Who is against weapons in our society

Firearms for US teachers : Fear in the classroom

US President Donald Trump just made his grand entrance at the NRA gun lobby. An armed teacher is the best defense against gunmen, he shouted to great applause. The Republican-dominated parliament in Florida sees it the same way: In the future, teachers in the state should be allowed to bring weapons into the classroom and even be allowed to carry them, a reaction to the massacre in Parkland last year, in which 17 people died.

This is a bill that Governor Ron DeSantis is likely to support.

As in Iowa, where seventh and eighth graders are now learning to shoot in physical education, it is already being made clear to children that guns are simply part of everyday life in America. The (un) responsible politicians do not seem to come up with the idea that fewer of these types of combat equipment might be a better idea. Guns don't kill, only the people who use them is their argument.

That is true, but as you can see from New Zealand's reaction to the terrorist attack in Christchurch, there are quite intelligent legislative possibilities to make the use of weapons much more difficult for these people.

Florida chooses a different route. More, not less, weapons should ensure safety here in the future. It's a frightening development.

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