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Lose Weight Faster With 33 Life Hacks To Save Calories

You want to lose weight faster - here you will find 33 life hacks with which you can save a lot of calories. The tips are really easy to integrate into everyday life - the only problem: humans are creatures of habit and are naturally lazy, comfortable and hungry.


Lose weight faster by reprogramming your eating habits

Studies have shown that a person can change a habit in just 30 days. If you eat something sweet every day after lunch and want to leave it alone, you will need around 30 days to reprogram your brain. Reprogramming doesn't mean you'll never crave sweets again after lunch. Much more, it means that your brain is no longer expecting treats after lunch.

Integrating some habits into your everyday life will certainly be more difficult for you and others easier - some tips may not be for you at all. But here are your life hacks so that you can lose weight faster.


Life Hack 1: Always have your "emergency snack" with you

You're on the go - maybe in the city while shopping, at night in the disco or on the plane towards the sun. Always have an "emergency snack" with you in case you get hungry. I often get hungry on the go in the most impossible moments. I used to treat myself to a chocolate bar or a sandwich from the baker in between - you know exactly how much butter or tartar sauce there is on these things.

So always have a healthy snack close at hand. The best thing to do is to keep something that can't go bad. If you are more into the sweet, then always have a protein bar with healthy nutritional values ​​in your pocket. If it can be arranged, a piece of fruit will of course do the same. If you prefer it hearty, pack a few rice cakes - they are also available with flavor.

Personally, I really like the bars from Conquerbar *. They have very few calories for a protein bar (160kcal / per 60g bar) and good nutritional values. I also have the bars with me on summer vacation and they are heat-resistant. πŸ˜‰ The big advantage: You will save a lot of calories. In contrast to a Mars, you save over 100 calories here (229kcal / per 51g bar). In addition, the nutritional values ​​are qualitatively better.


Life Hack 2: Find lower-calorie alternatives

By saving calories, you can lose weight faster. Makes sense, doesn't it? Don't just leave something out, because nobody likes bans, but look for alternatives that are lower in calories. There are tons of options here. I have listed some of them here to save calories and thereby lose weight faster:

  • Make your own fruit yogurt. Take a natural yogurt with little fat and cut fruit into it. If you want the yogurt to have even more flavor, add a small (!) Dash of juice to the yogurt. This will save you a lot of sugar.
  • Instead of wheat noodles, you can make zucchini noodles with a spiral cutter *. You can conjure up delicious low-carb dishes here and easily save 250kcal per serving - losing weight faster made easy.
  • Lose weight faster with "light" fries. Buy frozen fries that are actually intended for the deep fryer. They only have 3% fat or 140kcal / 100g in contrast to the fries from the frit 290kcal / 100g.


Life Hack 3: Drink Plenty of Water

After oxygen, liquid, water, is the second most important substance for humans to survive. After all, we are made up of 70% water. Many people mistake thirst for hunger and eat instead of drinking. So be careful: Always drink enough. But how much is enough?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a magic formula that says how much you should drink a day, because you have to take into account the living conditions. An office worker in winter needs less water than a construction worker in summer. But the rule of thumb is: body weight / 10/2. Remember, if you are physically active, it can be more.


Life Hack 4: Drink the right thing - leave out the soft drinks

Drinking is all well and good, but it is also important to drink the right thing: Lemonade, cola and ready-made juice spritzers have a lot of calories that are really unnecessary. Most juice spritzers only contain a low proportion of fruit, so mix your juice spritzers yourself. Take a juice with 100% fruit that tastes intense. I like grapefruit juice. But that's not for everyone because it's pretty bitter. But because it tastes so intense, I only need 1: 5 juice here. Of course, it's even better if you just add some lime to your ice-cold sparkling water.

Flavored water is also used in detox cures


Life Hack 5: Bring your own food for special occasions

Many of my acquaintances and friends do not pay attention to saving calories. Enjoyment is simply more important to them - and not unconditionally, of course. If you know you're going to a game night and you can't resist the chips, take flavored rice cakes or this chip alternative * with you.

For me, a perfect alternative to wine gums are the light bears from Dr Soldan *. You can get them in most pharmacies. But be careful not to eat too many. This gives stomach ache because of the sugar substitute. In my opinion, the bad rating on Amazon is not justified. People just crammed too much into themselves here. After all, half a bag of gummy bears is not healthy either.

If you know there is cake, why not bake one yourself and bring it with you. Here you know what's inside and can save your calories and lose weight faster. For example, you can try a low carb chocolate cake.


Life Hack 6: Leave the biscuit out of your hot drink

When you order a coffee, there is usually a "delicious" biscuit that we eat more or less out of habit or decency - you shouldn't throw anything away. A calculation example: I assume that someone has a hot drink with a biscuit during the day. Many are definitely more, and many are definitely less. If it goes well, each cookie has 40kcal. That is 14,600 kcal a year. By the way, that's how many calories two kilos of fat are on your hips. You can save yourself these calories by simply leaving out the biscuit, which usually doesn't taste particularly good anyway.


Life Hack 7: You don't have to finish eating when you're full

Yes, you shouldn't throw anything away. In addition, the sun does not shine otherwise ... The best option is of course not to open up too much. But if it happens that you are full before the plate is empty, then don't finish! You are cutting in unnecessary calories that you do not need and certainly do not want to have. At home, just put aluminum foil over it and put it back in the fridge for later. Even when eating in a restaurant, you can usually have your food wrapped up for you or there are grateful customers with bigger stomachs.


Life Hack 8: Get yourself an oil sprayer

If you absolutely need oil for frying or for your salad, don't pour it out of the bottle, but use an oil sprayer *. Here you use less oil and can save a lot of calories. Because oil has over 800kcal per 100ml. More is not possible.


Life Hack 9: Have a large glass of water before you eat

Another thing that helps you lose weight faster is a large glass of water before eating. This was proven by a scientist from Virginia Tech University. The test subjects who drank plenty of water before the meal lost more weight than the group who drank no water before the meal. Water stretches the stomach, filling you up faster, hopefully not eating up and saving calories.


Life Hack 10: Be careful with sauces and dressings in the restaurant

Most of the time you don't know what's in the food when you go out to eat in a restaurant. Often the dishes are drowned in a lot of sauce that are prepared with even more cream. Far too much dressing is always used in salads. In most cases, a ready-made dressing is used. You can get over 200kcal per 100ml very quickly. And if you try it out at home, 100ml isn't much. That is easily poured over a salad like this. It looks similar with the sauces. Therefore, always have sauces and dressing brought to your meal. Here you can decide for yourself whether you want to put a lot on your plate or prefer to save a few calories.


Life Hack 11: Leave the bread basket alone in the restaurant

You probably know that: You know that you go out to eat in the evening and have been pulling yourself together all day. You come to the restaurant very hungry and there it is, the bread basket. Most people can't keep their hands off it - you won't lose weight any faster. A slice weighs at least 25g. Most of the time you eat two - that's 125kcal that you have consumed without even having "eaten properly". Sometimes there is also a small packet of butter. Most of them have 15g. By the way, that's another 110kcal.

Yes, it takes a lot of discipline to go without this bread when hungry. But: If you have eaten your bread with butter as a starter, the main course is theoretically only a soup.

difficult but effective


Life Hack 12: Eat More of the Fewer Calorie Things

If you are cooking at home, invited to dinner or at the buffet, load your plate with the foods that have fewer calories and hold back on the calorie bombs. So a lot of rump steak and beans, but little fries - doesn't sound too bad, does it?


Life Hack 13: Spicy Food to Lose Weight Faster

Season your food with a pinch of chili. The spiciness stimulates your metabolism and thereby improves digestion. In addition, the piquant capsaicin in the chilli pepper is an appetite suppressant. Another nice side effect: Spicy food ensures that endorphins are released - so you also get in a good mood. πŸ™‚


Life Hack 14: You should always get enough sleep

That is probably not always that easy to implement, but it is important nonetheless. Your body needs sleep to regenerate and be fit for the next day. If you lack sleep, you lack energy. The body signals this not only with tiredness, but also with hunger - after all, you need energy. Therefore, always make sure that you get enough sleep, the average need for sleep is 8 hours. But that differs from person to person. I definitely need more - that's probably due to my low blood pressure. Maybe also because of the stress, but everyone has it nowadays.


Life Hack 15: Always have food with you at work

It can always happen that you get hungry at work despite having a healthy lunch. If you ate lunch at 12 noon and have to stay at work until 8 p.m. - that happens to me regularly - then you are definitely hungry. But where can you get something to eat now?

So that you don't have to go to the candy vending machine, just keep something to eat in the office. I always have a choice of fruit, quark, protein bars, rice cakes, canned beans, muesli and low-fat milk in the office. Not always everything - but a lot. I'll bring this on Monday morning and put it in the fridge. I often used cutting fruit as a little thought break from work. Almost everyone likes to eat freshly cut fruit.

Little story: Jahn and I work in the same company. I went in the direction of Jahn's office and a colleague of his came towards me: β€œJahn is not there.” My answer: β€œI don't mind, his protein bar drawer does.” I was really up for bars , but unfortunately none of them myself.


Life Hack 16: You Eat What You Buy

Of course, you eat the chocolate when you have it at home. Therefore always try to shop as healthily as possible and leave the bad things in the supermarket. How do you do it? Don't go shopping hungry. A study from the USA has shown that subjects who went shopping hungry tend to buy junk food more than people who were given a carbohydrate-based snack before they went shopping. Note: Don't go shopping hungry.

Another tip: Whenever I put my food on the checkout belt, I scan my purchase and sort the food according to the traffic light principle. When I leave the shop there is always a lot more green food in my bag than yellow food and mostly no red food - these really only come home with me in absolute exceptional cases. This actually helps you lose weight faster.


Life Hack 17: Avoid Food Cravings

Those who have food cravings can quickly cram large amounts of unnecessary calories into themselves. Calories that you may not even need. Avoiding cravings is always easy to say. You can read here in this article how you can do this and thus save calories: Cravings for sweets: where it comes from and 13 tips on how to avoid it.


Life Hack 18: Don't Eat In Front Of The TV

Eating in front of the TV makes you fat. This is now undisputed and has not only been proven by Leann Birch from the University of Pennsylvania. In principle, the problem here is not actually sitting in front of the television, but rather eating past the saturation point. It is usually only later that you notice that you have been full for a long time. In addition, it is more difficult to control the amount of food while being distracted. You are consuming unnecessary energy here - you can also save these calories if you want to lose weight faster.


Life Hack 19: Don't Drink Alcohol Every Day

If you want to save calories in order to lose weight faster, then daily or massive alcohol consumption is not the right means. A glass of wine (0.2l) has about 165 kcal. If you drink it every evening as a stimulant, that can quickly add up to 60,225 kcal per year. That is the equivalent of 8.6 kg per year more on the scales - or less if you simply leave it out. It looks similar with after-work beer (0.33l), which adds up to 6.5 kg per year.

Quite apart from that, people who consume alcohol regularly gain weight not only from the high energy density of alcohol, but also from changes in the degradation processes of the food. If you enjoy alcohol with foods rich in fat and carbohydrates, the body first breaks down the calories from the alcohol, since alcohol cannot be stored in the body in the form of energy / fat. Most of the time, the energy requirement is already covered by the breakdown of alcohol, which is why the other foods are stored as fat reserves. Lose weight faster, no news.

Unfortunately, a pizza and wine evening doesn't get you any closer to your goal


Life Hack 20: Remove Excess Fat From Food

Some types of meat and sausage have a fat rim. I think that it neither looks nor tastes delicious. It just makes me sick - thank God. It is not difficult for me to just cut it off and throw it away. If you like the bacon rim with ham, of course, you are free to save the calories or not.

The same goes on for soups. There are a lot of grease eyes floating on some wedding soups. I don't like that at all either. You can try to skim this off the soup as inconspicuously as possible - you can save a lot of calories here, if you consider that a tablespoon of oil has over 100 kcal.

By the way, I just spooned the whipped cream from my iced coffee - and of course didn't eat it. πŸ™‚

Saved 80 calories with the cream and 50 with the biscuit


Life Hack 21: Bye cocktails, hello long drinks

In principle, cocktails already have a high energy density - but if you now have the super cream coconut banana cocktail with extra syrup, it will have a different impact than a caipirinha. You can save even better and more calories with long drinks that contain juices with little sugar. Here you have less in the glass anyway due to the amount of ice and you can save calories as a result.


Life Hack 22: Eat from small plates rather than large plates

You should rather eat your food from small plates. We tend to overload our plates anyway. And a small, full plate has fewer calories than a large, full plate. And if you should try not to load the large plate so full, a small full plate is still better for you. You can signal to your brain that you have enough to eat with a small laden plate.


Life Hack 23: Beware of Calorie Traps

Beware of calorie traps. Here are three examples from the infinitely long list:

  • Trail mix has 462kcal / 100g. Marble cake, on the other hand, only 416kcal / 100g. You can now consider whether you are going to eat trail mix or marble cake or maybe use a lower-calorie alternative. This will be better for you if you want to save calories.
  • The latte macchiato is very popular. Many of the colleagues I often meet at the coffee machine drink 4-5 cups a day without any problems. That is a whole liter of latte macchiato - just 500 kcal! For some, this is more than 25% of the daily requirement. No wonder the pounds are not shedding.You can lose weight faster with the Americano alternative.
  • Although nuts have healthy fats, they also have a lot of fat. A tin can with 150g macadamia nuts - my favorite nuts - has 1150kcal. If I eat two of them a day and have a day off of exercise, that alone will blow up my calorie requirement. And I can promise you that I could easily manage two cans of macadamia nuts a day.


Life Hack 24: Have a lower-calorie side dish in the restaurant

For example, with the Greeks, french fries are common as a side dish. Instead, use the tomato rice or the boiled potatoes. Here you can save over 200kcal calories and thereby lose weight faster. With the Chinese, it is better to use the fragrant rice instead of the fried noodles and the summer rolls instead of the deep-fried spring rolls.


Life Hack 25: Serve your food on the stove

For many, the pot or pan with the delicious food is placed on the table. Everyone can help themselves there at will. Do it differently and collect your food from the stove. I bet you'd rather sit down than get up and follow suit.


Life Hack No. 26: Remember, healthy food also has calories

Behavioral Insights Team researchers have found that when it comes to estimating the calories of their food, many people can easily miscalculate by up to 50%. Instead of assuming 2000kcal a day, this quickly adds up to 3000kcal. It was also noticeable that test subjects, especially when eating healthy food, were significantly below the actual energy content. So; Just because you eat healthy doesn't mean that the food is low or low in calories. Therefore, pay attention to the nutritional values ​​even when eating healthy.


Life Hack 27: Use a toothpick when roasting or grilling sausages

The next time you cook sausages, poke holes in the sausage with a toothpick. The fat comes out of the sausage and runs into the pan. You don't even need oil for frying - if you don't have a coated pan anyway. You can also do this when grilling. Here the fat simply drips off and your sausage has less fat and you save calories. Of course, it would be best if you left out the sausage entirely. πŸ˜‰


Life Hack 28: Don't put your butter in the fridge

If your butter eats soft, you will need less to spread it on your bread. You can of course lose weight even faster with low-calorie butter alternatives such as cream cheese, mustard, tomato paste or the WeightWatchers butter-flavored spread.

Yeah, it's damn tasty. But also a cream cheese bread.


Life Hack 29: Fry everything in a coated pan without fat

You can save a lot of calories by using a coated pan when frying. You don't need to use any oil and everything will still be delicious. From the steak to the vegetable pan, you can get everything wonderfully in a coated pan. In addition, such pans are no longer really more expensive. πŸ˜‰


Life Hack 30: Don't eat the cake base

I can't give you an exact number of calories here, but the bottom of a cake is usually shortcrust pastry or a crumbled biscuit with butter. It is both very high in fat and high in calories. It only gets really nasty when the springform pan has been smeared with butter beforehand that the cake does not stick. In this case, the dough is also saturated with butter.

Better idea: If I need a cake base, I take sugar-free crumbled biscuits * and mix them with applesauce with no added sugar. That’s guaranteed cute enough. I also use a silicone baking pan * - you can omit the butter here, it won't bake anything and you can save a lot of calories by doing this too.


Life Hack 31: Eat your ice cream from the mug

You save around 120 kcal if you eat your ice cream from a mug and leave out the waffle. Of course, you can save even more calories by making yourself a low-calorie popsicle.


Life Hack 32: Save Calories When Baking

You can easily replace half of the butter with cream cheese when baking. The cake remains juicy anyway. Here is a calculation example: According to the recipe, 200g butter is put into a marble cake. That's 1500kcal for the whole cake. If you replace half of this with quark 40%, then you save 600kcal for the entire cake. Just give it a try, you have no loss of taste and it helps you lose weight faster.


Life Hack 33: Dab fried or pickled food with a kitchen towel

If you are frying meat or fish with oil, then dab it with a kitchen towel afterwards. You could already read earlier how many calories you could save just by skimming the fat eyes of the soup. The same applies to inserted things. Dried tomatoes or olives are often pickled in oil. Let these drain well and then dab the vegetables again with a kitchen towel. You have already managed to save a few calories again.


And here's another bonus life hack: Take a picture of what you eat

This is the life hack that probably demands the most discipline from you - but what can you do if you want to lose weight faster. Photograph everything you eat or drink. This has two positive effects: The inhibition threshold of simply sticking a biscuit in your colleague's office decreases. Because you really have to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth before taking a picture, it means effort to constantly take your cell phone out to take a picture and you can check your eating habits exactly at the end of your day. You can see what you ate and especially when. After analysis and improvements, this can save you tremendous calories and help you lose weight faster.


Those were the 33 (+1) Life Hacks to lose weight faster by saving calories. You are certainly already using some of these tips, others may be new to you and potential candidates in order to integrate them into your everyday life. If you know any other tips, please let me know in a comment.


best regards



PS: One hour of workout is only 4% of your day.