What are you doing on December 25th

Your most beautiful Christmas films!


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Kevin home alone / Kevin alone in NY

A classic that you just don't have to say anything about. Every year a must have for everyone who wants to make themselves comfortable on the couch.


Three hazelnuts for cinderella      

A must for all fairy tale fans. Cinderella is a young girl who works hard for her angry and grim mother. But as luck would have it, she met a young prince who, luckily for her, also wanted to marry. You can find out more on your couch.


The miracle of Manhattan

At some point everyone had reached the point where they no longer believed in Santa Claus. But this film shows you the wonderful story of a little girl who is suddenly very close to Santa Claus and wants to show the whole world that Santa is really alive.


Crazy Christmas

It's that fast. Your own daughter is not there for Christmas. So mom and dad decide to take a trip to the Maldives. But the plan goes pretty bad when the daughter spontaneously decides to come for Christmas. The pressure on the family increases and that makes you laugh on the couch at home.