Why do Indians celebrate Christmas Day

December 25, 2021: Why do we celebrate Christmas Day 2021? Meaning and day of the week

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated at Christmas. In the Christian faith, the birth of Christ represents the incarnation of God, who is born as a small, innocent being in a stable near Jerusalem. Christmas Day is particularly important in the Protestant Church.

Christmas Day 2021 - Meaning: Why are we celebrating December 25th?

At some point, the date on which the birth of Jesus would be celebrated was the night between December 24th and 25th. It is not clear where the date comes from. There are, however, several legends.

One of them says that Christmas Day originated in Rome around the year 300. At that time, the birth of the Sun King is said to have been celebrated on that day, as it is the day with the longest night. Gradually, this festival is said to have been replaced by Christmas - so other customs have mixed with the Christian ones.

In many other countries, Christmas presents are given on Christmas Day

While in Germany it is the custom that many families celebrate Christmas and give each other gifts on December 24th, Christmas Eve, in other countries - such as the USA or Great Britain - it is customary for Santa Claus to stay overnight Come into the families' homes and put gifts under the Christmas tree. They don't celebrate Christmas until the morning of December 25th.

Day of the week of Christmas Day 2021: How does Christmas fall this year?

Christmas Day falls on a Saturday in 2021. Accordingly, the 2nd is celebrated on Sunday.


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