How much do food bloggers earn every day

How do food bloggers make money? - From blog to business

“And you can make money with that?” Is definitely the question that I have been asked most frequently lately. No joke, I can absolutely understand it. After all, the subject of "making money on the Internet" is a complete mystery for many. That's why I'm going to tell you today how I make money with my food blog and how you can do it too!

The best way to start is with the question of whether you can make money with a food blog.

Short answer to that: Yes!

A little longer answer: yes. If you have built up a community beforehand with a lot of love, work and commitment.

The whole truth: I already said it in the post when I started my own business, until I was paid a minibite for my work for the first time, I invested a relaxed 1400 hours in my blog. And only for post creation.

That means: Earning a lot of money overnight with a blog is rather difficult.

Live from blogging

But. And now comes the big but: after a few years of regular work, things look completely different. During that time I have created a platform with the Kochkarussell, which is visited by hundreds of thousands (!) Of absolutely amazing readers every month and can make a living from my work.

And you know what? What I can do, you can too! That's why it's now to the part that really interests you: How do food bloggers make their money? Of course, this differs from blogger to blogger, my income streams can currently be divided as follows:

  1. Cooperations
  2. Commissioned work
  3. Advertisements
  4. Affiliate links
  5. Blogger coaching

1. Cooperations

Co-ops are certainly the most popular and often the most lucrative way of making money from a blog. The whole thing usually happens in a way that I include a product from a brand that I think is great in a recipe post. That means, I develop a recipe with the product and introduce the product to you in a paragraph. The contribution is marked as advertising and the cooperation partner can introduce his product to a new community and show the advantages of the product. In the past, collaborative mail was mostly limited to the blog. Today there are also more and more social media cooperations where the cooperation runs, for example, via the Instagram channel of a food blogger.

2. Contract work

One of the best side effects of blogging is that it doubles as a huge portfolio of your previous work. I have already got hold of a lot of great jobs via the cookery carousel that would certainly never have arisen without a blog. For example, I regularly produce recipe, image and video productions for customers who then use them for their website, social media channels or promotional materials. So it's doubly worthwhile to really work hard on your blog posts. This not only makes your readers happy, but also shows potential customers what you can do.

3. Advertisements

Who doesn't know the good old banner ads. It used to be one of the best-paid forms of advertising, but today you have to have a decent reach in order for it to be worthwhile. Specifically, it works like this: If you click on the advertisements, I get a commission. So it is a passive source of income. This means that you can use it to earn money on your website without your having to do anything. However, as I said, you need a high reach so that the ads are worthwhile.

4. Affiliate Links

If you click on a so-called affiliate link or advertising link and order something about it, the blogger receives a commission. It's not particularly high, but the income can add up over time. The great thing about it is that affiliate links can recommend products that you like to use yourself without incurring any costs for the reader. The price remains the same, the website operator only gets a small part of the earnings.

5. Blogger coaching

For a few weeks now I have been offering individual coaching for bloggers who want to get more out of their blog. The fact is: when blogging you are always faced with a mountain of questions and far too often bloggers have no one to turn to. That's why I offer individual coaching, where we can specifically respond to the blogger's questions and current situation. It's a lot of fun and the response is even better than I could have dreamed of. If you are also interested in blogger coaching, please register for the Newsletter and tick the box next to "I want the blogger newsletter" and you will receive all the information.


It is definitely possible to make money blogging, and I and many other full-time bloggers are the best evidence of that. However, it is very important to have several sources of income so that the risk is spread out and poorer months are well financed.

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