Birthday greetings are important

Business birthday wishes: Congratulate customers and business partners appropriately

It's a birthday of one of your business partners or customers and you don't know how to congratulate them? Often it is not that easy to find the right words. We explain to you why birthday wishes are important for your business relationships and give you suggestions and tips for appropriate congratulations.

Birthday wishes for customers and business partners: Why is a congratulation important?

Sending birthday wishes is part of the Maintaining business relationships. With a birthday card you convey appreciation to your counterpart and show how important they are to you as a person. Business birthday wishes thus create one personal level and help you to build and consolidate relationships with customers and business partners.

GDPR - Can I send birthday wishes to customers at all?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has regulated the processing of personal data in companies since 2018. The question for you therefore arises whether, for reasons of data protection law, it is permitted to congratulate your customers on their birthday. According to specialist lawyer Dr. Martin Schirmbacher, you do not need the customer's consent for Christmas or birthday wishes as long as you send them by post. In the case of e-mails, on the other hand, you need the consent of your customers in order to be able to use the e-mail address for communication outside of business purposes. Are you unsure whether you can send business birthday wishes to customers? It is best to find out more about the current legal situation from your legal department or from a data protection officer.

Business birthday wishes: card or email?

Sending an email with birthday wishes is quick and easy. The problem: Often the recipient's congratulations get lost in the amount of daily emails. If you send the business birthday wishes in the form of a card by post, this enhances the congratulations and looks more personal than an e-mail. Your customer or business partner will be more aware of their birthday wishes.

3 principles for business birthday wishes

You should adhere to these three principles when congratulating customers and business partners:

1. Personal salutation: A handwritten and personal salutation is important in a birthday card. With preprinted cards you should therefore leave some space for the salutation.

2. A certain amount of individuality: It is common practice in many companies to use birthday cards with pre-printed texts. That is not fundamentally wrong. Nevertheless, you should invest the time and find your own words for the birthday child. In the case of preprinted texts, you can add them by hand. Individuality shows the customer or business partner that you have thought about it and enhances the business birthday wishes. You are also welcome to refer to the personal connection to the addressee.

3. Handwritten greeting: A handwritten signature is always required for a birthday card. Include your own name and not just the name of your company.

Our tip: Design your business birthday wishes in Corporate Design Of your company. For example, you can incorporate or print your company logo Photo of the team on the inside of the card. That makes the card even more personal. To do this, choose a card from our online shop. You can individualize these like the three examples below and give them a personal touch.

Business birthday wishes: You should avoid that

When it comes to birthday wishes for customers and business partners, there are two things that you should avoid:

  1. Do not pursue customer acquisition: With a birthday card you express your appreciation for existing business relationships. However, it is not suitable for placing your company's performance in the foreground and attracting new orders. The addressee could rightly rate this negatively.
  2. Don't get too personal: Birthday wishes should be authentic and personal. Even so, it is important to maintain a reasonable distance from the well-wisher as you are writing the card on behalf of your company. Finding the right level of individuality and respect is often not that easy. You are welcome to use the following text examples as a guide.

With the right amount of individuality and respect, you will be remembered with your birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes for customers and business partners: text examples and quotes

We have put together a selection of appropriate birthday wishes for you:

Birthday wishes for all ages

  • We warmly congratulate you on your birthday and wish you joy in life, success and, above all, good health.
  • We did not miss the fact that it is your birthday today. We would like to congratulate you on this! Thank you for the good cooperation so far!
  • We didn't want to miss the opportunity to send you a little birthday greeting. We wish you all the best on your special day and lots of success and joy for the years to come!
  • Let yourself be celebrated today, because that's part of life! We too think happily of you today and wish you all the best for your birthday and for the future.

Round birthdays

  • There are special birthdays in life that just have to be celebrated!
    On behalf of the whole team, I would like to congratulate you on your (XX.) Birthday and wish you lots of joy, health and success for the future. I would also like to thank you for your trust and look forward to our future journey together.
  • Round birthdays are always a very special occasion to celebrate.
    On your special day, we don't want to miss the opportunity to send you a few congratulations. We wish you that you will continue to set yourself new goals and that you will always remain satisfied and, above all, healthy in the future.

Quotes for business birthday cards

You are old when you enjoy the past more than you enjoy the future.

- Christian Morgenstern

For every minute you laugh, your life is extended by an hour.

- Chinese wisdom

It is not the years in our lives that count, but life in our years that counts.

- Adlai E. Stevenson

The man who counts the highest years has not lived the most, but he who has felt his life most.

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The secret of happiness is to count the high points of life instead of birthdays.

- Mark Twain

Are you looking for more ideas for happy birthday wishes? Then let yourself be inspired by our article “With these 21 birthday sayings you will hit the heart!”.

Business birthday wishes: These cards are suitable

When choosing the right birthday card, you should think about the appropriate motif and format.

Suitable motifs for birthday cards

Birthday cards for business congratulations are welcome colorful and Happy be. On the other hand, you should be careful with humorous cards, as the other person does not always have the same kind of humor as you and may not feel that they are being taken seriously. You can't usually go wrong with photo subjects like flowers, sparkling wine, or a nice quote.

Birthday wishes: the right format

The classic birthday cards are Folding cards. These offer you enough space to say happy birthday wishes. You can choose between portrait and landscape format.

Here are examples of the different card formats:

Our tip: You can too, so that your cards immediately attract attention in the recipient's mail stack colored or printed envelopes use for shipping. You should make sure that the envelope also looks like the birthday card. Take a look at our envelopes for congratulations.

In which cases should I send the birthday greeting together with a small present?

For long-standing and good business partners and customers, you can also receive a little attention send along. A present can also be appropriate for big birthdays.

Business birthday wishes strengthen customer loyalty

Congratulating customers and business partners on their birthday is worthwhile for you. You create a personal relationship and show the customer or business partner that he is important to you. Pay attention to a certain degree of individuality and a personal salutation on the birthday card. This is how you leave a positive impression with your congratulations. We wish you every success in designing your business birthday wishes!

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