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Shopify Examples Part 1

We are often asked about exemplary Shopify stores and, in addition to well-known examples from England and the USA, of course, we also have a huge list of German Shopify stores from a wide variety of industries, as well as different products and inventory sizes.

To show you how and by whom Shopify is used in Germany, we would like to introduce you to five "smaller" Shopify shops to start with, which sell the main own brands and do not have to hide in terms of branding, design and user experience.

  • www.navucko.com

    You can find good products on navuckocom, "with whom you like to surround yourself with and who do you good". You can see at first glance that there is a lot of love in this. Not only in the product selection, but also in the product presentation.

  • www.pfeffersackundsoehne.de

    As the name suggests, spices are sold in this minimalist store. A nice live example of the application of mixed VAT rates.

  • www.tastemaker.watch

    The young watch label TASTEMAKER is not only worth a look because of the product configurator. It is best to visit the site with your smartphone, because the shop there impresses with the support of mouse gestures and an optimal mobile experience.

  • www.swagwine.de

    Even if the UX is still hooked in a few places, the design is eye-catching and therefore goes well with the “craft wines” on offer. Nice use of full-screen images at product level.

  • binu-beauty.de

    A Shopify store for natural and cosmetic soaps from a small but fine soap manufacturer. In addition to the chic product photography, the implemented Shopify blog is also worth a look.

  • www.ekomia.de

    Durable and ecologically produced furniture made of solid wood is available from the Berlin furniture manufacturer Ekomia. A very chic store that is also great fun on the mobile phone.


As the examples above show, Shopify is perfect for young products that want to be sold in a chic setting. That is exactly why we personally like to work with Shopify: Because it allows us to implement highly individual online shops in a cost-effective manner.

The shops presented ultimately have completely different target groups (even if there are certainly overlaps), but all work very design-focused and with emotional storytelling in order to offer their visitors a unique shopping experience.

The character of the respective products is skilfully staged by design and branding and annoying newsletter and discount pop-ups are (largely) dispensed with. The USP communicated here is not the price, but premium quality and the feeling of buying something special.

Testing is above studying

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