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IS terror: The Koran exposes the "Islamic State" as anti-Islamic


Read on one side

The self-proclaimed caliph of the "Islamic State" has once again asked Muslims from all over the world to support his terrorist campaign. "There is no excuse for Muslims not to join the Islamic State," said IS leader Al-Baghdadi in an audio message. Most Muslims, of course, will far from rejecting this appeal. Out of common sense, but also because terrorists abuse the label "Muslim" here - in complete misunderstanding of early Islamic history and the religious principles of Islam.

Islamists pull six out of 6,000 verses to justify their inhuman ideology. They claim to know what the "real" Islam is. The Western critics of Islam are ready to accept this interpretation of the extremists in order to be able to identify a terror potential in its sources. But why does it not occur to them that a certain reading of the Koran does not have to lead to violence - but the desire for violence to the corresponding reading?

The Koran is not a reference work, as many people in the West - and also many uneducated Muslims - believe. It is a book that must be understood as a complete work in a historical and textual context.

Muslims must be defenders of freedom of belief

Islam is therefore not a pacifist religion for a long time. There are verses of the Koran that justify violence. After all, Islam came into being in times of war, when Muslims constantly had to fear that they would be exterminated. For the Meccans of the 7th century, the message of the Prophet Mohammed was considered blasphemy. They also saw their business and power at risk. They mocked, persecuted and killed the early Muslims. It was only after 13 years, when the Muslims emigrated from Mecca and were still persecuted, that the Prophet announced that it was permissible to take up arms. Immediately afterwards, he limited this permission to fight: "And if they lean towards peace, then (you too) lean towards it (and let go of the fight)!" (8:61).

The Koran explicitly states that only those who "have been wronged" and who "have been unjustifiably expelled from their homes just because they say: Our Lord is Allah" are allowed to defend themselves. The next verse explains that if Muslims continued to hold back, "monasteries, churches, synagogues and (other) places of worship where the name of Allah is constantly mentioned would be destroyed." (22:40). Against this background, the blind destructive rage of IS, which is directed against the holy places of all those of different faiths and also their fellow believers, is a betrayal of their own religion.

There are rules and limits to war

The first caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr, with whose name the terrorist head of IS now adorns himself, actually waged several wars. Before the first march, however, he forbade the fighters to deceive and exploit people. He demanded: "Do not maim corpses, do not kill children, no old men and no women!" (at-Tabarī). They were not allowed to fell trees, kill animals, disturb people of different faiths in their prayers or destroy churches and temples. All of Islamic orthodoxy knows these rules. The IS terror does not know them.

The Koran also forbids prisoners to be killed - the IS decapitates them in front of the cameras. Slavery was gradually abolished by the Prophet Mohammed. Several verses of the Koran call for the release of slaves. The forced conversion, which is popular with IS, also contradicts countless verses from the Koran. For example, it says: "And if your Lord wanted, those who are on earth would all believe together. Do you now want to force people to believe?" (10:99).