaching and as an accompaniment to your online courses?

Whatever it is, outline your "why" in as much detail as possible. Afterwards you write down in bullet points what you expect from a webinar software. What tools and extras do you need? What is your budget like? How many participants do you expect?

In the last step, you use our overview of the most popular webinar software to easily check in the table which software matches your requirements. We have already done the research for you and listed all the points for you. At the end of this article you will find the link where you can easily download our comparison and register for further information and tips on all aspects of webinars!


The clear strength of Webinaris lies in its automation and sales functions. Recorded webinars can be uploaded as video and played back at any time. This way you can offer your attendees more appointments and reach a lot more people. Participants in the webinar can also be tagged to the minute and specified when additional e-mails should be sent.

If a participant leaves the webinar in the middle, he can be tagged and entered in a special e-mail list. You can use this to get feedback later on why the webinar was left. In the webinar itself, banners can be displayed and chat questions can be prepared. Together with interfaces, an API, tools for email marketing and statistics, you can build automated sales funnels with your webinars.

3 webinars with these functions and any number of participants are available without special discounts with monthly payment for 79 €.

Bonus for elopager: With our new interface you can sell your webinars easily and with one click via elopage. Your participants buy it through us and Webinaris delivers the linked webinar fully automatically at the agreed time!


  • fully automated webinars including delivery
  • extensive options for tagging and individualization


  • no live webinars possible (a solution is already being worked on)


edudip is one of the best-known providers of webinar software on the German market. The edudip next webinar software is made in Germany, browser-based and ready for immediate use without prior installation. Edudip next also has an integrated meeting function.

Diverse interaction possibilities create a lively and personal exchange. Whiteboard, live chat, survey tool, hand signals, YouTube videos and the option to share your own screen with other participants via screen sharing ensure a great webinar experience.

The duration of the webinar is unlimited. You can set up individual appointments as well as entire series of webinars and have them recorded if desired. You can also determine whether it is a private or public webinar.

The software can be tested free of charge for 14 days. There are four different subscriptions available, which differ in terms of the range of functions and the possible number of participants. The prices are between 34 and 244 euros per month.


  • web-based and ready for immediate use without installation
  • According to its own statement, GDPR-compliant
  • Interface (API) for integration into your website, CMS or LMS
  • Branding of the webinar solution to match the corporate design
  • Support from German in-house customer service


  • no automatic emails
  • Limited number of active participants


With GoToWebinar you have a webinar platform that delivers reliable and excellent quality in sound and image. In addition, it is worth taking a second look if you are planning to use the software for presentations or web talks with a co-moderator. You can customize the logo and image to give your webinar your branding. In terms of price, GoToWebinar belongs to the more expensive class, but it includes many useful extras. For example, automated emails can be sent, there is an app for participants who prefer to watch on their tablet, a Zapier connection and a dial-in option by phone. The webinar duration is unlimited and of course you also have a chat and a poll option with you.

The analysis functions, reports and data exports deserve special mention. Look at the recordings of your webinar again or use them, for example, in an online course or member area. Together with the analysis tools, you have the opportunity to evaluate, compare and continuously improve your webinars.

At 199 dollars per month for 500 participants, GoToWebinar is a little more expensive than edudip, but it also impresses with more functions and extras.


  • extensive analysis tools
  • simulated live events


  • Not very cheap
  • no live stream possible


Zoom is a very extensive, but clearly designed tool. The moderator can decide whether to share his entire screen or just parts of it and even hand over mouse and keyboard control to a participant. All in all, Zoom is a very well thought-out software that is well suited for webinars, which we or Ivan Blatter also use.

100-10,000 participants can dial in to the webinar on their PC or over the phone. With the automated emails you can reach them all and you can hold a webinar without a time limit.
Extensive analysis functions are unfortunately not available, but you can customize the webinar room, the logo and the image and have access to common webinar tools such as whiteboard, surveys, screen sharing and more. You can also import virtual backgrounds during the webinar!

In addition to the participants in the webinar room, you can also stream your content on Facebook and Youtube at the same time and reach more participants at the same time.

You can test zoom as a meeting tool for up to 100 participants free of charge. From the Pro Plan for $ 14.99 a month, you can book the webinar function for $ 40.


  • Unlimited webinar duration
  • for up to 100 meeting participants free of charge


  • The webinar function must be booked separately in the Pro Plan
  • no comprehensive analysis functions


WebinarJam is easy and intuitive to use. With a page builder, you can adapt the invitation templates to the style of your brand. You can have your webinars recorded automatically so that you can use them again afterwards and you can also stream them live directly on Facebook and Youtube. Up to six moderators can moderate webinars with an unlimited time limit and interact with participants via chat, polls and sharing their screen.

Unfortunately, data export is not possible, but you can evaluate your webinars directly using the analysis functions and reports. The API is also not made available and unfortunately no further connections and automations are possible via Zapier.

WebinarJam offers two packages: one year and two years. You can also choose between three or four payments or a single payment. The price is $ 479 for one year and $ 767 for two years (the one-off payment).


  • easy customization
  • automatic webinar recording


  • no data export possible
  • no API / no Zapier connection


ClickMeeting is browser-based and not downloadable software. A special plus: The easy-to-use user interface. The moderator can share presentations, embed videos or work together with his participants on a whiteboard. This means that ClickMeeting offers many opportunities to interact with your participants and it is easier for you to keep their attention.

A big plus are the numerous branding functions with which you can adapt your webinars to your brand. With webinar times of 4 to 6 hours, you have enough time to accommodate all your valuable content in an appealing and detailed manner. Unfortunately you cannot stream live on Facebook, but you can do it on Youtube.

For instant feedback, there is a rating function that you can use to get instant feedback from your participants. No analysis is faster, more direct or more honest!

In the Pro Plan you can host 100 participants for 55 euros per month. Attention: Billing takes place here annually, even if the price is displayed per month.


  • priced middle class
  • many branding features


  • no API / no Zapier connection
  • the cloud only stores material from ings. 24h recording time


The Mikogo interface is also kept very intuitive - the available functions can even be adjusted if necessary. A white label function is available on request, otherwise the logo and the form can be customized for your own website. The software is very suitable for planned or short-term webinars and can also convince with a meeting planner and high security standards.

The duration of the webinar is unlimited and it is possible to record the webinars. Unfortunately, there is no live stream function for Facebook and Youtube. Unfortunately, the surveys, the whiteboard are missing and it is not possible to share your own screen. Mikogo is more suitable for small group webinars - with the professional license you can invite 25 participants per session for 15 € per month.


  • White label on request
  • Unlimited webinar duration


  • no live streaming
  • no whiteboard / no survey tools

You can find more information about the individual providers in a direct comparison in our free Webinar software comparison. The overview highlights various categories such as setup (price, number of participants, webinar tools, etc.), access for participants, holding webinars (duration, screen sharing, etc.), analysis functions, API and contract. Most providers allow you to test the webinar software for free.

Why a webinar provider comparison and not "the best software"?

No two webinars are alike, just as no individual entrepreneur is alike. A tool that is not important for one person is the essential part for another, which speaks for the corresponding software. With an exact recommendation, we could only have highlighted a use case.


When comparing the offer of the different software, everyone can start the comparison with their own criteria. The best software is different for everyone - depending on the application.

Possible criteria when choosing the webinar software

Criteria for the selection of the appropriate software in each case can be, for example:

  • Functions during transmission (e.g. a whiteboard or virtual backgrounds)
  • Interaction functions, chat, questions and answers, etc.
  • Analysis functions for precise conclusions
  • Technical functions such as the API or a connection to Zapier *
  • individual customization options (white label)
  • Number of participants
  • Duration of a single session (partially limited)
  • Number of moderators
  • Options for recording the webinar

* Zapier is a web service that connects daily used applications and performs many processes automatically (e.g. transfers new newsletter subscribers from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign).

Save time with the webinar provider comparison from elopage!

Finding the right software for your own appearance is essential if you want to create a webinar that makes a professional impression. It doesn't matter whether you offer your webinar for free or sell it later via elopage. The quality has to be right in both cases. Since everyone has their own criteria and demands on software and its tools, comparing the individual platforms is tedious and involves a lot of work.


We have the 6 providers that are particularly suitable for live webinars and compared all functions in a table in an infographic. With this freebie, you do not have to research and you can start the comparison immediately using your own criteria. The right webinar software for you is found faster and the next step to your own webinar is made.

Do you want the information as a graphic?

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