Why do Democrats hate Donald Trump

Trump's speech to the nation : "The left press hates me because I keep my word"

Donald Trump is researched. His lies were exposed, his intimidation attempts countered, his tactics seen through.

If the world were fair, this man could no longer be President of the United States of America. At least that is the opinion of the opposition, and that is how most people outside the United States think.

But many Trump opponents make it too easy for themselves with the object of their antipathy. The US President will deliver his speech to the nation on Wednesday night. We are already printing extracts. Although they are made up, completely fictitious, they are by no means fictitious.

Dear compatriots,

as I give an account tonight of the great successes my policies have produced over the past year, the clock is ticking mercilessly for thousands of federal employees. Thousands of families remain in uncertainty because the Democrats, led by ultra-left Nancy Pelosi, refuse to agree on a budget dispute. Their suicidal ideological obstinacy prevents them from trying to secure America's borders. They want our country to remain a refuge for criminals, rapists and drug traffickers. It's a shame!

And I will not hesitate if the Democrats continue to take their little tactical political maneuvers more seriously than the safety of the people of our country to declare a national emergency. When it comes to the life and well-being of Americans, there can be no compromise. Not with me!

Bad makers were taught better

While the lying mainstream media continues to twist the facts, the successes of my policies are open to all. These are facts, not fables or interpretations: the Dow Jones is nearing the 25,000 mark. When I was elected president two years ago it was 18,000. That is an increase of 7,000. At 3.7 percent, the unemployment rate is at its lowest level since 1969, and we are approaching full employment. The American economy is booming, corporate investment is rising, as is consumer spending. The tax reform I implemented is working. All bad guys and misgivings were taught otherwise.

Let's look at energy prices. The prices for oil have fallen rapidly, at the same time crude oil production is constantly reaching new record levels. For the first time in 75 years, America now exports more oil than it imports. That makes our country independent and strong. I signed a new trade pact with Canada and Mexico that is much cheaper for the US than the old one. US agriculture and the automotive industry in particular benefit from this. There will also be a new agreement with China that will primarily reduce our trade deficit.

I'm not to be trifled with

In the left press you read very little about any of this. There they hate me because they know that I keep my word. Always. When I became president, I said that America would end the nuclear deal with Iran because it is the worst deal our country has ever met. I have said that I will move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What I say is a promise and I keep promises. That is what sets me apart from other politicians.

My opponents warned that Iran, for its part, would now resume its nuclear weapons program and that anti-American unrest would spread to the Muslim-Arab world. None of this happened.

Many other states are following us, too, relocating their embassy to Jerusalem. And the regime in Tehran knows that it must not allow itself any tricks. It is the largest sponsor of international terrorism. If our national security or the security of Israel so requires, I will not shrink from using military force.

NATO has also understood that I'm not to be trifled with. Many Western governments are now in the process of increasing their defense spending. At last! They know that it was lazy and cowardly of them to always only rely on the American leadership.

My administration remains in close contact with North Korea. Kim Jong Un has announced the stop of all nuclear and missile tests. No other American president has ever wrested this promise from him.

Is the country doing better today?

With the fantastic Brett Kavanaugh, I have already appointed the second judge on the Supreme Constitutional Court who does not sacrifice the words of our constitution to the zeitgeist. The Democrats wanted to destroy Kavanaugh, they opposed his appointment, blocked the process. They were completely unfounded, vile maneuvers with the sole aim of throwing dirt on an impeccable person and his family.

When I became president, I also promised to end America's pointless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Many thousands of American soldiers died in the process, and many trillions of American tax dollars were wasted in the desert sands. We have almost completely withdrawn from Iraq - the intervention was one of the biggest mistakes America has ever made - we will unfortunately still need some of our soldiers there to keep Iran in check, with the Taliban and the leadership in We are currently negotiating intensively in Afghanistan - after more than 17 years of military intervention - on the modalities of our withdrawal, and the Kurds in Syria will have to learn to assert themselves without our protection. What else do we want in these countries? The "Islamic State" has been defeated except for a few square kilometers of a territory it still controls. I want to make America a great country again, not Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Dear compatriots, judge for yourself: Are you and our country doing better today than a year ago? Are we on the right track? My government has restored contemptuous terms such as decency, diligence and fairness. The economy is almost never doing well, the judiciary speaks right, and on the outside we have earned ourselves respect. I am proud of what I have achieved, very proud. But we must not stop halfway and again sacrifice the fate of our country to the machinations of left ideologues, a lying press and a liberal elite.

God bless you and may God continue to bless our great country.

- An earlier version of the article stated that the US had already completely withdrawn from Iraq. The bug has been corrected.

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